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    Caribbean Princess Shore Excursions

    HI! I only have a second (i'm on the ship and it's not cheap in the internet cafe'). But I wanted to tell you that we just did the Snorkel and Sail in Turtle Cove today (Caribbean Princess) at St. Thomas and it was amazing. I wouldn't miss it. It was SO fun. I was literally 6" away from turtles at two different points. It was so neat. There were lots of brightly colored fish, too. If you like that kind of thing, it's something I would definitely do. It's in the princess brochure. We were on the Dancing Dolphin ship. You can go to thedancingdolphin.com and see some pics. Whatever you decide, have a great time! sorry i couldn't comment on the other ports.
  2. ally&tommysmom

    What TV Programs Are Broadcast On Board?

    If you like tv (like me) you might think about downloading something on a laptop or mp3 player. I don't expect to be watching tv all that often at all, but i like to have it on while i'm getting ready for dinner or while i'm going to sleep. i have an mp3 player which allows you to watch shows on it, so i went to amazon and downloaded some shows. Even if i don't end up watching it at all while on the ship, i'll at least have it for the plane ride, which is nice. Not to mention, i'll be able to listen to music by the pool. :)
  3. ally&tommysmom

    princess excursion question

    Are Princess excursions refundable if you cancel at any time? Next week's forcast is scattered showers and thunderstorms in St. Maarten and St. Thomas. What happens if it rains - i would assume that safety is an issue and they would cancel excursions. If this happens. Is there a policy regarding refunds? Thanks!
  4. ally&tommysmom

    can you purchase stamps?

    Thanks for all the info! I will try and send a few while in port, but I know they probably won't make it home in time. Here's how much of a nerd i am. lol I had a friend print some of her caribbean pictures for me to paste an index card to the back of it. I will send them the day we leave (from MO and from Ft.L)so that they will arrive while we are gone. They are just generic pictures. Mostly ocean/sunset pictures and a few marine life pictures. So i'll just use those to tell them we miss them and love them and then i'll pick out special ones to tell them about our trip and try and send those home while we are away. I just know they will be so excited to get mail from us. One of the pictures my friend printed is of a green sea turtle - my 3 yr old son will flip out! Ok, thanks for the info! Christy
  5. ally&tommysmom

    can you purchase stamps?

    Hi! Does anyone know if you can purchase postcard stamps on the Caribbean Princess? And if so, would it be the correct rate for St. Thomas to US, St. Maarten to US, and Princess Cays to US? I know that postcards probably won't make it home before we do, but i would love to send postcards to my kids. They are 5 and 3 and LOVE to get mail. Plus, i will miss them terribly and it will make me feel good to send them some mail. Will I have to find somewhere to mail them when we are at port or does Princess have arrangements with each island to send mail in each port? If they don't sell postcard stamps, does anyone know if I can buy them ahead of time to bring with me? And if it's more than the US rate of .26, does anyone know how much? Thanks!! Christy
  6. ally&tommysmom

    I have a few questions

    I've looked through previous posts regarding noise from elevators or laundry, but i haven't seen any comments (good or bad) from cabin to cabin. How is the sound proofing between cabins on the ship? When we go to a hotel i like to shower at night so dh and i don't run into problems getting ready in one bathroom in the morning. i'm always concerned about whether the shower noise and hairdryer are loud enough for other hotel guests to hear. i don't want to be the idiot everyone is irritated with if i shower and dry my hair at 1am. kwim? Are the cabins pretty well sound proofed? I posted my next question on the St. Thomas board, but no one has answered it yet. My dh and i are interested in the Sail and Snorkel at Turtle Cove. If I want to do the regular snorkel and he wants to do the power snorkel, will we be on the same excursion just w/ different equipment or are they two completely different tours? Also, I know there are a few different types of snorkeling tours (power boat snorkel, sail & snorkel, etc) but it seems like there are several tour operators going to each excursion when you look privately. Does Princess have one operator they use for this tour or do they use several? Thanks!!! Christy
  7. ally&tommysmom

    snorkeling in turtle cove

    I hope this hasn't been asked yet... if it has, i am sorry - i searched and looking thought pages and pages of search results didn't give me my answer. For princess cruises, the Sail and Snorkel at Turtle Cove and the Sail and Snorkel at Turtle Cove w/ Power Snorkel are both available excursions. My question is - are both of these on the same boat? If one person from our party wants to do the power snorkeling and the others don't, will we be on separate tours? Or is it as long as we choose the same time to go out, we'll be together? Thanks!! Christy
  8. ally&tommysmom


    Thanks for the info! I figured that was the case, but I kept thinking of how stupid i would feel if we got there and they wanted an original. lol Thanks!
  9. ally&tommysmom


