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  1. We just got back Sunday. The food was very good, the other passengers were interesting to talk too, and the islands were lovely.
  2. Eric, did your cat ever speak to you again after you took his photo in the helmet :p Thanks for the perspective on hunger in the community. I don't think the clean plate club is wise, on the other hand the amount of food wasted on those late night trays is dreadful. If you must eat between mid and 5a and $3.95 is a hardship perhaps you should rethink your vacation options.
  3. It does seem to part of the experience. I have only sailed on RC ships and only 2X with cruise number 3 coming up in January. It this really bothers you though, would the high end lines be more suitable? I'm not trying to pick a fight, I know that occurred to me when I was feeling grumpy about the barrage of opportunities to part with money.
  4. We can afford a periodic cruise BECAUSE of my good union wage. As for belly up companies, the big shots on Wall Street caused a hell of lot more belly up than paying livable wages to workers.
  5. but the look on his face suggests that he would rather be reading spreadsheets or quarterly reports.
  6. We stayed there prior to our cruise in March of '07. It was clean, comfortable, had a GREAT view of the port and provided a very good breakfast.
  7. Thanks for clearing up LA for me PBHunt....and I should have been clear in my comment regarding FL_Cruiser64.
  8. I was a little surprised at "Here we go again". Your responses are usually so friendly and helpful. New people find this site all the time, you may encounter a question several times. We did the next cruise option on our cruise last year for the cruise we are taking in January. We will get 100 on board credit, seems like a good return on 200 dollars! In addition it was confirmation that we would cruise again :)
  9. I went on the Eco Hike in March of '07. It was really interesting. The guide that led the hike told interesting stories of the islands and their history. The ferry ride over was relaxing, the hike was worthwhile, and the swim afterward was terrific! Yes, I would do it again.:)
  10. It does indeed stop at the port. My daughter and were in San Diego recently while visiting family and decided to play "tourist". The Trolley also stop at the World Famous San Diego Zoo, Old Town and lovely Balboa Park. It's $38 per ticket, you can hop on and off as you choose. I recommend it highly.
  11. Your post about "sleeping/drooling" contests were both unkind and uncalled for.
  12. We booked our AOS cruise last April (it's in January '09). After reading the boards, I changed our room to the hump cabin of 7618. Am I ever glad after reading this thread. I can't tell you how much I have learned here. Thanks!
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