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  1. I found an interesting video made with Princess Employees. Enjoy...Tom😀
  2. Thank you very much. What’s happened in Norway may effect other cruise lines that are considering to start crushing. Hopefully there will be lessons to learn. Tom😀
  3. How can I translate your article into English? Tom🤔
  4. My browser on my Apple IPad didn’t work so I tried google which worked. Wonder if anyone else with Apple had any problems? Tom😀
  5. I copied your link & it doesn’t work. Tom🤔
  6. Anybody know why the video starts & abruptly stops when I tried it? Tom🤔
  7. Every time I try the video it just starts & stops. Tom🤔
  8. I have a cruise in December of next year on Princess to Hawaii & I already have the stock credit. That’s why I think that it’s interesting as both cruise lines are owned by the same Corporation but Princess doesn’t follow the Corporation policy. That’s why I applied but was turned down for my request on my Carnival Cruise. I’ve enclosed my credit for my December cruise. With Princess it doesn’t matter who process your form as I’ve never had any problems applying as soon as I made my booking & receiving my credit usually the same day. Tom😀
  9. I was on a January Panamá Canal Cruise & the production shows were 45 minutes long, they were 1 hr a few years ago. Yes you need to get to the theatre early, at least 30 minutes & as others have said depending on the show 45 minutes & I’m short so I like to sit in the front row. On my next cruise my dinning options are 5 pm or 7:15 pm. I prefer the 1st show so I have dinner at 5 pm. I usually ask my waiter to take my order right away. Any other questions please ask. Tom😀
  10. I’ve applied for my stock credit for my December 2021 cruise & I’m told that I’m too early. Interesting as I’m more familiar with Princess where I can apply anytime with no problem & they’re both owned by the same corporation. Tom😎
  11. What I have is a FCD, Future Cruise Deposit, which my T/A is trying to get transferred to my new booking so I think that it is out of my hand since it’s being handled by my Agent. From my past experiences they will only deal with my agent. Tom😎
  12. For anybody that had a FCD, Future Cruise Deposit, for a cancelled cruise how long did it take for Princess to do anything? I had a November Hawaii cruise canceled for 2020 & my T/A is still waiting to get me FCD transferred to my new Hawaii cruise in December 2021. Tom😎
  13. FYI.. The cruise line in Norway, Hurtigruten, has the Covid 19 confirmed on one of its ships. Questions are being raised as to the procedures used for the crew that was on the ship & what was done to make sure that the crew was safe. Hopefully this will not effect other cruise lines. Tom
  14. View this link, A lot of unanswered questions. I’m interested to see what they find out. Important to know for all cruise lines. Tom😎
  15. In the past they gave you a large cup with lid that you could carry with you but I usually just let them bring me a drink. And with the Medallion app like you said you just order & they bring you a drink. I’ve not been on a Medallion Cruise so perhaps others can report as to them finding you with your ordered drink. Tom😀
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