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  1. just another thought..... I have stood in the line to reboard the ship (the Explorer, the Granduer, and the Celebrity Summit) in Bermuda, several times. Standing in the sun, it was long and hot, and there was only 100=200 of us, carrying only hand-held luggage. I think the logistics of boarding 1500 luggage toting anxious passengers, needing Covid and Vaccination documentation, Set Sail passes, Passport checks, carry-on screenings, getting Sea Pass cards etc.. I don't see that dock area handling that in it's present physical setup. And all those Buses, Blue flagged cabs dropping t
  2. Kathy, You will fall in love with it. My DH and I go every other year. We always stay at The Main Street Inn and Suites. The #1 Fudge Shop (an actual national ranking) is on the ground floor of the Inn. It has balconies that over Main Street, where you can sit for hours, watching the ferries, the horse and buggies, bicycle riders and people just strolling along. We repeat some of the sights year after year. It never gets old. Last year, there was a new shop, called "Forged In Memories" from a local man that actually was on the TV show, Forged In Fire. I had never watched it bu
  3. OMG! Someone like you owns a business?!?!? Boy, you must REALLY need that refund! With your acerbic attitude, mixed with the droll sarcasm you're spouting, your business must have been bad before the shutdown. Stay home in NY/NJ and let the rest of us enjoy our cruises. We don't need your verbal tantrums anywhere!
  4. Thank you for your pleasant response. However, the ports are not that important to me. I’ve seen every port in the Caribbean, Alaska , the Northeast US and most of Mexico. We mainly cruise to just get away from our busy, stressful everyday lives. And see the ocean, and sunrises and sunsets from our balcony. After we retire (1-2 years), we will do Europe. My DH will not fly, so we will need Transatlantics and Repositioning cruises to get us there and back. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay calm, everyone. Better times are coming. - Clancy
  5. Hi! Have 3 cruises booked currently - - - September 2020, March 2021 and February 2022. If the ship is sailing, so am I! I've had 2 different types of cancer, and the Norovirus---all on land! - Clancy
  6. I get a discount for being a return client and I forgot to add that in. But the tip usually brings it closer to $ 240, because he is waiting for me with water in his cooler, bread to feed the fish and that day’s copy of the newspaper. Unfortunately my last trip was 2018. I probably can’t make it back until September 2021. - Clancy
  7. Hi! Been to Bermuda MANY times (9, I think). Your 4 hour private taxi tour would be roughly $180 total (tip is optional). He will go EXACTLY where and when you want to. A bus tour will not do that. Also, dinner at Elbow Beach (which you'll need a taxi to get to, and return from, will be about $30 each way. Your dinner, without drinks/cocktails will roughly be $ 150.00 (All prices are US dollars).
  8. Hi! I didn't catch the first part of the question, so if I'm being noisy, I apologize. Beaches Resort is overrun with kids, of ALL ages. There are very few quiet sports at either of their resorts, Beaches Negril or Beaches Turks and Caicos. Trust me on this, I've been to both. Nice properties, pleasant employees and kids everywhere! - Clancy
  9. Hi, You are about 4 1/2 hours west of us. We are outside of Wilkes-Barre. When we went to Seattle on Amtrak, for our Alaska cruise, we got on in Harpers Ferry, WV. That train went straight to Chicago, where we changed trains to Seattle. The whole trip was 2 1/2 days both ways but it was wonderful! Our own bedroom with a huge picture window, individual lamps for reading, electrical outlets for charging our "gadgets", storage for our carry-ons, a fold-down table for meals or card playing, etc., all the meals included, comfortable beds to sleep in, domed viewing cars if we wanted to strol
  10. Hi! This is exactly what my DH and I want to do in 2020 as well II We are also from Pennsylvania and wonder if we are "neighbors"! LOL! The only difference for us, is that we will be taking Amtrak cross country in a bedroom sleeper to whatever is the port/best port they are offering. That will be our 26th cruise but only the 2nd on Celebrity. We are usually "Loyal to Royal" Hope to hear back from you!
  11. Hi! This is exactly what my DH and I want to do in 2020 as well II We are also from Pennsylvania and wonder if we are "neighbors"! LOL! only difference for us, is that we will be taking Amtrak cross country in a bedroom sleeper towhatever is the port/best port they are offering. Hope to hear back from you!
  12. I choose Harmony. The day before disembarking is a sea day, not a port day. Gives you all day to do your packing, not rushed after returning from an island/port and having to hurry up, shower/change/pack/hand out additional tips/get your photo package, say good-byes, etc. and then ,have your luggage outside your cabin by 10pm. (Plus, I like the ship!)! - Clancy
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