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  1. Thanks for the information on the shops. My Wife will like hearing that. Bob
  2. I was planning on walking over to 17th Ave to visit the Bank of America located on this Ave. Information about sidewalk repair may cause me to rethink this idea if I find them still closed. Thanks Bob
  3. Thanks to those who responded to my question. Bob
  4. Is walking out of and back into Port Everglades, Fl allowed? Or must you obtain some type of vehicle transportation? Such, how hard is it to catch a cab after disembarking from a ship? Thanks Bob
  5. We bring a special redesigned game of Jokers and Marbles. The original game uses marbles. Since I think I am smarter than the average 6th grader I quickly figured out that chasing rolling marbles around the deck of a moving ship would waste a lot of my time. So, I made playing markers out of 1/2 inch bolts with the nut lock tighted onto the bolt. The painted them different colors. Works good. Bob
  6. A word about those vanishing books from the library. You will find them laying on a lounge chair up next to the pool. 😀 Bob
  7. Well, we all have seen several times, the recommended packing lists posted here. That photo must be the end result of taking everything on the list, right> Bob
  8. Replace the current drink card in the Elite/Platnum Lounge with the card this one replaced. And, open the lounge at 3:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm so those who have a 5:00 table in the MDR does not have to run down the hall way with drink in hand. Bob
  9. Here is another suggestion. I wear a watch set to ship time. Your phone might, may, could up date to local time which is different from ship time. To me it is not worth the risk. bob
  10. 2015 was the last time we were offered a free up grade. We were going to be on a trans Atlantic from London to Fort Lauderdale. We quickly looked at a map of the ship to see where the cabin would be located at. Just for giggles we said yes we would accept it because it would put us next door to the Wife's Sister. That was the one and only offer like this we have ever received. Bob
  11. You say you will be there late afternoon. If you can hang around until after dark, that church totally changes at night time when it the out side lights come on. Bob
  12. OK here comes the easy answer Elites get one complimentary (free) mini bar set up no matter what cabin that they are in. You can call Room Service and discuss exchanging some of the items that they provide if you want something else as long as it is the same size and price. Such as asking to have the bottles replaced with Whiskey if that is what you like. Some passengers exchange the mini bar set up for two coffee cards or two bottles of wine. Remember, learning little life's lessons like this is part of the adventure of going on a cruise. Bob
  13. With Princess making constant changes (read cut backs) what is the current make up of the Elite Mini bar set up? Input from someone who has just sailed and received such set up will be appreciated. Thanks Bob
  14. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. You provided good news. Bob
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