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  1. Allocacoc PowerCube Accessory 1900/USRW4P 5-Outlet ReWirable 4 Plugs Electronic Consumer Electronics Amazon: http://a.co/d/1VXJcHj Manufacturer: https://www.allocacoc.com/Home/Home/Product/detail/product_id/87 Goals: 1. Multiple Outlets to support notebook PC and camera 2. USB charging ports to charge iPhone 3. No surge protection to comply with USCG warnings and RCI policy
  2. I was on Anthem Nov 22 and at a meet & greet the Captain told us the name of the new ship he believed would replace Anthem. I forgot the name. He said it wasn't official yet. I also recall the Capt saying when going through the upcoming dry dock, the ship's funnels, which can retract now manually (with some effort), could be modified to retract mechanically.
  3. The primary way I access the CC forums is Tapatalk. If you no longer support Tapatalk, I will not be able to easily check CC forums when I check my other forums via Tapatalk. My CC forum participation will probably drop about 99%. It will certainly no longer by daily. Tapatalk support is super easy. Why not support Tapatalk? Even if it is a revenue issue, you can still push ads and make money supporting Tapatalk.
  4. Ok. I’ll cancel my reservations and forfeit the payments for the cabins. Lol. I was just asking so I can be informed, prepared and set realistic expectations for covering engineers. Thanks for your input.
  5. What is 100 meters in nautical miles? In all seriousness, can someone on Anthem test RDP on 3389 for me or ask the IT guy? I saw a tv show once where the cruise ship pulled into the private island and unrolled a fiber cable from a spool on the cruise ship to provide the islands. point of sale terminals to the cruise ships billing system. I wonder how they interface 2 or 3 ships at once if that ever happens?
  6. That’s a good idea. If I can’t use 3388, I’ll just vpn to the office over 443. Perhaps I’ll setup LMIR with Unattended Access as a backup. Hopefully none of this will be needed as my systems are well managed, monitored, redundant and fault tolerant. Thanks all.
  7. I own a small IT practice. I have phased out my employees due to the headaches of management and the exorbitant costs of healthcare.
  8. I'm a network engineer and in an emergency may be asked to work remotely while on-board Anthem of the Seas on the November 25, 2018 sailing. I signed up for the 11 day Voom + streaming package. Can I RDP into a client's network? Are the speeds bearable? Are there any connectivity restrictions or blocked protocols that I should be aware of? TIA!
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