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  1. From the replies it look like you can. Given that you need to book for yourself also. Nothing to stop you from shifting the booking to another cruise or ship...
  2. I had same encounter with my agent prior to 9-11. We had booked cabin at high price about a year before. 9-11 came. I called agent about 5 times asking about price drops and re-booking. "No. Prices are still the same." We went on cruise and I asked a few couples what they paid.... Well they all seemed to get balcony deals for less that we paid. It was time for a new cruise agent.....
  3. Busy from about 7:30am till 10am most days. Sea days are more so.
  4. Oh man.... Great menu and the pictures to go along with it.
  5. Does anyone know the buy in price? How often did they run it.
  6. Nice - if you're about from 5 to 7 pm..... I am...
  7. For these activities on Royal ships is there a charge. Free? Get in line?? How much time do they allow for each activity.
  8. 1 - just ask the traffic director there at check in. I would say go early. 2 - Maybe - again just ask when you go there. I brought friend in before no worries. 3 - that I don't know - if your in a suite Lumine may only be open to those people.
  9. Cover up carried in your bag. No worries. You can go in there and get lunch - just not sit... Take it to the pool area. If you have a swim suit - guys - that look like shorts no problems.
  10. I cruised in cabin 6145. Nice extra deck.
  11. thank you for the splendid read. Cruise review like no other.
  12. Thank you for the review and insights. Too much ship - too little time.
  13. I would Stay in Blu. This is an upscale dining room compared to MDR. Last cruise I did Tuscan Grill - when in Blu. Unless there is something you can't pass up in the other upscale dining places - Blu is just as good. As for the MDR seating times - just look above. But I would stay in Blu. Also get up early a few times the ship is at sea and go to Blu. Get a table next to the window. Great way to have something to eat.
  14. I recently went to Europe. Notified the bank my dates going and coming. Got money from ATM. But more than enough that I did not have to go back every day. Reminder there are scammers there near the ATM's sometimes - so guard your number and the machines work the same as here. Just look at the front of them and what banks they cover.
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