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    I will be leaving in less than a week from Seattle for our Alaskan cruise and I was wanting to find out what time it gets dark up in Alaska. I have heard it stays light very late, is this true?
  2. Thanks for the review! I am sailing on the ROS on the 22nd and cant wait! Do you have any pictures from the ship?
  3. OSUBeaver07

    Rhapsody of the Seas questions

    I am leave out of Seattle on the Rhapsody in just under two weeks. Does this ship have any specialty restaurants? I cant seem to find a Chops, Portifino or anything else. Anyone thats been on the ship recently know?
  4. OSUBeaver07

    Rhapsody of the Seas

    Awesome! I am glad to hear all good things about the ship. I have been on the Jewel and I know this ship is smaller and doesnt have all the big stuff, but that is okay with me. I will miss Chops though :(
  5. I am going on the Rhapsody Aug 22nd in Alaska... I was just wanting to find out what some people thought about the ship. Please fill me in! Thanks!
  6. OSUBeaver07

    Texting on the ship

    I have T Mobile and for me to recieve texts it is free because I have unlimited text messages, but to send out texts it costs .35 Its different for all carriers.
  7. OSUBeaver07

    NFL Playoff games...

    Thanks for the help! I cant wait to watch some NFL playoff games on the boat!
  8. OSUBeaver07

    NFL Playoff games...

    Go Hawks!!! :) I might make it by there, I just gotta see the game, thats all that matters! Ya know anything about people under 21 being in the Pit Stop then to watch the games? My brother is 19 and wants to watch the game with me.
  9. So we will be boarding the JOS on Saturday and I have to watch my Seahawks play the Packers at 3:30 eastern. We will be on board by this time for sure. Is it possible to watch these playoff games that are on NBC, FOX, and CBS? I know there is the Pit Stop bar, can you watch them in there? How about in your room? And can those under 21 watch games in the Pit Stop but not drink? Please help me out, I am in panic mode :(
  10. OSUBeaver07

    Jewel of the Sea in 8 days

    Can those under 21 go in the Pit Stop and watch games too?
  11. OSUBeaver07

    Room Service

    I was wanting to find out what the room service options are for breakfast, lunch, and late night. Anyone have any input for me?
  12. OSUBeaver07

    Jewel of the Sea in 8 days

    Lol chill? Was Fun One upset? So if your seapass is coded how does it work if you get a parent to sign the slip so you can drink on board? Anyone know about this? I have heard good things about the Solarium, its completely covered though isnt it? Does the Pit Stop have plenty of tv's to watch games? And can someone "underage" hang out in the Pit Stop and not drink?
  13. OSUBeaver07

    Mall in San Juan

    Thank you for the info. So price wise its about the same as in the US... I was just hoping to get some deals but if prices are about the same then not much reason to go :(
  14. I will be leaving on the JOS in eight days to do the Eastern Caribbean. I was just wanting to know if anyone has any input on things that are a must to do and see on the JOS. Any input would be nice. I had one question, I will be traveling with my sister who is 20 and she looks older. Are they very strict on the boat about carding people. I wanted to treat her to some drinks but I didnt know how strict they are.
  15. OSUBeaver07

    Mall in San Juan

    I heard about a mall called Plaze las Americas, has anyone been there or heard about this mall. Is it close to the ports, and how are the prices?