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  1. Were you able to get the cake the next day or do they need more time? My DDs birthday is day 2. id rather order when on board as we have a ton of OBC to use up. And it seems folks have less problems when ordering on the ship.
  2. Where did you order it from and do you remember how much notice they needed? Even better- do you have a picture of the cake?
  3. Is there any difference between the birthday cake I can order ahead of time through gifts and a birthday cake I can buy on board? I’m trying to remember the on board ones and I can’t picture it in my head. DDs birthday is day 2 of the cruise
  4. I’m looking for MDR menus for adventure of the seas. I found a version of dinner menus from 2017- are these still the most recent? Anyone know where to find dessert or kids menus too? I tried searcing in here but it’s jot working from my phone! thanks!
  5. My girls (now 2 and 5) have been cruising since they were babies. Some things I would suggest bring: stroller, thermos cup, whatever to be consistent atbedtime (books, blankets), crayons and blank paper or coloring books. things you don’t need: puddle jumpers (they have swim vests),
  6. We were on anthem for Chanukah last year- they had a giant menorah. It was often off by a day. They had self run celebrations on lido. I think I remember there being something listed on the compass but we didn’t make it. We brought an electric battery operated menorah and I had to go to the naughty room to explain what it was when my luggage was scanned. They did let us use it.
  7. Only in the little kids pool - I forgot what it’s called. The one with about 2 inches of water and the small yellow slide. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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