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  1. My Chase United card provided a resolution to the dispute quickly -- the provisional was changed to dispute resolved in two weeks. All money is back in my account.
  2. Chase United Explorer -- dispute resolved in about 2 weeks. Received credit for full cruise fare and excursions. No additional documentation or whatever needed. Provisional credit was there in less than 24 hours.
  3. Totally bored so quickly put a spreadsheet together with the answers in this thread through #85: - 88 total booking dates are included in the following: - 9 received FCC - 4 received CC refund - 1 of these 13 received both Booking dates that received FCC - note many with these same dates did not received FCC yet: 3/22/2020 3/28/2020 4/2/2020 4/4/2020 4/5/2020 4/9/2020 4/11/2020
  4. Just as they may not give money back when the fare goes down, they won't charge you more if the price goes up.
  5. Now that we have the medallion I have saved the wristband I bought and reuse it. I have never saved anything else from a cruise and know I never will.
  6. We have never been charged the gratuity.
  7. Layers are the answer but make sure they wick -- wool is nasty as it gets wet and you will be cold. Sweating feet in wool socks. sweating with a wool layer next to your skin -- not going to be happy. There is a reason those of us that work / play in the snow all winter avoid wool and anything else that doesn't wick. Under Armour and others make great base layers. As for outerwear -- there is a reason Columbia is a price point product (i.e. cheap). Don't let those silver dots that they brag about fool you -- silver dots are just that, silver dots. Guarantee it will be a one and don
  8. Funny how many people responding to this question appear to feel it is just wrong to flaunt their status by wearing the pin but make sure their response states how many cruises they have been on or what their loyalty status is.
  9. Just off the Royal and not a chance this happened. Still a significant number of people with TD that waltzed into AT whenever they wanted. Every time we sat at a shared table, at least half the people were proud of the fact that they had TD as a backup if there was a wait for AT. It wasn't after 7:30 --
  10. I would be willing to bet a business case has been done across the Princess brand indicating that going to NY year round just isn't a profitable decision. Seems there are many more variables in making this business decision than "the other guys sail full from NY and we don't sail full from FL so we should move a ship". If only things were that simple.
  11. Worn it with a wrist band on three cruises and never had a problem. When you first put it in the band it seems like it will fall out but once on your wrist it is secure.
  12. I have worn the wristband on three cruises. Never had a problem with the medallion falling out. Initially I thought it might but once it is on your wrist no problem. Husband used the clip and it went missing while on shore. Real pain when we returned to the ship with no medallion. He had it clipped so it would ‘land in his pocket’ if it came off - didn’t work.
  13. Two weeks ago on the Royal I asked for Volcano and was informed it has been removed from the kids menu. If I really wanted one it they would probably make it but I had no desire to be "special" so ordered the Banana Split which they now have on the kids menu as a replacement.
  14. Because there is no way one could get bit by the Zika mosquito on the ship???? How Princess keep them off the ship? Really doesn't matter how many CC members are about to jump on the bandwagon with -- I have never seen a mosquito on a cruise ship. If there is one, it carries Zika, bites a pregnant person, who cares that others have never seen a mosquito on a ship. Bottom line - Take a chance with the health of your unborn child or miss a cruise and lose some money. Is the gamble worth it? Only OP can decide.
  15. Because (as the OP stated) they have Euros left over from previous trips and would like to use them? Credit card just doesn't accomplish that.
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