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  1. Medicare does not cover you out of the US. If you have a supplement to your Medicare, you can purchase one that does have this coverage, which my husband and I have. Not all supplements have this coverage, you need to select one that does. I always buy evacuation insurance , and I always use Medjet Assist. It is not medical coverage, it evacuates you from where you are to your home. Someone above mentioned Advantage plans, they do not have any international coverage. Why do you think they are free???
  2. I was on a Pandaw cruise of hte Red River and Ha Long Bay which spent 2 plus days in Ha Long bay. It was the highlight of the trip, it is so beautiful. The port at Ha Long is very congested and touristy, there are tons of day boat tours and I don't think you'd want to be in a hotel there. We visited floating villages, went off the boat onto one, spent some time in smaller boats, and went ashore on an island and visited a village there. It was wonderful, you need to have time there to appreciate it and time away from the scrum of other boats.
  3. Just curious, what boat are you sailing on that does not do laundry? I have never been on a boat that did not provide the service and have sailed only on quite small boats.
  4. I am looking at a West Africa cruise on Variety Cruises for Jan 2022 and called them today. They have "not yet decided" if they are requiring vaccines of passengers. I allowed as how many might rather not cruise if they were not certain all pax and staff had had the vaccine. The woman I spoke to was very nice but said they still had no word from the head office. It makes it hard to plan ahead.
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