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  1. I have 20 years of knowledge about this. Whatever name is on her passport at time of travel is the name that you need to use to book her trip for air and cruise. So, if you booked her cruise and air under her maiden name, do not change her passport until you retuen home .
  2. I would say that, as a courtsey to your fellow guests, if you have signed up for a an included tour and then decide not to take it, that you cancel . This will allow those on the waitlist to be accomodated. Sometimes people think that since it is included everyone will get a spot so why cancel. This isn’t a.ways the case though .
  3. It is nice to have a choice of better quality wines when you have the SSBP and it is also nice that Viking allows you to bring outside liquor on board. On our last trip we brought 2 bottles of single malt since we didnt plan on getting the Silver Spirts package and it was not an issue. We have learned to bring a glass of the SSBP wine from the bar with us to dinner in the main dining room as it seems to take awhile to get menu with the non included wine brought to the table. If ylu have the beverage package , ylu get to have the upgraded wine pairing in Chef’s Table also which is a nice perk
  4. It is pretty decent prosecco . A minor annoyance I find is that you have up to $15 to spend on a glass of wine ( unless it has changed recently) and a glass of champagne is $16. You can’t just pay the extra $1 ; if you want the champagne you have to pay the $16. Life, however , will go on 🥂
  5. We too have been either directly across or one room over from the laundry and found it quiet. In fact on our upcoming Bali to Sydney trip in December, I purpousely booked a room right by the laundry. It is great to be able to just pop into the laundry room with your stuff and if it is full, you just quickly put your laundry back in your room and try again later. No having to drag your laundry a long way there and back if it is full. Simple pleasures 😉
  6. My hus and has never worn a jacket in either the MDR or specialty restaurants. Not that you can’t as I have seen men wearing them ,but it is not a requirement. We too are sailing from Valparasio ; just about 2 weeks to go as we are flying out on the 10th 😁
  7. We have always gone to the desk at the restaurant to see if anything is available that night or perhaps another night and have found that of we are flexible on time and table size they can make it happen. The key is flexibility.
  8. With Viking , many times their special promo pricing is for a guarantee category in a DV or PV etc. It is a good deal as long as you are not particular about cabin location in whatever category you book. If you are the type of person who is particular about the location of their cabin, then this category is not for you. Otherwise it can be a great deal. Even if you get a cabin location that you dont like, it is worth calling and seeing whatelse they have in whatever category they give you. On our lasr cruise to Cuba in November , when they did assign a cabin, I got out a deck plan and called Viking to see whatelse they had in the DV2 category and was able to change to one that I thought was better located. Doesnt always work out that way. With a “guarantee” cabin you always have to know that you may get a location that is not ideal for you , but with Viking the pricing is usually a good value.
  9. We are joining you on the Santiago to Sydney segment next month . This will be our third Viking Ocean trip and I’m hoping with all those days at sea we might actually get to experience Afternoon Tea 😉 Our transatlantic crossing last March had 6 days at sea and we never got there .
  10. Actually Azamara has a before the final payment cancellation fee also; think it is around $50 per person. Many of the main stream cruise lines are going to non refundable deposits for a slightly lower cruise fare and On Board credit ; changing the ship and sail date incurs a $100 pp fee. With Viking generally if you have a new sail date you can re- book ( not cancel ) within the same reservation number without a fee.
  11. No that is not true. We were on the Cuba trip in November and there was no restriction for touring as long as you had your Cuba Visa. The tender ran until 1am and there were no ship tours that went that late 🙂
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