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  1. I am always cold, so I would suggest fleece gloves, hat and scarf for your land portion. I needed them all in the early morning. Layers/layers/layers are best. I would find myself placing that early morning gear in the pockets of my rain jacket and going with shirtsleeves by mid-day and then putting everything back on in the evening!
  2. I've been cruising solo and have usually booked a balcony. My last cruise was a Transatlantic and decided I wouldn't be sitting outside that much, so booked an Oceanview. I really missed that balcony. I love sitting out watching the sunrise and sunset, listening to the ocean and breathing the fresh air. If you can afford it, GO FOR IT!!!!
  3. I would look at the Port pages on Cruise Critic or visit Trip Advisor and see which have sites that interest you. Personally, I prefer Barcelona to Cartegena. I also found Funchal interesting. But I've never been to Palma De Mallorcan and Ponta Delgada, if I went to them I may tell you that they are great!
  4. Go to the Ports of Call section and read about the various "musts" especially since you don't want to do anything involving helicopters or boats. (So many of my favorite excursions in Alaska require helicopters, flight planes or boats.) Sitka is probably my favorite port in Alaska. You can walk to just about everything of interest, depending upon what interests you. The town also has a lot of interesting shops. (I did a Brew Tour here on my list Alaska trip.) Juneau is also a good port for walking to a lot of interesting spots. (I've done helicopter, whale watching and A Taste of Juneau here.) The Mount Roberts Tramway is near the port. Ketchikan is a good walking port, too. A lot of shops, Totem Bight, Saxman Village and Creek Street are all interesting. Victoria has Butchart Gardens, which I consider a must see. Alaska has so much to see and do that it is difficult to say what someone else should do. So much depends upon an individual's interest. Whatever you decide, have a great time!
  5. I have the Hilton Honors American Express. It was not in my offers and it did not appear when I used the link. If anyone is successful using it with the Hilton Honors American Express, please let me know.
  6. I sail primarily on HAL, but have done one Princess cruise (Alaska) and on Celebrity cruise (Western Med). I prefer HAL for: 1. Priest on board for daily Mass 2. Great LIDO buffet 3. Wrap around Promenade Deck 4. Great crew EVERYWHERE I did have one the best meals anywhere in the Italian up-charge restaurant on Princess. I do not remember the name of the restaurant but the meal was excellent. The Main Dining Room and Buffet were OK. Bar service was barely adequate. (When you go back to the same bar every night, to the same bartender and you don't get any sort of greeting, that is barely adequate.) I found the shows on the Celebrity cruise to be very, very good. They were much better than any on Princess or HAL. The Main Dining Room, Buffet and up-charge restaurants were OK. The bar service was excellent. Would I sail Princess or Celebrity again? I would have to think about it. Will I sail HAL again? YES
  7. Since this is your first trip to Alaska AND you are travelling in May, I would go with the Glacier Bay cruise. (I personally prefer Hubbard Glacier, but getting close to it in May is not always possible. Also, you will see more glaciers in Glacier Bay.)
  8. I took a Princess Cruise last year and I was able to use OBC for pre-booked shore excursions and specialty dining booked about 90 days prior to the cruise. When I got to the page where you paid, I was asked if I wanted to use OBC or a Charge Card. Since Princess is part of the Carnival Family just like HAL is, the precedent exists.
  9. When I couldn't find the Yum-Yum man I wandered around the ship looking for the treats, at least. They weren't to be found on the Nieuw Statendam, upper or lower level Dining Room. Again, I was hoping it was just a mix-up because I was on the Premier Voyage. (Several other things hadn't arrived on the ship, either.) From what I'm reading, I think the Yum-Yum man may be totally gone from the Pinnacle Class ships.
  10. No Yum-Yum Man on the Premiere Voyage of the Nieuw Statendam. At first we thought it was a one day mis-step. But, by the end of the cruise, everyone was commenting that this was a HAL change that we did not like.
  11. I'm a HAL lover, but have sailed quite a few other lines. I was a bit hesitant about the Nieuw Statendam due to its larger size, but I really enjoyed it. The Music Walk (Billboard Onboard, BB King Blues Club and Rolling Stones Rock Room) were excellent. There was something going on until midnight each night. The World Stage had the usual two shows each night. I attended a couple but hated to leave the Music Walk because the music there was so enjoyable. The food on HAL is always good, but the NS was a notch above what I've experienced on other HAL cruises. Give it a try!
  12. I agree with the others. A cabana is not worthwhile in Alaska since the weather is so changeable. Spend your money on Shore Excursions so you can see and do as much as possible. Try to do a seaplane or helicopter adventure and whale watching. Pack plenty of layers and rain gear.
  13. Sorry, I have not responded sooner. Yes, I purchased the OBC directly through the HAL website. (I had done this before on a similar AMEX offer that I used for OBC on a Princess cruise.) I added the offer to my Hilton Honors AMEX card and verified it was there. I then logged into my HAL account, went to the specific cruise that had been booked and purchased the OBC through the website. I got the confirmation from HAL that the purchase had been made. The purchase showed as PENDING on my AMEX account for about three days. It then POSTED. It took a couple of more days on my AMEX account page for the Credit to post, but it did post. No, I did not use my TA. (The period of time matched what I had experienced with the AMEX offer on the above mentioned Princess cruise.)
  14. Thank you so much for posting this offer. I had read about an offer on AMEX several months ago, but it was not available on my Hilton Honors AMEX. When I saw your post, I logged in to my AMEX account and there it was. My cruise was paid for, but I thought I would give it a try for OBC. I added the offer to my card, went on the HAL Website and bought $500 OBC for my upcoming cruise. It's taken a couple of days, but the $100 credit just posted to my AMEX account.
  15. Finding out what cabins are available on HAL's website is almost impossible, even before the so-called upgrade! I read this tip on Cruise Critic years ago and have found it the most useful. Try the travel website that is very close to encyclopedia (it begins with EX and ends the same way as encyclopedia). I'm a HAL fan and tried Princess earlier this year. My impression was the two lines were quite similar. I'm sure you will find HAL quite acceptable.
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