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  1. Stay in Catania. it is an amazing city that deserves exploration and will remain in your memories for the rest of your life.
  2. Just like in our European Spa’s! 😀. Yes, we go naked and mixed. No problemo as NOBODY JUDGES YOU. Everyone wears the same: nothing or a towel. and if anyone judges your body, that is extremely sad and that person should urgently go see a psychiatrist.
  3. You will find that all cruiselines have part of their fleet for sale at any one time. That does not mean however that they will he imminently sold. I would not worry about it. my properties are also always for sale for the right price 😉 that does not mean that I am actively looking for a buyer.
  4. So Koningsdam uses Terminal 25 then? Good to know. but in Civitaveccia, things can change in a heartbeat...😉
  5. Very interesting! I am kind of a fan of Napoleon, considering him a visionary and brilliant tactician who in the end lost in Waterloo because of his most trusted Marchal’s failure to comply with orders to attack 2 days before at “Quatre Bras”. Waterloo set a Unified Europe back 150 years, and ultimately contributed to the cooking of both World Wars.
  6. I do think that a daily cold soup is available, but not mentioned on the menu. I would ask your waiter if they have one.
  7. In a different live report by our esteemed contributor Kazu, onboard the equally esteemed Prinsendam, it is mentioned that on gala-nights in the MDR, a small “Amuse Bouche” is served before the appetizers. ( example, Watermelon gazpacho in a small glass). I have not seen this on any of our cruises on HAL on Gala Nights, but have to admit that we were Anytime dining up to now. Has anyone seen this nice little touch recently? Is this a Prinsendam perk? On Celebrity, they used to serve a sorbet ( palate cleanser) before the main course on Formal nights. That tradition has also ended I think. Did HAL at one point serve this too?
  8. They are turned off... seems to be a problem with ipad and Iphone maybe?? same result using Chrome iso. Safari by the way. verry annoying as I am checking-in 6 persons in total and leaving tomorrow morning to Saudi Arabia till the day before the cruise ( Koningsdam 20/05/19
  9. Does anyone else mdisregard disregard disregard
  10. Does anyone else have problems accessing and printing their Express Docs boarding pass and luggage tags? I always get an error message (blob something) . many thanks, Tino (Despegue)
  11. the original idea was to habe a smaller, but high tech venue that would be used 3 times per evening for shows. This setup was abandoned some time ago and now there are only 2 shows per night, resulting in a lack of seating. In my opinion, the Entertainment big wigs in Seattle have the Mad Cow disease or something, as non of what they have been deciding recently regarding the Showroom at Sea makes any sense at all. Time to put them down.
  12. Haha, they are my wife’s evening entertainment! You can not believe the horrific ties, tuxes ( white, green, red, we’ve seen them all) and other crimes against good taste on Formal night, and we love it! Moreover, some might think the same of us, it is just a fancy dress party really 🤪 or Halloween looking at some...🙃
  13. In the MDR, the embarkation lunch sometimes serves a glass of the House bubbly...
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