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  1. Princess changed the terms & conditions since the re-start in August. Room service plus some other revisions were made. Room service is now included in the beverage package. Prior to the re-start room service was excluded.
  2. It has been reported that there will be web based options end Oct. or November. with dine my options to follow later. So you will have time. You may want to keep this telephone number, 1 844 525 0942. This is the current contact number for those that do not have smart phones or devices.
  3. You nailed it. Royal Class ships lack sufficient lounges. Seating is limited especially when the passenger crowd preference is to stay for a long evening. The two newer Royal Class ships, Enchanted and Discovery have added additional lounges. They have brought back Crooner's, missing on the Majestic and Sky. They have also turned Princess Live into a table & chair venue eliminating the poorly designed studio seating you saw on the Regal. Club 6 has been changed into a jazz club with better lounge seating than the Club 6 bench seating you saw on the Regal. It is beyond me how Princess can make these kind of design mistakes. It is as if none of the decision makers have ever been on board a cruise ship for an actual voyage.
  4. Club Class mini suites are mini suites with a few extra amenities the most important of which is club class dining. Full suite passengers receive full suite amenities which includes club class dining, special breakfast, a concierge lounge on royal class ships and many others benefits. Most full suites have balconies, but there are a few ships that have a limited number of full suites without balconies (window suites). Passengers in these window suite cabins are entitled to the same benefits as full suite passengers in cabins with balconies.
  5. Go to the Princess Cruises web site. Select On Board Our Ships, then deck plans, and then Royal Princess. Standard balcony size is 9ft. x 4ft. for most cabins. You will be able to spot cabins with larger balconies and angled balconies as you search each deck. Click on the cabin and it will show the category as well as any differences, such as angled balcony, connecting cabin and so on.
  6. No question here app is very poorly designed. Re-read post #13 regarding visual impairment. We have the same issue. Only one of us are able to read a phone screen, thus one phone. Princess needs to fix this problem.
  7. Looks like the full suite breakfast on the Grand is in the Crown Grill. Refer to posting #5 in this thread.
  8. Remember club class dining is mid ship on deck 6. If your full suite is aft then you have to either go to the mid ship elevators on your deck, or take the aft elevators down to deck 7, then make your way to the mid ship elevators to take you to deck 6. No direct access to deck 6 mid ship from the aft elevators.
  9. If you enjoy sitting in a comfortable area with a nice reserved lounge you may enjoy The Sanctuary, deck 6 all the way forward. There is a fee for this area, $20/half Day, $40/full day. Go directly there once you board to book. International Cafe deck 5 is a great place. No charge for food. Specialty coffee drinks available there. There is a charge for specialty coffees unless you have booked the plus fare that includes these beverages. Indoor pool is the Calypso Pool. If you like a more peaceful pool experience try the Terrace Pool, deck 12 aft.
  10. No app required to unlock the cabin door. This tech. not connected to the app.
  11. Our TA notified us July 29th by forwarding a copy of the notification they received from Princess. Would wager your TA received the same notices around the same time and just didn't pay attention. We also received a direct e-mail from Princess on the same date.
  12. Agree with the poster. It is a basic concept fault to assume every passenger is on their own with their own smart device and that families or those linked don't order together. This needs to be fixed if Princess wishes to have passengers use ocean now. Better to just order from a waiter.
  13. True. 9ft x 6ft balconies, uncovered. You will be fine. These are very nice cabins, and if you booked one of the 34 mid ship category M1 cabins you will have club class amenities including club class dining. The only mini suites on the Ruby that have covered balconies are the 12 cabins aft on deck 8. Note all of the deck 8 minis on the Ruby are connecting cabins with interior connecting doors.
  14. MB is not a club class mini suite. M1 & M6 are the club class mini suites.
  15. No. Pipe and cigar smoking is only permitted in the cigar lounge. From a Princess Patter: "Smoking cigars or pipes outside of this lounge and on the open decks is not permitted." The lounge referenced is the cigar lounge. Smoking of any kind is not permitted in any stateroom or on any balcony. This rule prohibits anyone from smoking pipes, cigars or other smoking materials on their outside balcony.
  16. Chef's Table Sign up once on board. There are photos of menus on line. Menus may vary according to the chef. You can locate current costs here: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/food-and-dining/dining-options.pdf
  17. Believe the change to eliminate actual flames was a fire concern. Is the baked Alaska also fake? I don't know. In any case always thought that the event, basically run to encourage excellent ratings, was very tacky.
  18. Finally. Never should have eliminated the personlizer. App only was a business error. It's an error to force customers to purchase or have specific hardware just to take a vacation.
  19. `Sorry I had the times reversed. Glad you got through.
  20. Only Princess can assist. Call Princess exactly 6am Central Time. They open 8am Pacific Time. They are open Monday through Saturday, don't believe they are open Sunday.
  21. -Review the Princess Patters in post no. 6. You can see the types of entertainment. - The beverage package full terms inclusions & exclusions can be reviewed in the referenced site below. It includes all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages menu priced US$12 and under. This includes both straight whiskeys as well as cocktails, wines, etc.. Approximately 90 t0 95% of beverages offered on board are priced $12 and under. Some wines and single malt whiskeys for example are higher priced. For these your account will be charged the difference over $12 + the 18%. -Cans of pop are excluded from the package, fountain sodas only. No upgrades available. You can carry on, not allowed in checked baggage, a limited amount of canned soda, believe it is 12 cans per person. You can check the passage contract for details. - You can get specialty coffees at the International Cafe as well as other locations such as Coffee & Cones. You can also order coffee using the Ocean Ready app for delivery anywhere on the ship or call room service. If you are in a full suite then you have access to the concierge lounge on deck 14. -You can tip for room service if you like. It is up to you. -Breakfast at Sabatini's is a special breakfast available only to passengers booked in full suites. If you are in a full suite it is probably the best benefit. Breakfast is basically prepared to order. Each day you go the staff learns what you like. If you are not in a full suite, for example a mini suite, you can not have this breakfast. https://www.princess.com/html/global/personalizer/ssv/beverages/disclaimer/
  22. No bags on Princess. Princess has a self laundry on just about every passenger deck, $3 wash, $3 dry. You can bring your own soap and dryer sheets or they are also available. Irons in each laundry room, no charge. A bag of standard laundry, underwear, casual shirts, socks, shorts, next day service, maybe around $40. Here is a link to the laundry ticket. Not sure of the year, but it looks fairly recent. https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=AwrJ7J0kvDdhiacAgSJXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZANDMjAxMl8xBHNlYwNzYw--?p=princess+cruises+laundry+ticket+photos&fr=mcafee#id=7&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zydecocruiser.net%2FGoldenPrincess%2Flaundry.jpg&action=click
  23. Private sail excursions we have booked in the past had a refund provision if the ship did not call at the port. We would not book if it did not have that provision. If the ship called at the port and we were not able to disembark, no matter what the reason, no refund.
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