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  1. Canada has been at this warning level since last March. No change for us!
  2. I live 10 minutes from Canada Place in Vancouver and seriously have my doubts about cruise ships being permitted in for 2021. The daily case counts in BC (remember we were leading the way in flattening the curve just a few months ago) are spiraling out of control and we have just entered into a second phase of province wide restrictions - including not travelling into or out of our health authority. Dr Bonnie Henry has said from day one that cruise ships are to be avoided at all costs, so I am very doubtful she would give the go ahead for them to come in anytime soon. Having said that, I remai
  3. I did read the conditions - that's why I'm confused! The link to the NCL site: https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package-2020.pdf says: *These wines are also available by the bottle with dinner (and Veuve doesn't even have an asterix....)
  4. Curious - I though the "bottles" were only with dinner. If you can truly get a bottle at the bar and take it to your room, it would be worth the upgrade for me. Do you know if this is the case across the board, or did you just have a nice bartender?
  5. Lol - I was finally all squared away with Princess and didn't think I would ever need to come here again. Now my March cruise has been cancelled and they owe me just over $5k again. I'm also waiting to hear that my August cruise is a no-go since it is no longer showing as bookable on the site. Sigh. REALLY hoping they have got their ducks in a row at this point and it doesn't take 6 months again!
  6. I wouldn't count on that as being 100% factual. In the Polar booking system (the system TAs and Princess PVPs use) a note has been added to these sailings stating "Voyage Comments NO LINKS OR BACK TO BACK CRUISES PERMITTED" Of course, this could all change or you could slip through the cracks...but just keep it in the back of your mind in case! On a side note, my sailing on Crown on August 7th (coastal) is not among the cancelled sailings but is showing as "pricing not available" on Princess site and closed for bookings on Polar. Considering they only just opened these Crown bookin
  7. So, how would the 7 day thing affect back-to-back cruises? Technically, could you book two 7 day Alaska cruises? I hope I am wrong, but I don't foresee Canada allowing cruise ships in 2021 anyway, which would mean another lost Alaska season. Here in Vancouver our numbers are spiraling out of control and Dr. Bonnie Henry has never been a fan of the cruise ships!
  8. Hope you can see the screen shots! Interestingly, no offer of FCC for these cancellations, just an OBC on rebooking.
  9. Just announced to TAs - Sapphire sailings for Alaska are cancelled. I will try to upload the doc!
  10. Thanks for posting this! I had read about the 7 days or less requirement but then couldn't find it again. Didn't even think about looking on the CDC site - duh! The article I read (and can't find) stated 7 days or less until November 2021 but I'm not sure that was correct?
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/10/30/cdc-lifts-no-sail-order-issues-framework-conditional-sailing/6051655002/ It's a start! Some conditions in there, but better than an outright ban!
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