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  1. Which sailing are you speaking of here? A recent/current one??
  2. We are also on this cruise....(I hope). The Princess website is kind of the bible right now and they have not cancelled it. Just dont see how they will when it was cleared to come in with mo issues and no one is on it now other than staff bringing anything (virus) onboard. They have most likely been cleaning over clean and address things to enhance safety over the past 2 and next 5 days.......but that's just an assumption. We arrive on Saturday so let's keep fingers crossed for all passengers going.
  3. Saw on the Port Everglades site it wasnt going to leave until 7pm eastern time.
  4. Makes good sense......just as long as it comes back for our trip on 3-15😉🤞
  5. Sure hope🤞next cruise on 3-15 goes. We're on it, but am so saddened for those anticipating leaving on 3-8 and being turned away or having to leave the second week of their trip. I just hope if Princess does cancel 3-15, they do it timely so you dont have people already there in Ft Lauderdale or en route and not finding out until they get to the port. That wouldnt be right or "customer friendly"....especially since the ship is already just sitting there for the next 6 days. The ship was cleared of any issues so further evaluations and cleanings have plenty of time between now and next Sund
  6. Yes....the cruise scheduled for 3-8 (today) to the western Caribbean is canceled. The 15th and beyond are still on at this point.
  7. I would let them cancel it instead of making the decision to cancel. If they cancel you get money refunded, if you cancel its cruise credit. Wont matter if you are going to rebook soon on Princess, but I would rather get my money back and start over. At least this info is what I understand to be true. We are on the 3-15 Regal trip. I'll wait for them to cancel it, that way the accountability is on them. Thinking that taking this week to tighten up measures then 3-15 will go to eastern Caribbean.
  8. Anyone on the Regal Princess right now (3-7-20) ...I would welcome your opinions on how things are going or went during your trip in regards to all the "issues" going on.
  9. I am sure this has been addressed sometime in the past, but hopefully you'll have patience. What is the best way to go about getting unlimited internet on board as a new Elite member for a 7 day cruise. I know I get 150 minutes free. Can I trade those in towards the cost? We will be on the Regal next month. I can buy it in advance for 59.99 for the 7 days for 1 device. Anyone have any better ways to get it cheaper? Are there any other ways? Thanks again.
  10. If the Regal is anything close like its sister ship "Royal", I would do Regal in a heartbeat. Emerald is also a great ship. Been on it twice, but those Royal class ships are spectacular.
  11. Does anyone know of some company's that would transport a group of 9 from the airport to a private rental residence, and also from there to Port Everglades the next morning??🤔
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