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  1. I also received it. I am booked on Seaside for Nov. 22, 2020, live in the US and only speak English!! I have four other MSC Yacht Club Caribbean cruises booked. I didn't even receive any communication when Seaside's homeport was moved to Port Canaveral. I read about that in USA Today. They automatically moved our bookings to Meraviglia (still out of Miami) but Meraviglia doesn't even have an ADA Yacht Club balcony that can accommodate three adults so I have no idea how they were going to assign our cabin since that's what we need! Luckily I saw the article late June and called July 3 whe
  2. Feel free to use my photos anywhere. I didn’t take any other photos and didn’t look for the beach or cabanas. I went there for YC lunch and at noon we were told it would be at least 45 more minutes before they would take orders. My husband and I left and came back to the ship since it was so chilly. (I heard lunch was served three hours late.) The Ocean Cay YC restaurant seating was totally undercover but was outside and therefore windy/chilly (to me). Also, there are biodegradable straws on the island, they just weren’t at the Yacht Club area yet.
  3. By the way, the Wi-Fi on Ocean Cay is fast. The Wi-Fi on Divina has not been working well for me. I can’t use it in the cabin at all and sometimes it does not even work in Topsail Lounge. However, on the island it is smoking fast (everything’s relative 😉). I did not pay extra for Wi-Fi on the island. I’m just using my normal MSC Wi-Fi package. My Sprint iPhone also gets cellular service with “aliv”.
  4. To me it’s COLD on OC so my husband and I are sitting in the YC bar building. The 75 YC restaurant seats are all outside so we’re sitting in the one sofa INSIDE. Here’s the YC menu. There are NO straws on OC (and never will be) so bring your own if you don’t want to wear a pina colada! They don’t have the souvenir glasses yet nor hot chocolate that is listed on the menu. I feel sorry for the YC butlers and bartenders that are working here without training. They’re doing a good job given the circumstances!!
  5. 2 stingrays enjoying Lighthouse Bay. The shark netting must be the bright yellow netlike thing between the Lighthouse Bay sand and the ship.
  6. Here are photos taken from Yacht Club 16018, left to right, of Ocean Cay as we’re docking. It’s 70 degrees which is too cold for a bathing suit, IMO, and the high is supposed to be 71.
  7. Thanks for this info. She pretty much sleeps all the time and it would be a miracle to get her off the ship but I was thinking that this port would be the "one" for this cruise. Knowing what you posted about the YC area not being ready, I think I'll choose a different experience for that day, like enjoying the Top Sail Lounge with her and not many other passengers! It would be a huge disappointment for her to go to the "effort" and then not be able to enjoy the special YC Ocean Cay area. I won't even mention it to her and we'll enjoy another day on the ship. Thanks again!
  8. I'll be there on Dec. 5 pushing my 91-year old mother in her manual wheelchair. Ocean Cay is supposed to be ADA friendly. I would love to find that out before actually trying to get her off the ship so if you want to report back, please do. Thanks in advance if you do! We're in the Yacht Club so I guess we are supposed to have a separate place at Ocean Cay. By the way, normal wheelchairs don't work in sand and I'm not going to rent a sand wheelchair for her to use for one day so they better have a lot of smooth sidewalks! Janet
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