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  1. We took to Go Shuttle for $18 each. Thought it was a good idea until it took us 2 hours to get to our hotel. We we're dropped of next to last. The trip back to the airport after the cruise - we paid $75 or so and took a cab and were there in no time. The Go Shuttle also has a sedan for $10 extra - do that and save your self the wait.
  2. If drinking good coffee means anything to you, I'd bring your own small coffee pot and coffee; plus a big coffee mug (insulated).
  3. Hi, Just got back from sailing on Imagination on 03/15 to Grand Cayman and Jamaica. We took the butterfly tour and then went to Grape Beach. The beach is beautiful but there were a bunch of people and even boats right up by the beach to take people out for whatever. Next time I'll find a more private beach. The sand is great on your toes and I saw a bunch of kids building sand castles and playing.
  4. Just got back from my first cruise. It was on Imagination out of Miami. We got onboard at 1:30 or so but met some people who said they got on about 11:00. It was a great cruise and we had wonderful weather. Next time I'll bring my own coffee pot as the coffee is terrible. The food was only so-so to me but tons of it. We visited Jamaica and Grand Cayman. The ship was pretty rocky but I slept great; like being rocked to sleep. The entertainment was fun and the cruise director was hilarious. It was great to laugh and relax for a few days. We self debarked to catch a plane in Ft. Lauderdale and it was quick and easy. Those folks sure seem to have it down to a science. Happy cruising.
  5. Could you email me Mark's contact info in Jamaica? We're headed that way 03/15/08. My email is opossumrehab@yahoo.com Thank you, pb
  6. Hello! We're flying into Fort Lauderdale and need to find transportation to Miami and a hotel for the night before departing on 03/15 Carnival Imagination. I think I've found a shuttle from the Port of Miami to the FLL airport but that's it! Please help. Thank you!
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