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  1. Love the fashion of days gone by. I sometimes wish I could travel back in time and appreciate the 70s style again. I was a child then and was more into my Barbies style than what I was wearing. Love the fashion of the 40's. Everyday dress even looked fabulous.
  2. I use clear ziploc bags. On the past couple trips/non-cruise I took, I considered what I wanted to wear and packed that days wear into a ziploc bag...easy and less decision making when I wanted to be out touring around.
  3. Happy Riding. Soon the trails will be open again for spring/summer biking. Wooohoooo!
  4. Great bike. I have never seen one like that? Curious, have you ever done a bike and barge trip? If so, with which company and how did you like it. My sister and I have been discussing the possibility of taking one next year.
  5. Hi, I am not quite sure where to post this, or even if it is applicable for this site. Has anyone ever done a bike and barge trip. You bike during the day, then sleep on a barge/ship/boat at night? If so, which company did you travel with, and how was the experience?
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