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  1. Yes very unfortunate that it took numerous announcements by the captain before a small number of selfish passengers would go back into cabins and close their balconies as requested. It required him to put an announcement out early this morning across the whole ship to get compliance. In an emergency situation this selfishness could delay the rescue unnecessarily. Well the selfish passengers are well known faces now as the captain did a debrief on the evacuation and shared their photos - demonstrating they can take CCTV pictures of balconies. Well done to the captain for shaming them. He explained that in such an emergency the balcony cabins near the point of the airlift are evacuated due the risks involved if the helicopter hit the ship, and other balcony passengers on that side are asked to stay inside their cabins for safety reasons too. A good assertive captain that didn’t mince his words. As he says he’s the captain, the buck stops with him and he expects passengers to obey him.
  2. Each to their own. It makes no difference to me. I’m happy with the price I’ve paid and I’m happy to take the gamble of where I end up being located. I obviously live life on the wild side. I even stay in hotels without knowing which room I’ll be allocated.
  3. That's incorrect. I have pre registered and my booking is 100% guaranteed. What's not guaranteed is my cabin location. I have booked the cheapest grade inside for Xmas/New Year cruise. I can see they have already stopped taking pre registrations on that grade for direct bookings. Last time I did this I was firstly allocated the highest grade inside, before getting a free balcony upgrade 6 months before departure. I have no expectations of a balcony upgrade this time though - just got lucky. In fact I suspect it's better not be in upper tiers. They get their choice of cabins and first ones to sell are usually least and most expensive, so those of us willing to go pot luck at pre registration probably end up with something higher then we paid for.
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