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  1. On the subject of Carnivals, I have a question. We had several companies in MD that would bring Carnival Rides and stands to different churches and organizations in our state as part of a fund-raising effort. In my area of Baltimore City it was a major effort to make certain no church scheduled their parish Carnival to compete with another nearby parish or, possibly, the Volunteer Fire Department just across the County Line. Naturally, these events got cancelled when the Pandemic hit and, I've heard through the grapevine, that the two vendors we used to hire have gone
  2. I feel like renaming today HAL Bartenders Day. I am always amazed that the HAL Bartenders will remember you from one cruise to the next AND what you like to drink, just like the Bartenders/Waiters/Waitresses at home. In my experience, on other lines, it is the rare Bartender who will remember your preferred drink from on day to the next.
  3. Roy, Know that prayers, love, thoughts and hugs are being sent your way. Take it one step at a time. All will be well.
  4. dfish, The Anniversary of a Loved One's passing is always rough. Thank you for posting this wonderful picture of your Mom and you on the Alaska cruise. It brought a smile to my face.
  5. I took a HAL Excursion to Iguazu Falls several years ago. I remember it as being three days and two nights, so the one your wife is mentioning is a bit longer. It was very well managed. A ship escort was with us for our flights from Buenos Aires to our hotel in Iguazu. After making certain we were all checked-in correctly, the ship escort met our Iguazu guide and handed us over to her. Our ship escort then pretty much disappeared until we had the reverse transfer from Iguazu to Beunos Aires. The amount of mist pretty much depends upon where you are and what yo
  6. Smart move, Roy, allowing 2 hours for your journey. It is a nasty day in Maryland with the sleet and freezing rain and ton of accidents on the roads. Have a Safe Journey there and back. Hope the Doctor’s advice is to your liking.
  7. Roy, So sorry for the loss of your brother. Please know that the thoughts and prayers of everyone who reads The Daily are with you. They will continue as you prepare for your upcoming cardiac surgery. Your plate is definitely full right now. Stay Safe, Everyone!
  8. Roy, So glad you saw the Doctor. We know our bodies better than anyone else, so can tell when something isn't "quite right". A COVID test was a good idea. So many people I know have tested Positive even though they had gotten their first shot. Prayers are with you.
  9. I haven’t sailed Oceania in years. I’ve only sailed Celebrity once in an Aqua Class cabin. I’ve sailed HAL many, many times. Celebrity has much better productions shows. The restaurant associated with the Aqua class cabins (can’t remember the name of it) is much better than the MDR on HAL. I prefer HAL’s buffet, for quality of food and selection. I also prefer HAL’s hamburger bar to Celebrity’s. I did not eat in the MDR on Celebrity, so can’t speak to it. The Ship Sponsored Shore Excursions offered by Celebrity were equal to those offered on HAL. The Casinos on both were eq
  10. Compliments — and Gratitude — to everyone who posts on this wonderful Daily! Rich and Roy have made this a daily stop for so many of us.
  11. I've promised to help at the Vaccine Clinic later today, so my bubbly will come tonight. I DID celebrate with an extra cup of coffee!
  12. Just came from getting my second Pfizer Vaccine Shot. Feeling so blessed. Had to share the great news with all of my new friends. Stay Safe, Everyone!
  13. I don't have many logo T-Shirts, except for the ones that I have obtained on a cruise. I've been wearing them a lot because I've been staying home. Yesterday I went into the T-Shirt drawer and found a shirt that i had bought on a HAL cruise. I really liked it and wore it on several sea days. When I came home, it went from the suitcase into the drawer. I put the T-Shirt on and found a laundry label stuck to the hem. I choose to think that is a Good Omen and that I will be on a HAL ship again some time in the future. Stay Safe, Everyone!
  14. Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! (I need all of the luck I can get!) I was called a Mouthy Broad at work for many years, so have no problem with being called a Spunky Old Broad now. As a matter of fact, I kind of like the Title. My friends and I cancelled our transatlantic on the Rotterdam for later this year. We didn't like the itinerary change. The refund money posted to our credit cards last Friday. I got the Updated Confirmation for the 2022 Voyage of the Vikings, too, so things in Seattle must be going a bit smoother. I hope Everyone on the East Coas
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