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  1. Thank you for a FANTASTIC picture! It made me catch my breath!
  2. Interesting sunrise this morning in my area of MD. The smoke from the wildfires out west has put a haze on the skyline so strong that the sun could not be seen. We are under a Code Orange due to the smoke in the air. The magnitude of the wildfires really hits home when smoke travels across the continent. Stay Safe, Everyone!
  3. Thank you Bookishcruiser for sharing your cruise experience. Have a Safe Trip Home!
  4. I’ve had a very busy two weeks, so haven’t been ready the Daily. I seem to have missed quite a lot. So happy to see that many of the Dailyites are doing “normal stuff” again. So sad to read about the various problems that Dailyites are encountering. Please know that all of you are included in my prayers. Thank you to everyone who posts on a daily basis! Please Stay Safe!
  5. Thank you so very much for answering my questions. The more you post, the more my anxiety is lessening. It sounds like Uniworld is doing their usual outstanding job. Continue to have a great trip!
  6. I’m part of a group that should be on this trip in September. Hopefully you can answer a couple of questions for me. What sort of mask? Is a cloth mask acceptable or do you have to wear the blue one? When you say inside, does that mean in the corridors and lounge areas? Do you lower it to eat and drink and then raise it again? Re the table selection process — the group that I will be with normally rotates tables among the group members. I do not know the size of the group this time, but we’ve usually been about 24 folks. Our last Uniworld cruise we had one eight t
  7. Being a native Marylander, I've eaten many a crab cake. The crab cake recipe posted would pass the test for most of my neighbors and friends. Thanks for posting it.
  8. We really enjoyed our visit to Copenhagen as a post-cruise day and a half after a Baltic Cruise on the Marco Polo many, many years ago. We did the usual stuff and then had a very early flight home. The flight was so early that we decided to just stay awake all night. I remember looking out the hotel window at a major six lane road at 2:30 in the morning. There was a Traffic Light on the corner. EVERYONE stopped and waited for the light to turn green before making a right turn, or going through the intersection. No one drove above the speed limit, either. Prayers for everyon
  9. You have gotten great advice. I would recommend that you read Anne Vipond's "Alaska by Cruise Ship" to get an idea of what each port has to offer and help you make up your mind regarding which cruise to pick. I second Ruth's suggestion of a June sailing because you will have longer days and more sight-seeing time. Do the land portion first so you can rest a bit once you are on the ship. I have been back to Alaska four times and would find it difficult to pick a "must see" port since they are all so great. Enjoy!
  10. I’ve had a busy week. I finally had breakfast with a long time friend that I haven’t seen since December 2019. The breakfast lasted close to three hours as we caught up with news. (We warned our waitress when we sat down that it would be a long breakfast. I don’t think she quite believed us, but soon learned that what we said was true. We were generous with our tip.) The week ended with a small birthday celebration for a new friend. This meal didn’t last very long since we didn’t have quite as much news to share. In between, I’ve been scheduling other
  11. You’ve gotten great advice re the laundry. I’ve bought the unlimited package when I did about five days of land touring before boarding the vessel. I’ve found that packing for six days and “by the bag” laundry works very well if I’m just cruising. I’ve usually experienced a 36 hour turn-around on laundry, so want to have at least two days of clean stuff to wear. (Ten days is REALLY good, but I can’t squeeze that much into my suitcase.)
  12. I've had this happen to me twice over the years. Each time it was caused by a build up of wax in my ears. (I worked in loud environments at the time.) I would get the wax cleaned out and the problem was resolved. My brother had a similar problem. I mentioned the wax cause to him. He had his ears cleaned and the problem disappeared.
  13. What a great group of posts today! So glad that Roy is home and had a good night's sleep. Glad to that Vanessa does not have a blood clot. Am enjoying the pictures of Alesund. I know I have been there, but can't remember what I did other than walking around that lovely town. Really enjoyed the pictures of StLouisCruiser's Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I LOVE that cake pan! I've tried to make that cake so many times but my pineapple rings always run into each other and the cake looks like a mish-mosh of pineapple, cherries and brown sugar. Thank yo
  14. Excellent News!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
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