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  1. Yes, booked on 11/21 & 12/13. These two cruises plus the 12/3 sailing are currently only 44% to 56% full, with only suites almost sold out. No shorter trips if ships sail with less passengers; better chance for social distancing.
  2. We received our Celebrity refund for our sailing on the Reflection April 13, 2020 on 05/13/2020. Requested refund on 03/29/2020; it took 45 days.
  3. Celebrity cruises has a medical form to be filled out by your physician for those over 70 that states you are able to sail with no pre-existing conditions that may be a problem cruising
  4. RNB. Another classic review that only you can write! Happy cruising whenever it starts again
  5. Sorry for the wait. They probably had to swim ashore to get your drink 😕
  6. Does this mean we get a price break since the Tamarind Restaurants on other ships is less charge per person? Ha
  7. Ninadam, 1492, $4.99, Blue Light Special Actually, Carnaval Festavale, Nov 1978, $665 pp, still have carbon copy of AMEX receipt.
  8. Great news. Plan to sail on the Veendam next year out of Tampa.
  9. Irie Tours, Curaçao,, was $25 pp. Find on line for details
  10. This thread sounds like a continuation of the "Why do you hate HAL" thread!
  11. Thanks for the info but this was discussed in a prior thread. I guess HAL did not like Celebrity moving into its territory
  12. Full Schedule for 2020/2021 is on an internet TA site but can not give out name per CC rules. Had booked Celebrity in Nov 2020 and hoped to do a b2b with Veendam but schedule does not work. Will have to drive home and stay a few days before returning to Veendam. No problem, I live in Tampa Bay!
  13. Sailed with several Presidents Club members over past few years. They do get some great benefits.
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