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  1. Happy Riding. Soon the trails will be open again for spring/summer biking. Wooohoooo!
  2. Great bike. I have never seen one like that? Curious, have you ever done a bike and barge trip? If so, with which company and how did you like it. My sister and I have been discussing the possibility of taking one next year.
  3. Hi, I am not quite sure where to post this, or even if it is applicable for this site. Has anyone ever done a bike and barge trip. You bike during the day, then sleep on a barge/ship/boat at night? If so, which company did you travel with, and how was the experience?
  4. Those were our thoughts exactly...the lemons are huge....but the lemon drinks made with them...had one -not called lemonade, but lemon something with pizza in Italy....so delicious.
  5. I too, used a Travelon bag on my recent Med trip...it was fabulous...loved knowing there was a little bit more security.
  6. I have never been to Bermuda. I have sailed on the GEM. This is my favourite ship of all I have been on.
  7. Off Epic last month. It is one large ship. I have decided I prefer the older smaller ones. It was still great. The staff were excellent, the food delicious, and the shows outstanding...from the ones you have to pay for to the free ones. We did experiencing crowding at breakfast time in the buffet. We never tried the dining rooms, so uncertain what that was like. The reason for the crowding on the first day could have something to do with the inclement weather, so everyone wanted to eat inside. And beware if you are going to use the self-serve icecream machines. We were going to, then something that never even occurred to us, happened. We watched a woman, who had made her cone, and eaten much of the icecream of her cone, put that same cone back under the ice cream dispenser and reloaded the same cone. A different version of double dipping. If her cone taps the top of the ice cream dispenser...... other than that....a terrific trip...very busy one...always on the go...didnt stay up late many nights to do the late onboard happenings because we were too tired and getting ready for the next day's outings. wouldnt change a memory though.
  8. Thanks. after seeing the initial post, my heart jumped. I cannot stand smoke either. I board on Sunday. If it was bad, i am sure the cruise line would have some non-smoking sections anyway as a common courtesy.
  9. Columbia Sportswear and I bought a dress at Sport Check---McKinley brand. I love it. It is knee length and even has a hidden zipper pocket on the side.
  10. Aways take the stairs onboard and with walking around ports...it's easy to lose weight on a vacation.
  11. One thing I like to do: I write the addresses of friends and family I want to send postcards to onto labels, then I don't waste time writing out their address onto the postcard...just peel and stick and write a short message. Other: photocopy of Passport....use a a card with a magnetic strip other then a credit card to open and close cabin room safe. I have used, library card, store points cards, etc.... Do NOT post and announce on social media that you are away from your home. Check out the layout of the ship you will be cruising on. Packing list...ask yourself - will it be worn at least twice on the trip; as much as we would like to take our entire closet with us....that isn't a reality.
  12. Both are lovely. The first one more striking...get you noticed more because of its originality. It is fantastic. The sparkly blue, classic colour is a little subdued because of that, except for the back. I like them both. Which one will pack better? Or you could just take both and add another dress up evening. Why not-you are on vacation-you may do whatever you like. Have fun.
  13. That looks about the same size as the travelon purse I bought for my upcoming trip...different style. I was worried the size might be too large...glad to know it should be okay.
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