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  1. Yesterday Marcus was the CD. Haven't seen him today and things constantly change so can't guarantee who it is today or will be tomorrow.
  2. I asked the excursion desk on the Royal Princess yesterday and they said $34/pp for transfer from San Pedro to LAX. Google is your friend for checking rates for taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc.
  3. We have done bike tours in all these places had a great time. Hilly? Narrow Roads? Isn't that what riding is all about? Yes you can rent a bike and try to figure out where to go and what you are seeing. Personally I feel, the info the leader provides is a great way to learn about the country without sitting on a bus packed with people. Bike tours eliminate much of the whining we see on CC -- no fighting over seats on the bus, small group of like minded / active people, fun way to burn some calories, no shopping. You get to see local places a big bus can't get to and are too far to walk to. If you like to ride -- go for it. They always have a "chase vehicle" to pick up riders that can't make it. No shame in getting on the vehicle, at least you tried.
  4. All mine get thrown in the trash.
  5. Following the above logic the Princess INTRAnet (never have seen it written with the caps this way) should let OP access the Princess Travel Insurance App because I think we can all agree Princess Travel Insurance is Princess related. The Princess INTRAnet allows access to princess.com so maybe the app can be accessed as well. Would be interesting to hear from someone that tried so we all know the real answer.
  6. Respectfully, with the exception of the first point, if one believes the posts on this board these challenges happen over and over and over on ships that have been in service for weeks and years. Might be a different reason for the problem but the reason really doesn't matter. No one here has the stats to start saying -- it is more likely to happen on a new ship / line. Maybe, just maybe, a new line will have learned from the mistakes of the current lines that keep doing the same old thing, maybe they will be more Guest Service oriented and maybe the first cruise will be close to perfect? My glass is half full. We would do it in a heartbeat IF there was a new destination. There are too many places to explore in this world that are not accessible from the water to repeat ports we have already been to. The only cruise I would repeat would be an expedition ship to Antarctica -- no ports just the beauty of nature.
  7. Devastated --"cause (someone) severe and overwhelming shock or grief". I am so sorry OP has experienced such a severe reaction to a mistake / challenge related to a cruise. Sure hope things get better.
  8. What does this have to do with answering the OPs question about Princess?
  9. Google is your friend for this answer
  10. The one I booked yesterday went down $200.
  11. Not motivated to research HAL but Princess Vacation Protection DOES have medical coverage. It would probably only take a couple minutes for you to compare the two plans.
  12. That will never happen on CC! Always a consistent answer.
  13. Learn how to use the watch on wifi at home. There is nothing magic about wifi on the ship. Google is your friend -- so many sites that take you through this step by step.
  14. I am going to let the cruise line worry about the safety of their food -- including romaine lettuce. Something inside me says they don't want issues with bad lettuce or any other food. If I have to worry about a cruise line ignoring known food issues I need to stop cruising. I could be wrong in my assumption but going to take my chances and eat romaine if it is on the menu.
  15. CC posters make up so many rules and have so many opinions as to what good manners are, no one could ever keep up with all of them. If someone is on the phone, the conversation at the table probably doesn't interest them and now they have a way to ignore it. If it is so important that everyone at your table engage in the conversation, perhaps it is time change the topic, find something to discuss that engages everyone. Maybe the poor manners are talking about something no one cares about.
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