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  1. I had one of these on the Edge in March 2020. Yes, you could open the door and go out onto it. It was covered and had porthole type large openings in it and you could feel the wind and sun. I would prefer to be in AC so I have an infinite balcony (which we toured and loved on the Edge) on Apex in 3 weeks.
  2. Yes, I got this too. Expected but very disappointing. I considered cancelling the cruise, but I'm in it for the ship more than the itinerary. I loved Edge.
  3. Ah, it would be a boring world if we were all the same. Eden was my absolutely favorite place on Edge.
  4. If you are fully vaccinated, do you have to covid test?
  5. It has never disappointed me in at least 8 stays.
  6. I'm booked on the July 31 Apex and doubt every day that it will even leave Athens.
  7. My friend and I have done the same thing, as I don't need the premium package. But recently I saw in writing that they would not allow only one in the cabin to upgrade. So - big surprise - they're breaking their own rule lol.
  8. Interesting. My upgrade was $75 and change and I was told both people in the cabin HAD to upgrade.
  9. Well, I'm booked on the July 31 Apex cruise and I'll make do with whatever they decide. Having been on the Edge in March 2020, I know spending more time on Apex will NOT be a punishment lol.
  10. The requirements are clearly stated in many places. I live on Oahu and every day hear stories about people who were turned away because they did not used one of Hawaii's "trusted partners." I'm sure there is some money exchanging hands between these partners and the state of Hawaii, and that's a shame, but the requirements are very clearly spelled out and all people have to do is look them up.
  11. Yep! I'm on Apex on July 31 out of Athens and I just upgraded to premium. It was $75 for a 7 day cruise.
  12. I live on Oahu and have traveled to the Big Island and Maui in the last month. Believe me, everything is pretty much back to normal except that masks must be worn indoors. A few places (such as climbing Diamond Head) still require masks.
  13. When I asked Celebrity if you were required to book their excursions, they said no, it was up to the passenger. Where does it say otherwise?
  14. Does anyone feel any sense of risk? I have been living in Hawaii for the past year and feel more at risk by all the tourists here (yes, tourism is booming in Hawaii) who refuse to abide by our mask orders. I am fully vaccinated and do feel some sense of relief (not invulnerability) knowing my immune system will at least recognize and fight Covid-19 if I'm exposed. I believe it's time to ease back into life. The tourists here in Hawaii have basically forced us to do that. Based on what I see here, a day visit to Santorini, Rhodes, and Israel, while traveling on a new ultra-clean ship, is a good
  15. Yes, most of us are on Facebook and keep in touch. Which Apex are you on? I moved to Hawaii a year ago when my Army daughter decided to finally have a baby, but I will be returning to Arizona in July.
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