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  1. Pro planet!. We are not going anywhere if we use all our energy to bicker, blame and politicize this virus. We were given good brains and education, also as Christians, the majority faith of our nation, it is important that we care about others. There are too many selfish attitudes being set forth here. The discourse on this site needs to rise above this low level!
  2. After having 5 cruises cancelled because of the pandemic, we have finally booked four new Oceania cruises for the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. Hopefully things will improve by then. However, it will take the world working together and the US needs to be setting an example. The news out of Miami Beach and the maskless overpopulating spring breakers that are not being controlled by the state or local governing agencies does not bode well. The CDC is supposed to give guidance to the cruise lines early in April and the Port of Miami and the Miami airport look like hot spots out of contr
  3. Today we received another portion of the cancelled Oceania Marina May 1, May 15 and May 25 fully paid cruise funds. We are in the USA and funds were directly deposited into the credit card we used for payment. The excursions we charged on another credit card have not come in as of yet and about 10% of additional paid funds are yet to be paid to the other card. Our first recommendation to all is: be patient and hopeful. We have not called our credit card companies or our Travel Agent. It was all Oceania's action. The closer we get to a vaccine, the happier we w
  4. We may get to sail out of our country later this year but will other countries accept people from countries with covid 19. The United States is not looking well in new cases and the upward curve. Surges in UK and Sweden that have a growing number of cases because of late shutdowns. will prohibit people from cruise ships or require 14 day quarantee as they try to catch up.. There are a lot of states like TX and Arizona that areas would not accept you. We will have a huge upsurge after opening up based on what is happening in the rest of the world. If you want to cruise again, do somethi
  5. We are in Wisconsin. We are 23rd state in number of cases in the 50 United States of America with a lower numbers per population ratio. Our governor shut our state down early. Today many people were forced to go out and vote, and stood in long lines exposing themselves to others, Pole workers were in short supply and since they tend to be older volunteer workers, many polling places were not open. Fortunately, we were able to vote early by absentee ballot in our smaller township area. However, many people in Milwaukee, did not receive their absentee ballot they requested 3 weeks ago, and
  6. I think the cruise industry is in big trouble. Older people are not going to feel safe booking future cruises either out of a sense of being rejected because of health risks or changing age restrictions. It is going to be more difficult to hire crew. Also the crew is getting less money because the automatic gratuities have meant less money than what they got before these policies went into place. On top of that, some stingy passengers have figured out they can cancel gratuities, if they wish. (They should be so very ashamed!) The return to sailing date of April 12
  7. This will be are 29th cruise on Oceania starting in February, and we have 3 more cruises booked on Oceania in May/June.. As we engage in cruise conversations back home with various friends we hear several major themes: 1. They have loyalty with their current cruise lines and they are given perks, therefore they like their current cruise line. They value their loyalty perks. Oceania keep your loyalty program going. It has kept us sailing for over 300 days with you now! It worked! 2. Why do they like their current cruise line: it is what they know a
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