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  1. We're going on a Halloween cruise in a few weeks. We picked up at the dollar store a mask - that just covers the eyes with a head piece to go along with it. I got a plastic hockey mask. We're working on a few others. Remember to bring a bag of small bites candy to give away to the crew. Curious - about what percentage of the people dressed up?
  2. Yes. My kids did that when they were younger on our cruises with them. I liked to have one in the bathroom at home to remind me of the last trip.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I've been on about the same as you have - No Edge class yet. No Meridian also. We did a lot of Horizon and Zenith cruises to Bermuda while those ships were about. Then shifted to the Caribbean. No Alaska yet. We did get an invite to NYC to preview one of the new class of ships - Century. I liked that series of ships. My agent has saved me enough over the years to be able to go on cruises. Again thank you for the reply. I posted a few cruise reviews but then those may have expired off the site.
  4. It was a long time ago. I would say at least 15 years ago. That this event happened. And yes it was most likely on a small ship - Horizon or Zenith.
  5. Congrats on your 50. Could you give a breakdown - high level of the Celebrity ships you have been on and destinations? Way back whennnnnnn.... My wife and I were on a Celebrity cruise at the meet the officers party. My wife had the second most cruises with Celebrity in the group there. They presented her with a dozen roses, a bottle of champagne and a picture with the Captain. I'm not sure what they do now. I'll have to pay attention this next cruise. I'm just a minor leaguer with my 25 or so Celebrity Cruises and 600 points.
  6. Crew is not allowed to buy bottles in port or anywhere or bring them onto the ship. I watched the crew come back onto the ship from port. And if you think they check us coming back - their search on the crew is a lot more extensive.. What my intention is / was. To find if there is something the crew would like. Aside from cash. Crew pays full price for candy and 1/2 price for drinks in the crew bar. I asked them this and found out the answer. I'm also not going to buy cigarettes as they can get them at discount in any port. Did my hom
  7. And this is a good topic for cruisers who may like to give something. I've done this multiple times and it never fails to bring a smile to their faces when they get something like this.
  8. Well if you read the original.... Additional non monetary... As your short sighted and not reading the post indicates. If you understand the ship and watch the crew. Guess not. They have to pay full price for things on shore - if they want them - Candy is one of them. I've seen them bring in 12 packs of soda also. Anything they buy on ship - candy, drinks and other things come out of their account. Full price no discount. Most people do give extra cash tips. Just thinking outside the box. You're in a closed cubby hole.
  9. Just thinking: What additional non monetary tips could you give to your waiter, busboy, room steward. I bring a bag of bite size candy. The 80 or 150 in a bag ones. Some sweet treat for them. I've also given away to the crew our game of Rummy Cube. They were watching and liked it. I've also brought the big bars of Starburst to the cruise staff. I did give the cruise director and all the staff on the ship a big bag on M&M's. One for everyone. :)
  10. I'll never go on Princess again. You're right on the paper towels. Their customer relations screwed me out of $1000 when my wife had cancer. First bout with breast cancer. We asked just to move cruise. Hold all the money deposited. Their reply "Sorry..." No refund or switching.... I asked the customer relations this question. "Don't you or the line care about people with cancer? Their Reply... "NO!" No refunds or switching.
  11. Yes. Great times on the ships. Started out on Volendam, Veendam, Statendam, Doric, Oceanic - which was the first big red boat. Then onto Celebrity. Horizon, Zenith, Century, Mercury, Galaxy, Gad... Where did all these ships go to...... Too many to list and remember. I will say I like the lawn on the Celebrity ships.
  12. I'll stick with what I like. I've had a lot of great cruises on Celebrity. I've written about 7 or 8 cruise reviews. Some are long gone. You would get the idea when you read one. It was not all upscale rooms that got me the points. Met many people here and at the connections party. I know a river cruise is in the future. I'm still working on my one year at sea in number of days. I think I'm 35 weeks in when this cruise ends. So only 17 more weeks of cruising.
  13. Will wait and see. I'm close to the 650 point level now. We do plan on a river cruise in Europe. But lots to work on in timing.
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