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  1. This is a link to the GenVisa Ultimate World Cruise Visa requirements for 2019/2020. https://www.genvisa.com/vikingworldcruise/Ultimate_World-Cruise_Visa.pdf. They do show that 6 pictures were needed. May be the same for us, but I think that I would wait until the official requirements come out from Viking/ GenVisa later this year. This link will give you a general idea of how it works . Fortunately for those of us on the 2022 WC, we are not doing China so no need to fill out that long form 😉. We are doing Myanmar and Turkey which have much shorter forms . The nice thing about doing
  2. It will be interesting to hear the answer as I don’t think it will be many . These days so many visas are e-visas and those require you to upload a picture ; they have specific criteria for that especially India, but having done several for clients , I can tell you that it is not difficult . I think that the last time I looked only 1 or two countries required a non e-visa .
  3. Still waiting for our appointment which should be soon . We did the Bali to Sydney December 2019. A word of caution about the heat and humidity on Komodo Island. Make sure that you bring plenty of water, a hat, I took the umbrella from the room and a good suggestion that I got from Cruise Critic was to chill a washcloth in the refrigerator to take along in a baggie to cool down your face and neck. I had heard how some people collapsed from the heat and humidity and did not want that to happen to us. We saw 3 people taken out on stretchers ! We did fine; did the shorter walk which I t
  4. I agree. With many real time experiences ( vs. policy ) a lot depends on the agent handling the transfer. I am a firm believer in " you don't ask, you don't get "
  5. I agree with @peregina651 in that you need to check with a UK agent as there are no transfers for us in the US unless you do their airfare or pay if you want transfers while doing independant air.
  6. In rereading my post above, I realize that I incorrectly stated that if you deviate your air from the sail dates that you need to pay for transfers on that date. In truth , normally you can not get Viking transfers if you fly in/out on any date other than the sail dates. There might be a time when you are staying at the same pre or post cruise hotel and can talk someone into letting you buy a transfer or stay at the airport the night before and then try on the sail date to get them to take you from the airport,but to me that is a bit risky . The only time that you can pay for airport transf
  7. The coffee choices in the Living Room bar are excellent ( especially as Jim said, with Baileys !) However, I try to do the Nespresso in the room more so I am not tempted by all the lovely muffins and pastry at the Living Room Bar .
  8. It could be that there is a Discount Code ( EBD) that needs to be requested or that the dates that you are looking at do not qualify for the free air and double discount ( for that, I think you had to have travelled twice with Viking within the past 12 months ) It might be a good idea to give your TA that brochure so that she/he can read off the promo to Viking and to double check the criteria for the double past guest discount .
  9. I was able to Lift and Shift my April Greece cruise to June 2022 as there were no Greek Isles cruises within the 30 day window. Hopefully, 3rd time will be the charm 😀
  10. For the last 7-8 ( or more ) years ,foreign airlines have been charging for seat assignments if you want them more than 24 hours before departure. They actually do assign them at booking, but you can't see them until 24 hours ( 23 for Lufthansa) before the flight at which time you can change them if seats are available. Those airlines, along with some US airlines, charge for seat assignments no matter what. Nothing to do with the Pandemic . You might also want to check and see if that Air Canada flight is actually Air Canada Rouge which is their low cost carrier which has other restriction
  11. Only the Edge and Constellation have been cancelled for Celebrity Europe this year ( thru Oct. ) . They still have 4 others ships scheduled to sail in Europe after 01 May. How many will actually go is the question of course 😉
  12. @Peregrina651 is correct. The only time transfers are included is if you have air ( included or purchased ) from Viking and you fly in and out on embarkation and disembarkation day . You can purchase transfers if you want ,but generally they are just to the airport . If you deviate from those dates, you need to pay for the transfer on that date. Unless, things are different in the UK which is always possible. Different countries, sometimes different rules.
  13. We are so ready ! Like you, we had several trips cancel in 2020 and I am pretty sure that we are about to have our Azamara Greek Isles trip in April cancel ( for the 2nd time) . I have a feeling that I will be rescheduling that one for about a month after we get back from our WC. Going with family and they have a limited window of travel for 2022. We have plans to do other things before and after Greece otherwise I would consider just staying in Europe until June 😄
  14. I had never heard of a French 75 before it was the feature drink at a party on the pool deck ( a crossing the date line one going from Santiago to Sydney I think ) . Now I am a big fan and hope to be having one 365 days from today as we head off on our WC 🥂
  15. I have done the $30 cooking class on board which was great and I have done other experience ( not on Viking or any other ship but on land) where you meet with a chef, go to the market to purchase food for your meal and then go back and create a meal with what you have purchased. The second option is a much more enriching experience. However, I am not sure if it is a $219 per person more enriching experience for me 😉 . There are several ports where there are options with outside companies to do something similar to the Viking Kitchen Table experience. If you have never done one like this and y
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