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  1. We received our refund for our cancelled June 8 cruise today. Less than 1 month after we asked our agent to get the refund. Excellent and efficient service from Azamara as usual !!! (....and before anyone ask. Yup, I am in Norway and our agent is in the US ;-))
  2. I got the email to. I thought it was a very nice escape from all the bad things happening in the world. But, I guess it's all about how we see things. Someone must complain to feel alive.
  3. We are booked on the Quest June 8. FIngers crossed the world is back at almost normal by then. If not we will take the FCC and spend it later this year or next year. I really dont get why everyone are so negative. We are very blessed and fortunate to be able to cruise. We are working hard and look forward to our time away on Azamara, We will keep on booking cruises and enjoy them all 🙂
  4. I believe AZ has handled it as good as they can. Not easy when governments makes changes hourly. I doubt very much AZ will go under because an "entitled" few do not get any information the minute they demand it !!! 😄 😄 ....
  5. Only suspended in the US ! But cruises in Europe are still going as planned even tho they will not let anyone board who has travelled from/to/transit via Europe....!! ...ok then.
  6. I am sorry to tell you this but Aalesund, Stavanger and Bergen has closed their ports for cruise ships. I am not sure how long for except Ålesund, which is closed until 1 May.
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