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  1. Thanks for this info. She pretty much sleeps all the time and it would be a miracle to get her off the ship but I was thinking that this port would be the "one" for this cruise. Knowing what you posted about the YC area not being ready, I think I'll choose a different experience for that day, like enjoying the Top Sail Lounge with her and not many other passengers! It would be a huge disappointment for her to go to the "effort" and then not be able to enjoy the special YC Ocean Cay area. I won't even mention it to her and we'll enjoy another day on the ship. Thanks again!
  2. I'll be there on Dec. 5 pushing my 91-year old mother in her manual wheelchair. Ocean Cay is supposed to be ADA friendly. I would love to find that out before actually trying to get her off the ship so if you want to report back, please do. Thanks in advance if you do! We're in the Yacht Club so I guess we are supposed to have a separate place at Ocean Cay. By the way, normal wheelchairs don't work in sand and I'm not going to rent a sand wheelchair for her to use for one day so they better have a lot of smooth sidewalks! Janet
  3. I’m new to Divina but I think there’s an ice cream parlor on it where passengers can buy ice cream and cakes. Do Yacht Club guests get free ice cream and cakes there? I don’t drink alcohol and am looking for any YC perks that I’ll enjoy and ice cream and cakes fit that bill! (When I was on Seaside Yacht Club in 11/18, I could go to the Venchi chocolate shop and order a free espresso which came with two pralines. I don’t drink coffee, but I certainly enjoyed choosing my two free chocolates!)
  4. There aren’t currently any Carnival Corp (HAL) offers on my cards. I’ve gotten them many times before.
  5. There aren’t currently any HAL offers on my cards. I’ve gotten them many times before.
  6. Thanks to everyone for your responses. Keep ‘em coming. I’ll share this info with my sister when the post has been quiet for a week or so. Thanks again!
  7. I guess I was asking about Lido since that’s where you find the various ice creams, yogurts and cheeses. But if anyone has had success in ordering lactose-free ice cream in the MDR, I would be interested in knowing that as well.
  8. My sister will be cruising on her first cruise. I’ve cruised a lot but have never paid attention to dairy alternatives. She’s lactose intolerant which is NOT life threatening and isn’t that big of a deal to her but I want her first cruise to be outstanding and for her to have as much info as possible. I know about notifying HAL in advance about allergies and filling out the form. However I was wondering if HAL has any lactose-free ice creams, yogurts, cheeses, etc.? I know they have dairy milk alternatives like almond milk and soy milk and I think those work for her but what about any other dairy alternatives for other major forms of dairy (ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc.)? Thanks in advance!
  9. Great post! If you are going to take any MSC shore excursions could you please tell me the exact tour name AND departure time? I’m on the 14-day cruise and no departure times are given until we get on board (I guess). If by chance there is a shore excursion list onboard with the departure times listed, a photo of that would be super. With 1000 cruise days on 8 lines, MSC is the first one I’ve run into that doesn’t post the tour times beforehand but the prepaid prices are great so I bought them but I hope the departure times don’t interfere with things I need to do for my 90-year old mom. Thanks and enjoy!
  10. I have not sailed yet but have been reading everything about MSC for over a year now. From what I’ve read, yes, you’ll be able to use up to 4 distinct devices, regardless of cabin location or device ownership, with the 4-device package. The 4 can all be logged on at the same time if you want. However, after 4 have logged on at least once, simultaneously or not, you will not be able to login with a 5th device so make sure you all clearly know what 4 devices are “it”. It might make sense (and remember I haven’t cruised yet), for you to be the one that signs all 4 in just to make sure the initial set-up is correct. I plan on doing this for me and my husband in our cabin and my mom and sisters in a different cabin on a different deck. I bought the 4 device package.
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  12. Thanks. If our flight is on time hopefully my husband and I will have already boarded the ship and then we will get off at 2:30 to meet my niece and her husband to get our stuff from them. This info is great. Thanks again!
  13. BklynBoy8 - You are obviously very knowledgeable regarding the Brooklyn terminal. My niece lives around 3 miles from it. My husband and I are flying in the morning we board QM2 and will Uber from LGA to the terminal. She is going to meet us at the terminal at 2:30 to give us some alcohol and other things we’ve asked her to buy for our cruise. Is there anything special I need to tell her regarding where to park or what to do? She and her husband are both planning on coming to see us in the terminal rather than having one of them stay with the car and one of them finding us. Any hints or tips that I should tell her? Thanks in advance! Janet
  14. Nope, we haven’t sailed yet but mom’s looking forward to Venchi!!
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