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  1. Can anyone who has had both of these explain the difference between... a balcony cabin, and a "deluxe" balcony cabin.?? I cant seem to find anything about the deluxe cabin. I need to decide for a cruise on the Regal Princess in March. 🤔
  2. What about going the other way.....from Southampton port into London for the day and back. Should we attempt this on our own?
  3. We are boarding in Dublin leaving city centre. What is the best way to get there....taxi? Uber? bus?
  4. How close is the train station from the Southhampton port? Could we buy a ticket round trip for the day to get into London and back in time.
  5. What about the baggage porters in Dublin when we board.... I have NO PROBLEM to insure luggage gets to the cabin, customary or not. Do you tip them?..... Euros?
  6. Email address doesn't work....Assume you mean ".com"
  7. Ofmyheart..... Just tell me a way to get it to you that you are comfortable with and it's yours.
  8. Anyone need a coffee card with about 8 punches on it....let me know. Its from May of 2017 from the Royal Princess. My next cruise is September 1st from Dublin..........figures 😕
  9. Thanks...I looked, just couldn't find them but I appreciate the confirmation.
  10. What would the experienced drink package purchasers here say to the package if it is given as one of the perks of booking. Yes we paid gratuities on it, but what in people's opinions is the best way to utilize it? We just have never had a package before much less a "free" one. Just want the biggest bang for our time on board. This is our first NCL cruise so we don't really know what to expect. I look forward to some interesting/helpful thoughts.
  11. I am sure this may already be out there, but I can't find the answer.....Do they or do they not take Starbucks branded/ real plastic (not "e") "gift cards" as payment. I have about $50 worth but if they don't accept them I will leave them at home.:confused:
  12. Anyone that would like to share the good, bad , or indifferent about the Starbucks on board the BLISS, I would love to hear about it. Info on any coffee availability and or beverage services in general throughout the ship would appreciated. No comment to too off the wall. :D
  13. I now recall we used Execucar a few years ago in L.A. going to Long Beach and had no trouble. We were contacted almost as soon as we landed and were instructed where to meet outside the baggage area... and sure enough, the guy pulled up and off we went. On the return from the port, we stood outside the terminal and were contacted almost immediately via text ...we then watched and spotted him in the distance as he pulled around and weaved through the traffic. While everyone else was fighting for a taxi and buses,we just jumped right in the vehicle and we were on our way. It's a good service. There may be occasional hic-cup for some people. Not everyone is going to be satisfied but for us we will try it again next month. This may be a bit over thinking in planning, but if you arrange your ride right after your most recent billing cycle on your credit card has already passed, and you are then leaving within 30 days, and you do have a problem, you will have time to dispute the charge with the c/c company before you pay off. I would rather dispute through the c/c than the business. Hopefully this wont come into play but its a good chip to have in your back pocket.
  14. Can someone explain "angled balcony". I think I know but just looking to be certain. We have cabin 9260 on an upcoming trip on the Bliss and it looks like it has one. Are they bigger?? Smaller?? ....Thanks for whoever has the answer.
  15. If you are happy with your location, I think I would stay put. Unless the bathroom is the deal breaker I don't see the value since you have no idea where they are going to put you. If you are so so on your current location, then I would give it a go.
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