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    2 Help Questions Please

    Lois - Look for Macy's online, they have denim jackets for sale now and you get extra 25% off from the sale price.
  2. You're welcome! I took those pictures because there has been so many questions here in CC about current drink prices. I was surprised to see that all drinks were listed $10 in that Viking Lounge/Olive or Twist menu while they were $12 in every other bar. We didn't order any drinks in VCL so I don't know if they really were $10. You're welcome!
  3. This is still Schooner Bar list. This is from Boleros. Gin and Tonic base price without tips was $7. Hope there is some info here what you were looking for.
  4. More Schooner Bar drink lists.
  5. Schooner Bar drink lists. Sorry about some blurry pictures. Will post more Schooner bar drink list since I can only post 3 photos at the time.
  6. These are the drinks lists from the Viking Crown Lounge from the Freedom of the Seas, May 17th sailing. I'll post Schooner Bar and Boleros lists also.
  7. [quote name='clarea']If you really want to see some behind the scenes parts of the magic act, sit in the balcony section as close to the side as possible. You will see that the real talent is Drew's wife.[/QUOTE] Thanks for the hint Bob!
  8. [quote name='ckrobyn']Olive or Twist is the area where dancing happens at night. The remainder of the VCL is still the same.[/QUOTE] Thanks! So glad to hear that VCL and Olive or Twist are still same! We like to go there in evenings, have a drink and dance a dance or few. [quote name='ckrobyn']I met with Drew Thomas before he disembarked today in Jamaica, what a great guy! Here he is[[IMG]http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/02/18/e188936a89c073c6c5cba0fe2bc83efb.jpg[/IMG] Lots of exciting new ideas coming to life soon on Now You See It![/QUOTE] I met him on the Freedom in last May (in Guest Relations also when he was leaving from the ship). Got picture taken with him. Nice person and great talent!
  9. I'm really enjoying your report and the pictures! Great job! Keep Freedom in a good shape, we will cruise with her right after you. I was on the Freedom in Dec. and it was reported that Viking Crown Lounge/Olive or Twist is going to be a disco after dry dock. So, is it still same as it used to be or is it disco now. (Personally I hope it's not a disco :o).
  10. [quote name='cruisenfever']On Allure we were able to use the coupons on both the first and second night of the cruise.[/QUOTE] Thank you very much for the info. Hope it is same on the Freedom.
  11. [quote name='clarea']We just got off Adventure a week ago and they still had the BOGO coupons for first night specialty restaurant.[/QUOTE] Thanks Bob! But I would also like to know if we can use those BOGO coupons for the second night as we did in our last Enchantment cruise end of the last year.
  12. Thank you for the "Live from the Freedom" report! :) Looking forward to "cruise" with you! I'm cruising with the Freedom soon! Could you please check your D+ coupons if we can still use Specialty Restaurant BOGO either first or second night. Thanks!
  13. [quote name='kc320']When I do this I don't see any pricing at all on my reservations...am I missing something? The only way I see prices is thru My Cruises...[/QUOTE] Same thing with me, I have been wondering too what I'm doing wrong because I don't see any prices there. Only thing I can see is Reservation #, Online Check-in, Cruise Documentation, Cabin #, Cruise planner and Preferences & Requests. I have tried this with reservations already paid and reservations not paid yet and neither one shows price for me.
  14. maritar

    Desmond is no longer with us :-(.

    So sad, he sure will be missed. :(
  15. maritar

    The nuts have gone!

    Just back from the Freedom and here's what we got. There was also 4 complimentary bottles of water this time in our cabin. We are D+