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  1. Have there been anymore power losses in the past couple of weeks? Making me nervous!
  2. I would try bringing your own! Anybody gotten in the naughty room for a shower head?
  3. I just did my final payment a week or two ago. I also noticed it sat in pending on my credit card for longer than normal. Easily may have been 4 days or more before it posted. Not familiar with the currency card, but I wouldn’t freak out too much yet.
  4. I believe they are officially called Dalek Chairs.
  5. I am working similar math for my two kids in July right now. I looked very briefly at the current sale- seemed like it didn’t apply to non-alcoholic packages. Only real advantage I am seeing is not having the kids need to worry about money if they are involved in a very rare transaction without us. That just seems improbable or so infrequent as to not be worth it.
  6. Most of the non-trolling is stream fly fishing. You can search for it, but I don’t have any specific suggestions. Depending on when you go, you might hit a species running in a very specific location and you can direct spin cast from a boat. Probably need a straight up private charter for that and some timing luck.
  7. They should do a sampler plate or sampler sizes so we can get all the tastes with less waste!
  8. Ten years ago or so on Summit we got the now-extinct upgrade fairy visit to an SS. Our butler was good, and despite it being so long ago I remember one unique request. One afternoon we were out on the balcony and had closed the door behind us. Thanks to some loose internal hardware in the door, it actually locked DW and me out! Thankfully we had wine and snacks... I mean our neighbors were out on their balcony. We asked them to call our butler for us. When he arrived he was quite worried and agitated. His immediate response in a stern tone- “Who did this to you?” then we had kids and took a hiatus from cruising, but we return this year- in a CS and my parents along with us in an SS. (and the kids along for the ride in less luxurious accommodations).
  9. Stayed at the Hilton Bahia Del Mar over Christmas when visiting family. nice location on beach, but the walls were kinda thin, so if you sleep in I don’t recommend it. I think they have a shuttle to the port.
  10. I think it’s funny how we all did the same thing.... and what is with her lips?
  11. As the token under-40, I will quote Horace from the 1st century BC below. I think Celebrity’s goal is merely to gain as many new people while losing as few past cruisers as possible. Not setting yourself up for the future would be a mistake. Then again, Eden and loud dining settings might have been a mistake too. Our sires' age was worse than our grandsires'. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more corrupt. http://mentalfloss.com/article/52209/15-historical-complaints-about-young-people-ruining-everything
  12. Look at that. Sure enough, that is out of date. No Oct 2018 refurb occurred on Infinity that I know of. The link shirazcruiser posted is correct for future refurbs. Mine works for past refurbs. Sigh.
  13. Yeah... I wouldn’t use Wikipedia for this information. Doesn’t appear to be well curated. actually the celebrity advertising to charters has some nice succinct information on it. You can click around the bottom link. Look for the fact sheets. Be aware it is also subject to the whims of the RCCL IT department. http://www.celebritycorporatekit.com/content/uploads/2017/08/Infinity_Fact_Sheet.pdf http://www.celebritycorporatekit.com/fleet/celebrity-millennium/
  14. Yea... that’s a safe bet. They are good people, but drive everyone crazy! 10 people in the condo tomorrow (4 of which are young kids) and my F-I-L wants to just stay inside all day Sorry about the spotty service in Luminae. Bummer for your special meal. They better make it up to you! your butler sounds awesome. Be careful about discouraging him, you might only gain 10 pounds instead of a full 15. Hope I get him next year on Millie.
  15. So happy to see this thread. I flew into FLL a couple of nights ago to spend the week with my in-laws. Offered to take everyone on that cruise to ... uhhh.... give them a great Christmas. Ok, really it was to not be stuck with them in their condo. Alas, it was not to be. Have a wonderful time. Congrats on the wedding!
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