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  1. Radiance is one of the better ships for Alaska, because of all the glass and it's easier to get into the Hubbard Glacier area. I have it booked again for August, 2021. I guess RC will figure it out, then let me know what they've decided.
  2. I am working from home right now, as many are. I still have to call and have the FCC applied. I just put the call to RC on speaker phone and keep working while I am in the hold universe. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but at least I feel I am getting something done while I wait. Someone mentioned, (and I hope they were kidding) that they painted their entire house while on hold. Obviously, some times of the day and days of the week experience greater hold times than others, and sometimes, it's just pure good or bad luck.
  3. Received my future OBC 125% yesterday. This, too, looks correct. Just waiting for the corrected FCC to be sent now. I've already rebooked our Alaska sailing, so now I will just wait until the corrected amount to arrive so I can apply it. We would have been in Canada and sailing two weeks from today. More time to plan and things to look forward to. Hope everyone is well!
  4. May 15th will be tomorrow. We will see, but not holding my breath yet. Poor Aurora has had to send out a lot of emails lately.
  5. I haven't read or heard of anyone actually receiving their FC OBC yet. I also read it as a separate email certificate. I did take screen shots of everything that was in my cruise planner (including prices)when I applied for the 125% OBC credit.
  6. We may do the same. I will see what the corrected FCC looks like, but I think we will have enough, as well.
  7. When do you think Asian cruises will resume? Any indication? I am almost sure the FCC will be applied to our cruise planner. It just is going to take a bit of time for all the dust to settle. I don't think anyone has received their FCC 125% for cruise planner future purchases yet. RCCL is trying to get the refunds and FCC for cruise fare out first. I THINK!??
  8. I would sure hope we can use the OBC in our cruise planner once they give us a letter, or access code, or however they will handle it. I purposefully chose that option because Alaska excursions are expensive, but they also sell out early. I don't want to wait until I am on the ship to book.
  9. Same letter here. I know they're trying. A lot of the US staff was let go, so who even knows what they're working with. Admin only has to write and send out the email letters. I feel terrible for the ones who answer the phones - who are in no way at fault, yet have to speak to people already on hold for 3 plus hours. It's a mess, and it will get better eventually, but I think it's going to be awhile. Should i mark that May 14th date on my calendar to receive my corrected FCC? I think I am going to use pencil, because it has an eraser.😂
  10. I rebooked that cruise to Alaska for August 2021, so I am not in a huge rush. I feel better that it's been noted (I hope) on our booking#. I know people who are hopeful to cruise this summer would like the FCC's now, so they can apply to final payments that are due. I did try to call on Saturday evening, and hung up after over 3 hours on hold. The 70 mins today was an improvement. I can't even imagine how overwhelmed the customer service reps answering the calls must be right now. The whole situation is unfortunate - both for cruisers and the RC Corp.
  11. Nice! I just called C&A phone#. I will admit I was on hold for about 70 mins before I reached a person. She seemed to know there was a problem with the FCC's issued over the weekend, and gave me the amount they SHOULD be. Of course, I have no email verifying this yet, but the C&A rep stated that I will receive a corrected FCC (new issue) in 2-3 weeks. I also opted for the 125% cruise planner credit and have heard nothing yet. I did receive the refunded port fees and taxes back to my credit card last week.
  12. l'm really surprised they haven't issued a press announcement, or something on their website, or a mass email? It's Monday morning, so maybe they are still trying to figure out what to do. Then again, they may not even fully realize the enormity of the mistake. The part that is really odd to me - these are FCC's, not refunds. it's not even that we are getting money back -
  13. Will all of the wrong ones be fixed automatically and eventually, or just those who call?
  14. I wonder....if people don't call, will the FCC's be adjusted automatically since RCCL knows there is a problem, or do they all need to call and speak to a real person? I can't even fathom how many people and cruises this must be, and I do have empathy for the staff who have to answer the calls. This is not their fault at all, and of course, like any customer service position, they are on the front end of receiving those upset customer calls.
  15. I have seen a few posts on cruise critic from people who have 10 or more booked. Or, at least they say they do? I am definitely waiting to buy airfare closer to sailing (whenever we cruise again). My daughter and I were supposed to be on an Alaskan cruise later this month - and the future credit situation with Alaska Air and Delta was a huge hassle. I think a lot of people have similar experiences right now, unfortunately.
  16. That's what my husband said. If even 100 people don't notice or don't act...that's a good amount of money.
  17. I wonder how many people won't even notice? People who have many cruises booked, and the FCC certificate gets buried in their email.
  18. Hi! How early did you call, and did you use the main RCCL # or call through Crown & Anchor? I do know you eventually have to get transferred to a supervisory or resolutions department at some point. I need to do this too. Maybe later in the week when I don't have so many phone conferences (live) for work. :) Kind of hard to do those and be on the phone with RCCL at same time. Hang in there, everyone!
  19. Like everyone else here, my FCC was received yesterday via direct email from RCCL, and it is about half of what it should be - even when I factor in taxes, port fees, gratuities, etc. So, RC obviously knows there were errors. Are the correct FCC's going to be issued automatically, or do we need to submit a request for an amended FCC? Anyone know?
  20. Hi Merion Mom! Were you able to see when Ovation is headed to Alaska? The post I read didn't contain that info. Thanks!
  21. I also researched their safety ratings very carefully before we booked. You can access that information from their website.
  22. We rented a large SUV for the week last year through Costco (a year out) because we also went to Denali for several days. I have decided for this trip, I am just going to pay the $50pp for the shuttle as it's just two of us. For four people, it may well be less money to rent a car, then you'd have the freedom to also sightsee. I just know I am not comfortable driving in unfamiliar places, and I'd rather enjoy my experience instead of worrying over driving. I'll make myself a nervous wreck. Fwiw, my husband said it's an easy drive - all highway until you turn off onto a few small roads, but you're nearly there at that point. :) If you are looking for just one day, there are lots of rentals available at/around the Anchorage Airport. There are also several rental locations throughout the city. I know there is an Enterprise location in midtown and an Avis location right downtown off of B Street. https://www.costcotravel.com/Rental-Cars/h=3001_cid-851a52f3-7813-4e17-9008-2aa1e9341c4b
  23. It was truly one of the most amazing things we have ever done. I hope you find a tour that works well for you. We rented a car last time, but were a group of 4 traveling together. I do not like driving in unfamiliar places, so the shuttle was a great option for us this time. They are picking us up in downtown Anchorage.
  24. We did a glacier landing tour last summer with Alaska Helicopter Tours. They base during summer at Knik Glacier Lodge and winters in Anchorage. This summer, my daughter and I have booked the two landing flight- one on the lower glacier and the other upper glacier with dog sled experience. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Anchorage, and they also have a RT shuttle available that you can book. https://www.alaskahelicoptertours.com
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