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  1. Also if people are doing their own transfers , you need to remember that most foreign airlines cut off international check in an hour before departure .
  2. When flying to the US from an international destination, you have to go thru passport control and customs at your first point of entry . So if you are connecting in Minn for instance , you get off there, go thru passport control , pick up your luggage , go thru customs, and then give your luggage to the airline representatives that are after customs for your connecting flight . Yes, be happy with that longer connection as sometimes it takes a while to do the whole connecting process for international travel. I would not want only 1 hour to do that ,even with Global Entry !
  3. It was on the last night . We came back to the room and it was there .
  4. The ramp is fairly steep at several stops including embarkation , the rest had at least some sort of slope and there are two tender ports ( at least when we went ) . Hopefully you have someone that can help you up and down.
  5. No ceremony, but we did get a certificate in our cabin on the last day. This was on the first cruise ,
  6. So are you now walking around Iceland saying “Resistance is futile “😉
  7. The fact that the airline let you on the plane tells me it probably won’t be an issue in Boston. They can get fined for sending people on without the correct documentation. On the several times that I have flown back to the US where we needed the Covid test, no one in the US looked at the form . Don’t know if the fact that we have Global Entry and didn’t need to see a human or perhaps in our record there was a note of having the form, but I would think not . Good luck !
  8. We had only carry on and I did have my coat in another bag that goes under the seat. My husband took his out of his carry on in our connection city and put it in the overhead along with his bag. We wore them getting off the plane, but really didn’t need them for that short walk ( had long sleeve top on ) .When the bus arrived at the terminal, it was right in front of the entrance. Hopefully you will get a jet bridge, but you may not be able to count on that as you could be like us having one method for arrival and another for departure. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast for t
  9. We flew United and had to walk on the tarmac to a bus on arrival and had a jet bridge on the return. Our “outside “ exposure on arrival was under a minute.
  10. You can print it off and use that instead of on a phone.
  11. Last week they were open with the Viking band in the 9:30- 10:30 range ( depended if they had to play for a production number ) , but the dance floor has tables and chairs on it so no dancing on the dance floor. I did see several people dancing by their seats thought😉
  12. I hope that you made it home OK. I saw that Delta line at the airport yesterday and it looked bad. I wonder if they were accommodating the passengers from the cancelled Icelandic Air flight to Boston . Your flight was about an hour after ours so hopefully the lines were better when you got there.
  13. With regard to the paperwork showing your negative Covid results from Viking , make sure that you keep that with your passport for check in at the airport. I overheard several people say that they didn’t know you had to present it . Viking didn’t announce that when they talked about the procedure for getting your test results confirmation. You will be asked to show it multiple times. You can not just check in at the Kiosk and go as it won’t print off a boarding pass without this extra screening. There are Viking people at the airport to get you in the right direction for your airline check
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