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  1. Here’s what I do for the slot pull order. Since I have a spread sheet sorted out by stateroom number I just go down the sheet in the order on the sheet. This is simple & real easy to follow. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I collect $16 but keep $1 so that someone gets something extra at the end. I’ve done a number of slot pulls where nobody got anything. I have been able to find a volunteer who keeps track of the spread sheet & what people did on their turn. Once by mistake I pulled out my card & all of the money when onto my card. At the time of the tournament I’ve found that the casino staff will give us something that we can use. Tom😀
  2. Here’s a link to the USA Today article...https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2019/11/06/lax-uber-lyft-rides-pickup-lax-it-los-angeles-airport/4174979002/ Excellent news. Tom😀
  3. Good article. Has anyone on CC actually used UBER/Lift & what was your experience from LAX? Thanks! Tom
  4. Anyone used UBER at LAX to the San Pedro Cruise Terminal & if so how did things go with having to go to new transit center? How much was your fare? Thanks! Tom😎
  5. Here’s what the Princess web site shows for my cruise on the Emerald in December. Here is the soda package details. I have purchased this many times & liked what it offered. Tom Classic Soda Package Terms & Conditions 2019 What is Included The package includes all, fountain sodas, fresh juices (if available), mocktails, and smoothies as per the menu. The package includes one souvenir tumbler based on availability and while supplies last. The package may be used on our Private Islands and all onboard Food and Beverage Venues and other areas such as the Theater or public spaces that offer beverage service. Selections and service are limited to that venue’s menu offerings and operating hours. Package Details and Qualifications There is no age restriction for purchases of the Classic Soda Package. The Classic Soda Package is US $9.99 per day plus 18% service charge (totaling $11.79 per day) for all itineraries except Australia. The package is AUD $15.33 per day which includes a service charge for all Australian based vessels. A tax may be added at the time of purchase for certain itineraries or ports of embarkation. You will be charged the full amount for the complete voyage at the time of purchase. The Classic Soda Package must be purchased for every day a passenger is sailing. Partial / Pro-Rated Packages or segments of a guest’s voyage are NOT accepted, although some exceptions may apply, such as the World Cruise. These exceptions, IF applicable, will be displayed in the Cruise Personalizer at the time of purchase. The package is offered onboard on day one (embarkation day) only. The package is NOT available for pre-purchase within 3 days of sailing. The package is NOT refundable or transferable once purchased onboard, and for advance purchased packages, NOT refundable or transferable within 3 days of sailing. Exclusions and Limitations Does NOT apply to bottled or canned items, specialty or premium coffees and teas, hot chocolate, ice-cream based drinks or any items offered in Retail Venues or Shops onboard. Can NOT be used for; Room Service or Mini Bar Items. Additionally, the package cannot offset the cost of, or be a substitution for, special or private events such as cocktail parties, wedding receptions or similar. Please contact Group Onboard Services for additional details or clarification. With the exception of the complimentary tumbler noted above, Souvenir Glassware is excluded but is available for an additional charge. Excludes beverages offered via vending machines, but includes Coke Freestyle machines where available (coming soon). Excludes and is not combinable with other Programs, Promotions, Onboard Specials, or Buy One Get One type offers, or food items for sale such as ice-cream etc. Not all exclusions or limitations can be foreseen or published here and may exist or be implemented without notice. The Classic Soda Package excludes all alcoholic items, nor does it provide a discount for any alcoholic drink.
  6. I go for the food & the experience. The wine for me is secondary as you get food that I would pay a lot for in a high end restaurant here in San Francisco plus paying extra for wine. I have experienced the Chef’s dinner a number of times & If anyone is expecting high end wines than the chef’s dinner is not for you. Tom
  7. I can speak of my experience with a group. I hand a group from CC & I wanted to try & get a chef’s dinner for us. When I arrived on the ship I had a list with everyone’s name & stateroom number which I turned it in at the customer service desk as soon as I arrived. How long is your cruise as that could make a difference? Everyone in our group was contacted & a date & time was mentioned. Everyone needs to be flexible as you don’t if they will plan one. Let us know the details of your cruise & good luck. Tom😎
  8. I enquired about my cruise next November on the Ruby as I couldn’t connect to the app. I Received a prompt reply. Hello Mr. Barton.Thank you for your email. We love your excitement around your upcoming MedallionClass voyage next November on board Ruby Princess.We currently are in the process of transitioning Ruby Princess into a MedallionClass ship and will soon be entering guest data for 2020 into the system for the OceanReady process. Please try again in early January and should you run into any challenges, please email us.Thank you.Kind regards,MedallionClass Support Team Tom😀
  9. I just used some of my OBC for an excursion in Ft Lauderdale that is from 7:30 am - 12:30 pm. I’ve also use some OBC for ship tours. This is my first time being able to use OBC in advance of the cruise. Tom😀
  10. Since I’m traveling solo to Hawaii I want to check on prices. My benefit now is free gratuities plus room location. I’m in a inside stateroom. I would get double the credit for a balcony, $400, plus I already have T/A credit plus Military & Stock credit. I’m curious to see the balcony price difference along with my credit. I don’t remember what the gratuities are per day but I’m thinking that I would come out ahead plus the speciality dinning & wine voucher since I enjoy wine with my dinner if I keep my inside stateroom. . Princess web site is down now. Tom🤔
  11. I’m trying to link my booking in the Medallion Class App but i get a message that my information does not match our records. My cruise is November 2020. Am I getting this message because my cruise is too far out or because it’s not paid in full? Thanks! Tom😎
  12. SHIP CAPTAIN Caribbean Princess Coral Princess Dariusz Balana (as of 10/18/2019); Todd McBain left 10/18/2019 and returns sometime before the last cruise visiting Antarctica this winter Crown Princess Domenico Lubrano Lavadera (as of 10/18/2019 until at least 2/2020) Diamond Princess Gennaro Arma (as of 9/2019) Emerald Princess Martin Stenzel (as of 10/14/2019) Enchanted Princess Nick Nash and Gennaro Arma (beginning 6/2020) Golden Princess Aldo Traverso (as of 9/25/2019 sailing) Grand Princess John Harry Smith (as of 10/13/2019 sailing) Island Princess David Galloway (as of 10/17/2019 sailing) Majestic Princess Craig Street (as of 8/31/2019 sailing) Pacific Princess Regal Princess Tim Stringer (leaves 10/31/2019; returns 2/2020) Fabrizio Maresca (as of 10/31/2019 sailing) Royal Princess Tony Draper (as of 9/29/2019 sailing) Ruby Princess Justin Lawes (as of 10/23/2019 sailing) Sapphire Princess Paolo Ravera (as of 9/14/2019 sailing) Paul Slight ( Jan 2020.) Sea Princess Tony Ruggero (as of 10/5/2019 sailing) Sky Princess Heikki Laakkonen (as of 10/20/2019 sailing) and Michele Tuvo (officially beginning 12/7/2019; source) Star Princess Mariano Manfuso (as of 10/6/2019 sailing) Sun Princess William (Bill) Kent (as of 10/17/2019 sailing) TO UPDATE THIS LIST: DO NOT push the "Quote" button. It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including these instructions, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Make your modifications to the list. Click the "Submit Reply" button just below the list you are modifying. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes.
  13. Anyone stayed in Stateroom C506 on the Emerald Princess & have any photos? I’m curious as to what electrical plugs are available. Thanks! Tom😀
  14. I’m on a Medallion Cruise in 399 days. How soon were you able to enter the required information? Any tips for a first time user? Thanks! Tom😎
  15. I just logged on with no problems. Tom😀
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