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  1. jimmybean

    November Crossing

    We crossed in early November 2016 and sea was not at all rough. The QM2 is a great ship---handles the Atlantic well. Captains have weather predictions and avoid storms. No worries---have fun!!!
  2. jimmybean

    kid programs?

    Thank you for your helpful replies. We want the kids to enjoy their vacation and the Adventure Ocean sounds perfect way to meet other kids. We will be sure to have them attend the first-night. Thanks again! Happy Sailing!
  3. jimmybean

    kid programs?

    We are thinking of cruising with grandkids for the first time---ages 7, 12, and 14---and would appreciate some description of kid programs that are available on RCI Are they costly? How much is the cost? Have your children/grandchildren enjoyed? Any advice offered would be most appreciate. Thanks, Jimmybean
  4. jimmybean

    Parking at Brooklyn terminal for westbound crossing

    We have left our car at the Brooklyn parking lot three or four times. The last time was November 2016. The longest period was for a month. It isn't covered parking, but our car was safe, sound, and conveniently nearby each time. One time we had to call someone because the self-payment didn't work. Another time, someone was there in person (we wondered it she was pocketing the money). All in all, though we wouldn't hesitate to use the dock-side parking again. It worked just fine for us. Happy Sailing!
  5. jimmybean

    World Cruise Sectors

    Our experience (which I admit is dated) has been that initially WCs aren't marketed as many short segments. As time goes on (and presumedly longer segments aren't sold) then shorter segments are offered. We sailed on a 36-day LA to LA in 2013 (with New Zealand as mid-point) that we booked as a single voyage. We called, asking about having our voyage "broken" into segments (when such segments were offered) without receiving a positive response. Then, (surprise!) we were credited with a separate voyage when we got to New Zealand and upgraded to our platinum status. The purser even replaced our cabin-cards with ones of the appropriate platinum color. We are in the US---I don't know if that makes any difference. I agree with booking early and having accommodations secured, but (at least in the US) we have found Cunard willing to make alterations (including better fares) with follow-up phone calls. And, yes, making the phone calls can be frustrating! Have a wonderful voyage!
  6. Boo! Hiss! Thanks for keeping us updated, Mark. Let's hope Cunard decides to register elsewhere.
  7. jimmybean

    Looking back at Cunard

    Yes, thank you for your excellent review and the lovely photos! You look dashing (and so does the ship)!
  8. jimmybean


    It's a big ocean: you are likely to experience different weather at different points during your crossing. It is a small sheltered balcony: I'm not sure if "sun" would be part of your lounger experience. We crossed in May one year. Not as warm and sunny as one of our September transatlantic. Not as rainy as November. Never had a "bad" crossing. Each has offered different joys and is remembered in a different place in my heart. Happy Sailing!
  9. jimmybean

    shampoo brand

    Yes, it does. Thank you! And, thanks again, Hattie...
  10. jimmybean

    shampoo brand

    Thank you, Hattie. Now I remember. ...For so long it was Gilchrist & Soames. I appreciate the memory jog.
  11. jimmybean

    shampoo brand

    I think my user-name was included, Hattie. Your reply to my question confuses me ??? I intended no impatience when asking about the shampoo brand currently used on Cunard ship. Is anyone else able to answer my question. Thank you.
  12. jimmybean

    shampoo brand

    Can anyone remind me of the brand of shampoo currently supplied by Cunard? Thanks!
  13. jimmybean

    Maui Pineapple Plantation Tour

    tallfir, What helpful information! We aren't headed to Maui ourselves, but have wonderful memories of previous visits (once via cruise ship and once via airplane). In 2013, we docked and found the car rental was only a couple blocks from the ship---a very easy walk. We arranged the rental months in advance via the internet and paid less than for two people on a tour. Really enjoyed scenery as we drove to the beach. (Did a pineapple tour in '84 on a different island---it was interesting.) It is such a beautiful island! Have a wonderful day there, Liv4Beach!
  14. jimmybean

    Princess or Celebrity

    We've done two previous Celebrity cruises and seven on Princess. Enjoyed each and every voyage. We pick by itinerary, price, and the date... Some Princess ships have been a little worn-looking. But, their desserts are (IMO) better than those on Celebrity. We've had great dinner service on both cruise lines. Celebrity cabins had a better lay-out (IMO). In-cabin movies can be paused on both cruise lines. Celebrity showers (in my experience) are larger. Princess has (pay with quarters) laundry facilities. With Celebrity, you can wash your socks in the sink or pay their laundry by the garment (if you need something laundered). I think the experiences on either line are comparable. The vibe is a little different, but we have found both cruise lines to be pleasant. Yes, there are a lot of older people on cruise Ships! Seniors have the time to travel and Florida ---with all it's cruise ports---also has lots of older people. It's not surprising we have met many Floridians taking advantage of proximity to embarkation. That said, there have been people your age on every cruise we've taken, too. There are always active-tours offered (and I've never actually seen anyone playing shuffleboard on any ship). There is always a gym onboard. It is a very easy way to have a great vacation. Have fun choosing your first cruise!