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  1. Is there actually a dress code? The only thing I could find on HAL's website is a FAQ asking what should I pack and this is the answer given: Pack as you would for any resort. Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you're on the ship or ashore. The suggested attire for most evenings is resort casual; slacks and collared shirts for men, and casual dresses, slacks and informal evening-wear for women. On gala nights women usually wear a suit, cocktail dress or gown and men wear a jacket and tie, dark suit, or tuxedo. That says suggested attire not code. O
  2. We boarded the Westerdam in Vancouver a few weeks ago and they did not put stickers on the bottles for which we paid corkage. After reading on this forum that we would get stickers I was surprised and asked about it. The man collecting the fee said don't worry about it. We took the wine to the MDR and told the wine steward corkage had been paid. He was able to check and everything was okay. The man collecting the corkage fees was sitting at a small table in the area where we went through Customs, right as we cleared Customs to go to the waiting area to board the ship
  3. On our recent cruise departing Vancouver on the Westerdam our carry on luggage was never searched or x rayed by HAL. Of course we went through US Customs security, but that was the only time our carry on luggage was inspected. HAL did have bag screening when returning from ports.
  4. przyk

    Glacier Temps

    Our pilot told us the worst incident he had in his many years was a small child who was running and fell down and scraped a knee. Where we landed on Herbert glacier was not as slippery as I would have thought. The surface is very uneven with rocks and bumpy ice so there is the hazard of falling if you are looking at the amazing sites and not paying attention to where you are walking. I suppose if it were covered in snow that would be a different thing, more slippery with hidden objects under the snow.
  5. przyk

    Glacier Temps

    We were on Herbert Glacier with Coastal Helicopters a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't so much the air temperature, but the strong wind that made it feel cold. Honestly it was such an exhilarating experience we hardly noticed the cold. Whatever layers you pack wear them for glacier day. We loved everything about our Alaska cruise and land trip, but the glacier landing stands out as the best of a great trip. Don't forget to bring an empty water bottle to fill with glacier melt water. Also even tennies are fine for footwear. They give you a pair of spiked boots that fit
  6. We were given a choice of about 10 cabins for our recent upgrade on the Westerdam. We had booked a guarantee room, so one of the final considerations to buy the upgrade was so we would have our cabin selected.
  7. Why are some people so concerned about how other people spend their money? I don't feel it's any of my business if people want to spend like a drunker sailor or pinch their pennies. It has no impact on me at all. If I can provide input to a question I respond and keep my opinions to myself.
  8. We found the water on the Westerdam fine to drink and I did fill up water bottles. In the spa they have a water dispenser made for filling reusable bottles. My wife liked filling hers there. I'm not so fussy. I would just fill mine from the bathroom faucet in the cabin.
  9. Hope you saw my previous post, we brought an empty duffle bag and filled it with soda and water. I hung it over my roller carry on bag to bring it on the ship.
  10. On Carnival cruises we used to simply bring a case of bottled water in the plastic its wrapped in at the store, not inside a suitcase. Somehow the staff figured out how to get it to us without breaking or spilling it.
  11. No need to apologize to me Doug. I've searched and searched and can't find it in writing either. On previous cruises with Carnival we often checked in a case of water. I read it so often on these boards I believed it must be true, but I never did see it in writing. We ended bringing an empty duffle bag folded into our big suitcase. We bought a 12 pack of diet coke and 12 bottles of water which we carried on the ship (not checked, carried on). It was a little awkward, but I just sat the duffle on top of my rolling carry on bag and wheeled it through check in and onto the ship.
  12. Probably not the only policy that has been implemented by the members of this board.
  13. We were just in Ketchikan and there were numerous tour operators with booths in the visitors center. We had booked a tour with the very highly rated Island Wings tours. They do only small group tours and they had same day availability. We were in Ketchikan on a less busy port day, so that may make a difference, but if you are not set on a particular tour it's hard to believe you couldn't find something without a reservation. If you decide to wing it I would still suggest researching to see what kind of tours you might like and who some of the better tour operators ar
  14. You did the right thing. I used to travel to Washington DC a lot and always to the same office building . They also used zone fares from the airport. The fare was supposed to be $16.00. I was charged between $16 and $20 by different drivers. I always gave $20, which included a decent tip on the proper $16 fare. If the ones who overcharged looked at me funny I would say your tip is in there. Then they knew they had been caught. Nothing like being overcharged a few dollars to get my blood boiling.
  15. We ended up in North Pole on our HAL land tour because of a detour due to the McKinley fire. It really is as impressive a Christmas shop as I have seen. In Ketchikan we did not get to the Christmas store at the port, but we found a nice, smaller one on Creek Street.
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