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  1. We got our refund for our cancelled Alaska cruise (june 5th) yesterday. 3 refunds per cabin, one was the final payment amount, 2nd was port fees and taxes, 3rd was what was left over.
  2. I filled out the form on Royals webiste on March 24th that said 30 days. Around April 15th I got an email from our travel agent that the cruise was cancelled ( kind of funny since it was cancelled back in March). Called them the next day and again cancelled the cruise asking for a full refund. Travel agents said 45 days.
  3. Since it is only a $200 FCC, I'll wait patiently. But I figure at some point I'll call Royal about refund from the canceled Alaska cruise. I filled out the form on Royal's website to get our money back, on March 24 when it was announced it was canceled. On thursday we got an email from Costco travel so on Friday called Costco travel about the canceled cruise. No clue when we will see the refund.
  4. How do you know when the FCC is issues? We canceled a cruise on april 3rd before the paid in full date. No FCC as far as I know.
  5. I'm waiting on the refund of our canceled June 2020 Alaska cruise that we canceled the day day it was officially announced it was cancelled. We also cancelled a cruise for July under the cruise with confidence. That one we should be getting a $100 FCC credit a person since that was all we paid
  6. Local news just said 13 passengers and one crew member going to broward health.
  7. Broward county has been under a safer at home order. Florida is now also under one. I hope they let both ships in to dock and get everyone home safely
  8. How do you apply the FCC? I know we will have one from our Alaska cruise. Does it make a difference if the cruise is booked with a travel agent?
  9. Got to laugh at the vegetarian beef burger. We cruised on Disney Christmas week. The only symbol on the menu was for vegetarian / lite fare. It was funny seeing a chicken dish having the vegetarian symbol. We just had to trust the waitress. On Independence last month, we were able to see the vegan menu, so my vegetarian daughter asked for it the 2nd night. Waiter was great, had it ready for her and made her order early since it takes longer.
  10. Highest was probably the Disney cruise we took over Christmas week. I don't remember the total, but probably $1500. We decided for our 21st anniversary to have dinner at Remy with the wine pairing. That was $600.
  11. It is easy to cancel. I did that when the price dropped on my last cruise.
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