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  1. I just did Princess transfer airport San Pedro. Liked that Suitcase taken at airport and was at cabin on ship. Yes was a little wait but so easy to do.
  2. I just booked a return to airport with execucar and looked at recent reviews not good. Since I am solo and have a noon flight thought this was the best way to go. I need to know if I need to cancel and look at another way any have used this service in the last 2 months or so.
  3. Yes there is scones and cream a wonderfull way to meet people.
  4. I might be wrong on this but I have noticed as spots sell out the price goes up.
  5. I Booked this cruise a year ago and called several times about on broad credit that was being given to some. My problem with this whole things is you do not give some compensation out to a few and not to others if cut off was when you booked that does not seem the case for me.
  6. Thank you for the comments. Today Princess and I worked something out. Do not want to share, but I will be sailing with them again.
  7. The Royal Princess sole rate as stated above, I booked and deposited several days ago. I received a call late yesterday that it was a mistake on there part and I had to pay full price on balcony, but would up grade to min suite with some on broad credit. This would cost me over $l,000 dollars. They accepted my deposit but would not honor rate. They said the fine print gives them this right I am an elite with Princess, but that does not make any difference. This being said no matter what price you think you have, they can change. I just needed to blow off a little stream.
  8. By chance did you see the pool cabana, I have one scheduled for next week. What you are saying that they change 18% for food not on the price you pay for the cabana?
  9. I am also solo on the Summit repo and would like to try Qsine. Please consider me for any group you form. Loretta
  10. There is more cabins available on the Grand for the dates in June I need. I wanted to do the Golden, but price would be more and location not good. Please help what is the difference in ships. I know Grand is older. The Golden seems to get better reviews. Thank you for any help on this.
  11. I was also on this cruise and was expecting less because of reviews. I have been on most cruise lines and 7 on Carnival the Victory when it was new. Ok now I felt I received a better cruise then expected Room a little tired but fine. Food very good the worst food I have ever had on a cruise was Royal Caribbean. All the crew that I dealt with were great which really makes the cruise stand out. My only complant was the ones on the cruise who have no respect for others. Up and down hallways yelling at 2 to 4 am. Radios carried around playing full blast on balony and even taken in dining room which was stopped. In all I would go back on this ship tomorrow for the value and good overall expience.
  12. Yes my husband and I celebrated are 25 wedding anniversary Sept 2 1987 on this ship. I also remember how small the cabin was my head would hit the light switch on and off when we were in bed. I think the bathroom had more space then the room to move around. We had a wonderfull time and were able to cruise many more times before he died.
  13. I Have been doing solo cruises for the last couple of years and did set time seating, but the last several cruises I found did not work out. Switched to anytime and found such nice different people to sit with and sat by my self once or twice. It is nice to be able to eat when you want too.
  14. I will be comming in the the night before for Disney Cruise, other grandma comming even later we need to stay at airport location and will be picked up by son and family in morning. Hyatt is to much money, so please help Springhill Suites, La Qunita or Hampton Inn (is this a brand new) hotel. Thank you for any help you can give.
  15. This is my first Disney Cruise and would appreciate help with a few questions. On the 3 day I understand there is no semiformal night? I have read in the past that you can bring pillow cases and have them signed. If this is still active what exactly do you do and is it just pillow cases.
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