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  1. there are 10 of us so i was thinking the add on might be easier. if it were just 2 or 4 i probably would do it myself. how did you get to prague when you went?
  2. Our cruise ends in deggendorf and avalon has an add on to prague, has anyone done this and can you tell me how long it takes to get from deggendorf to prague? I know they bus you but it looks like a long bus ride.
  3. it doesnt seem like everyone has the problem, but at one point they tried to tell me it was my internet. my sister also cant get in and another friend i have in florida is having the same problem. it has to be their website, they keep saying it is our internet.
  4. is anyone else having a problem getting onto their account? I can get to the website and i can navigate around the website but whenever I go to logon to my celebrity.com account it gives me a big black screen
  5. I dont disagree with that, we certainly paid more for this ship then any sailing I have in a long time, most of it was about the hype and unless the prices come down significantly I wont be back. I can go on a 10 night reflection in a suite for less then 7 nights on the edge or apex and I would rather do that. I have heard they are making significant changes to the apex, which will help with a lot of things, but it is still too high priced for me too
  6. I was on the 1/20 and 1/27 sailing of the edge. On the first sailing our cabins were up on deck 12, one night we returned to our rooms and my sisters room had such a bad sewer smell they had to call maintenance it was impossible to sleep in. Turns out there was a broken pipe and they had to come and repair it. My BIL watched as they taped it up with masking tape, so I am assuming it will happen again. He even said to them they should at least be using duct tape. The second week we were in suites and one of our S3 also had problems to the point where they had to move their rooms. So regardless of what people are saying it is an issue on this ship With that said I was also down at the martini bar and noticed it, we had made friends with the bar manager and he told us it was a problem if you were sitting on the side of the bar where the grand cafe it. I am thinking that is the real reason they closed that area and not for extra seating as it was mentioned. It was blocked off both weeks we were on the ship and you continued to smell it. You could not smell it thru the whole martini bar if was only if you had the seats on the side of the bar right by the cafe, so that is why others may not have noticed it.
  7. I just spent two weeks on this ship, the first week in a concierge club and the second in a sky suite. I've seen a lot of negative reviews on the ship, some I agree with some I do not. Personally I feel a cruise is a cruise and even with problems you should be able to enjoy yourself. I also think we are all different people and see things in our own way. A great example is several people in my group went to Eden for dinner and absolutely loved it, in fact some went back. Then others in our group did not like it at all. Same thing with the infinite verandahs. Personally they are not for me and most of our group agreed with that, but I talked to many people on the ship who loved them and booked the ship again. So it is all a matter of you like not what someone else like. I think the ship is beautiful but designed poorly. The chairs at the pool bar are so high you cant get on them unless you are really tall. The chairs at the sky bar are the same way, the martini bar half the chairs you slide off if you sit in them and the other half are shorter and ok but getting seats at the bar is a prize that most people cannot do since there are not many chairs. The first week on the ship we never got to the bar once but the second week we did (mostly because we did dinner on off hours so people were not there when we got there) I loved the big mail pool area and just one pool, I never found it crowded at all. I missed the lack of bars and lounges, the reason the martini bar is so crowded is because in the evening there is no other choice. The staff on this ship did an incredible job even with all the difficulties they faced. There were so many exceptional staff members it would be hard to name them all. The second week I was in a suite, we loved the retreat area pool, I wish it was not in the front of the ship because it made it very windy, but it was never crowded and almost seemed like you were on the ship with just a few people instead of many. There are still a lot of issues to work out, the first week in concierge cabins we had a pipe break outside one of the cabins and there was a sewer smell they had to fix, the second week another cabin had shower issues and had to be moved. I absolutely do not like that the captain gets to choose when the window opens. It was closed more than it was open even when we were in port, dont tell me i have a balcony window when I dont. We were leaving an island and it was so calm out yet they wouldnt allow the windows to be open. I went to the rooftop garden when we were in port in san juan, what an absolutely wonderful experience it was and the meal was excellent, but with that said the week before dinner was cancelled more than it was on because of winds, so you never know if you are going to dinner or not there. I ate at all of the main dining room restaurants and loved them. air conditioning problems a couple of nights made dinner very hot but the meals were still good. I loved the steak house and went 3 times in 2 weeks. I also went to Le Petit I, myself, was very disappointed my meat was very undercooked and I did not like the show, but that is because I have seen the other show and loved it much better. On the reflection and silhouette our dinner choices were lobster and filet mignon but on this ship it is chicken and strip steak, a lot of people cancelled it when they saw the menu. The air condtioning on the ship wasnt great, and that was in all our rooms, it said 66 on the thermostat but my BIL actually had a clock that kept the temp and it said 71 and I believe it, it seemed warm in all of our rooms all the time and we had 22 rooms so it wasnt just one room. I dont want to sound negative about this ship, I had a great two weeks and was sad to go home. Yes there were things I did not like but we just made the best of it and moved on. I just didnt like the infinite verandahs and would not book them again, to us it was a glorified oceanview and I was so happy the second week to get into the suite with a regular balcony. Oh I just remembered, they did something very odd with the new balcony doors. When you go outside you no longer have the ability to close the door with the latch, you just push the door closed which makes an annoying whistlining sound on both sides. It can only be closed from the inside. And we met a couple in the retreat who told us her husband was reading a book when the room steward came in, he asked to clean the room and he said yes and when he was done he closed the door, since you cant open it from the outside the man was stuck on his balcony until his wife came back 25 minutes later. I am sure there is more i can say I guess the best thing I can say is go on the ship yourself and make your own opinions. Good or bad you will still have a good time. We met lots of wonderful people both weeks and I gladly would have stayed another week
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