    I was going through my Princess Cruise personalizer tonight and noticed that there are several PDF files in the "Additional Forms" section that I am curious about. For example, one is an immigration form. Are these additional required forms or are they the same as the ones that we filled out in our personalizer (like the immigration form that says, "complete" in our personalizer), or are we required to send an original in or bring an original with us? There are several forms, but the one I am most wondering about is the immigration one. Some of these are just information sheets (i assume for my use only) but others are forms that look like they would be important to bring along (immigration/medical). Here are the forms/documents listed. Passenger Immigration Form Passage Contract Non-princess Air Arrangements Passenger Health Travel Care Info We leave in less than 3 weeks! :) Caribbean Princess Eastern Caribbean Thank you!! Christy
  10. ally&tommysmom

    Special Occassion question

    I may be wrong about this, but i think they are asking so they can decorate your room/door and give you cake at dinner. I don't think you pay for it, but if i'm wrong somebody please correct me. My anniversary isn't until September, but I indicated that we are celebrating an anniversary for our April cruise, too. It will be our 10 yr anniversary in September and we'll actually be on the ship on the 12 year anniversary of when my husband proposed. We were given this cruise by my husband's work as a reward for my husband's job performance, so we couldn't pick the cruise date but we are taking it in place of the trip we were planning to take this fall for our actual anniversary. I thought it was pretty neat that they are willing to help you celebrate it.
  11. ally&tommysmom

    pre paid tips and a few other questions

    double post... I got an error code when i posted last and assumed it didn't get posted.
  12. ally&tommysmom

    pre paid tips and a few other questions

    Hi! Thank you so much for all of your responses! I thought about wearing my dress twice, but I decided against it thinking that would look silly. After reading your responses, I thought about it and you are right - no one is probably even going to remember what I wore. And I can just bring an extra tie for dh. I have some shout wipes packed for accidents - I will definitely bring some dryer sheets along as well - great tip!! I have gone through all of the "tips" posts and cut/pasted them into an email to remind myself of what things to bring. It's great to read about all of your suggestions. You've all been a great help! Thanks again! Christy
  13. My husband and I were given a free cruise through his work, and because we've never been on a cruise i'm learning everything I can ahead of time. In the past i've read that we will be charged 10.50-11.00 per person/day to our onboard account. Well, we received our information today. It says that the tips are pre-paid, and we will not be responsible for them. Is there anywhere on my cruise personalizer that I can verify this information? I want to make sure that the tips will in fact be paid. If this is true i'm very happy about that, but I want to verify that this is even possible. At the end of the cruise, i would like to tip a little extra as well --we will be provided envelopes at the end of the cruise, correct? How many $1s do you recommend we bring with us for tips alone? $30?? All drinks, etc., will have tips included on the bar bill, right? I also didn't see anything about the onboard credit the company is sending us with. Should I be able to see that on the personalizer also? My next question is about clothing - i'm not trying to start a debate, but I'm curious about something. Unfortunately with bills, kids, and my being a stay at home mom with no outside income, I can't justify spending money on 2 dresses that i won't wear again for formal night... that being said, I splurged on a cocktail dress and we plan to go to one formal night and the other formal night, we plan to eat at the buffet. Two questions - first of all, is Lobster always served on one of the formal nights? What about Prime Rib? If so, are they served on the same formal night or opposite formal nights? Next question ...If there is a show we want to see after the formal dinner we choose not to attend, will it be okay if I wear nice dress pants and a blouse to the show and he wears nice slacks and a button up shirt? I don't want to ruin anyone's dinner, so we will be sure to eat in one of the casual areas, but I was hoping we would be able to see a show regardless. We also are curious about the casual dining nights. I've read that some people believe nice jeans w/ a nice top and dress shoes is fine. Others find that unacceptable. I can't justify going out and buying a ton of new clothes. I realize that may seem nuts to many of you, but i'm frugal. Will we be terribly out of place with nice dark jean (no holes, etc) and a pretty blouse for non-formal night dining? I have worn this type of thing to church and fit right in, so I would have never imagined it would be unacceptable. Then again, i'm from the midwest where we tend to be a little more casual. Aside from the jeans, i have one pair of dress pants. I have a few pairs of capris. They aren't denim, but they aren't any nicer than dark jeans would be imo. I have some nice strappy sandals I could wear and I plan to bring some jewelry to dress it up a little bit. SO, please don't flame me, but tell me if you think that it would be okay to dress in nice jeans or a casual-style khaki capri. thanks in advance for your answers! Christy
  14. ally&tommysmom

    Blackmail at the port

    I am going on my first cruise soon as well. I always try to think of others regarding tipping, but demanding a tip is pretty rude imo. I would be more likely to give a better tip if the person did their job the way they were supposed to without expecting a tip rather than demanding it before putting the bags where they are supposed to go. I do have a question, though. If you are in the room when the bags are delivered, are you supposed to tip the person who delivers, too?
  15. ally&tommysmom

    Question about entertainment

    This might seem like a silly question, but I've seen a few people refer to "the piano man" and "Bert Stratton". I've never seen the two mentioned in the same thread, but I have seen people talk about Bert playing the piano. So...is Bert "the piano man"? If not, which of the two do you like better and why? What type of music does he/they play? I LOVE the piano and am really wanting to see a show b/c I haven't seen one in a very long time. I'm hoping to see one on my Caribbean Princess cruise in mid-April. Thanks!! Christy