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  1. Happy Weekend Sid! I'm off on my adventures tomorrow so will raise a glass (or two) to you! Flying South to warmer climes... 3 days in Vegas 3 days in "The Happiest Place on Earth" (there is not enough alcohol in the world for this one....) 7 days on Royal Princess to Mexico Talk to you all on my return on the 30th (there will be no live posting from me - way too lazy for that - but maybe a quick cruise review once it's over!)
  2. We have 5 Stanleys in our house so far - including the two special edition miniature ones (Thanksgiving - turkey and pumpkin Stanleys). We are a little obsessed too. I wish they would make more outfits for him - originally we were told that every destination would have a different outfit, but so far we have only found Alaska, the Captain, and Xmas clothing......
  3. I wish my job came with margaritas! All I get is bad coffee - and I usually have to make that myself!
  4. This is EXACTLY how I feel - I'm not content if I don't have a cruise booked as I feel there is nothing to look forward to. Even if the cruise is 2 years away, it's the thought of it that keeps me getting up and going to work every morning! Good luck in your house hunting and hope the job gets better. I feel your pain. I have been in a job that I don't love for 12 years now. Much as I would love to leave and find something else, the reality is that they pay me really well, give me incredible flexibility, and I know the work inside out. So I guess I am stuck here.....but there is always that cruise to look forward to!
  5. We did this on Carnival! Kids had a blast seeing the characters but refused point blank to even entertain the thought of eating green eggs and ham (there was other food on the menu but of course they insisted on ordering that as it was the green eggs n ham breakfast). Money well spent - not!
  6. LOL - I was just thinking the same thing. Here's your $20, here's my kids. See ya......
  7. But then I still have to kill time in Anaheim as we have to be out of our hotel at 11am. We will already have done 3 days at Disney and surrounding areas so not really looking to do anything else that costs money there.... I'm thinking we will stick to the original time and scope out if the ship actually IS boarding that late. If we have lots of time we will either go to the aquarium someone suggested or the San Pedro brewing company. If it isn't too much time then we will hang at the terminal and the kids can get their ipad fix!
  8. See, if you REALLY cared about us, you would have live posted this so that we could all play! LoL
  9. I'm not even sure how the process works these days - as I mentioned, I almost always have the beverage package. It used to be that you were presented with a receipt to sign (that also had a space to write in a gratuity). I was thinking that if this were still the case, you could simply cross off the auto gratuity of 18% and write in the amount you wished to tip? Maybe this is long gone..
  10. It's been a while since I sailed without the beverage package, but curious - do you have the option to NOT pay the gratuity if you are paying for drinks as you go? I know there is the option to remove daily service charge but what about the drink gratuity? Not saying I would ever do it, but just curious as to whether you can? I have no problem with tipping but do resent being told that, not only is it mandatory, but it has to be a dictated amount. I'm sure we have all come across a bartender or two that were next to useless - I know I certainly have!
  11. Thanks - sounds as if he is over on the East Coast....all of my upcoming sailings are West Coast!
  12. Exactly! I do feel for the OP - it's never a nice feeling to see that you could have got something for less. However, I have been on both sides of this fence. I cruise next week (not on NCL) and the price of my category dropped almost $1,000 per person after final payment. It's a kick to the gut. I still did not feel I was "entitled" to that reduction or that the cruiseline were "obliged" to honour that lower price. I made the choice to book early and get the cabin I wanted. On the flip side, an NCL cruise I am booked on later this year has already increased over $600 per person for my category. So I am happy to have locked in the cabin I wanted at a price I was prepared to pay.
  13. This is how almost every business that has a time-sensitive product works. It's called supply and demand or demand based pricing. Airlines do it. Hotels do it. Cruiselines do it. Even my company, which sells theatre tickets, does it. If you have a product that "expires" after a certain date (a flight, a cruise, a hotel room, a theatre ticket) then you price it to sell - if the demand is there, the price increases. As the "expiry" date gets closer...the price drops - it's better to get a lower price for the product than to have it unsold. Heck, even your local grocery store does it when they price foods close to their best before dates at lower prices to shift them!
  14. I wonder what excitement Atlanta has to offer over the weekend....waiting impatiently
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