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  1. Today we received notification from AMEX that we had another credit to our account, this time it was the amount we expected from our daughter and SI's cruise. At long last, 102 days! We are also due small amount on a Chase card, we'll see when / if that shows up. This whole refund process and lack of communication and transparency has left a rather bad impression of Crystal.
  2. Hello all! We were traveling with our daughter and son-in-law (SIL): Scheduled sail date: 6/7/20 We both cancelled: 3/12/20 - 75% refund / 25% FCC Our refund processed: 6/21/20 101 days The amounts were not what we expected based on our TA invoice from our cancellation or credited to the credit card expected, but the total refunded was 74.4% of the total amount paid. So we can call it good. I am so relieved. One down. We are still awaiting our daughter and SIL's refund, we have been told by our TA it was processed yesterday, we'll see.
  3. I'm the OP, I was surprised when I saw the same offer again; 10% statement credit (up to $450) from the same card, my Chase United Explorer card. The first time I took advantage of this was on 5/31/19 and received the statement credit on 7/4/19. This time the charge was on 1/1/20 and I received the credit on 1/13/20. Nice! Keep looking!
  4. Hello Crystal Cruisers! Although I am primarily a Regent cruiser, I do have another Crystal cruise booked for June 2020. I have a United Airlines Visa, and one day I received an email about their "Chase Offers", where you can get statement credits from certain retailers. I saw that two of my local grocery stores were on their list, so I enrolled and received a small statement credit from my grocery purchases. They really got my attention when I saw that they were offering 10% statement credit from Crystal, limited to a statement credit of $450. After checking with my travel agent, I wen
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