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  1. While I think some of what you're observing is modern design as opposed to traditional, it's worth noting that modern, high-design resorts, restaurants, etc., rely on multiple elements/senses to bring an experience to life. This is includes hard surfaces, but also sounds, lighting, smells, touch. Some of that doesn't easily translate in a mobile phone camera shot. I would keep an open mind as the actual experience may very well make all of the modern design elements work together in an experience that differentiated, warm and premium.
  2. This is a good article that covers many aspects of the ship and questions that have come up: https://thepointsguy.com/news/first-look-scarlet-lady-virgin-voyages/ Notable observations: Rockstar Suite in-cabin mini bar includes either 200ml or 375ml bottled spirits (I couldn't make out the labels clearly) + wine and mixers. Some had asked whether they'd be full bottles, looks like they are smaller bottles. There were four in the image (Tito's Vodka, Bacardi Silver Rum, Hendrick's Gin, Casa Nobel Tequila, and Buffalo Trace Bourbon), not clear on whether you can request others.
  3. Plenty of mass market ships have had topless areas over the years. I'll have to find the article where they mention that they'll be expanding down the road. They'll likely have different features for future ships anyway.
  4. They have previously said that they might open up to families on subsequent ships.
  5. Millennials are the largest living generation (overtook Boomers in 2019). To speak about them, their income, their family size in broad swaths is a fruitless exercise. This ship holds 2,800 passengers, there are probably enough high-income, children-less millennials to keep the boat afloat. That said, I doubt their target is a single age cohort. It is most likely a combination of primary and secondary targets that includes non-cruisers, experienced cruisers who want something different and more modern, couples, and solo travelers. As they expand, they will likely expand their target audience.
  6. They have said on Instagram that one band is Rockstar and one is all other. They haven't said which one, but my guess would be black is Rockstar.
  7. On this sailing as well! Looking forward to seeing a modern take on cruising!
  8. Love the bands. It also mentions the band is how they know where you are for delivery, which is great, but also means they can track your exact location at all times throughout the ship. Not sure how I feel about that.
  9. From the VV website... Beer Heineken, Amstel Light, Kalik, Narragansett $5-6 (Tip included) Basic cocktail Herradura Plata, Mount Gay, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels $9 (Tip included) Wine by the glass 42% of our wines by the glass are under $10 (Tip included)
  10. Virgin just posted typical drink prices in their website... $5-6 Beers (Heineken, Corona, Narragansett, Amstel Light, Kalik) $9 Cocktails (Tito’s, Tanqueray, Jack Daniels) 42% of wines are under $10 a glass All tips are included. Very reasonable and certainly less than land-based hotel or NYC prices.
  11. Found this shot of the pool under construction which seems to show that the actual pool is very small compared to the wading area around it. If you look closely on the rendering, you'll see that the pool is actually mostly a wading area. Is this the only pool on Scarlet Lady or are there more reveals to come?
  12. Any news on the casino? Any hosts or comps?
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