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  1. Since the topic is Lifeboats I have a question that I have thought about several times. If a passenger shows up at the lifeboat with Fifi, the ankle snapper, in their arms, will Fifi be allowed to board? If allowed to board, would Fifi be counted as one of the 150 passenger limit? Or if passenger gets loud and nasty trying to assert their Rights, will they both be set aside to stop the blockage of loading? Bob
  2. Our first 3 cruises were with RCL. That ended at the 3rd cruise. We arrived at port and being a gentleman I let my Wife sign in first. Now at that time she was listed in our Cabin as my guest. She laid down her passport and reservation papers. Was given her sea pass. No problem. My turn. I lay down my pass port and reservation papers. The clerk fiddles a few minutes and then tells me "Sorry sir we are booked full, so you can not purchase a cabin, please step Back" Say what I say. Long story short It took three different employees and many phone calls for them to let me on the ship with a generic sea pass that would not open the cabin door or let me buy a drink at a bar. So I go to passenger service desk to get a new sea pass. There I am questioned as to how I got on the ship? While two security guards join the conversation. At that time RCL had our charge accounts on the room TV and I ended up with two accounts to keep track of. In the end no response to my complaint and no apology. Next cruise we switched to Princess and have stayed with them. Bob
  3. Ahh, lets think about this. Of course, the Good Ship LollyPop.
  4. It is not always weather that causes flight delays. It can be something so simple you would not even consider possible. Case in Point. We arrived the normal two hours early to watch the airlines move the people from another gate to our gate and board the plane scheduled for us. Then the announcement that moved us over the that other gate. At the same time the 30 minute delay notice went up on the flight board. The airlines kept up dating the flight board with another 30 minute delay. A Airline employee who was waiting to fly on the plane with us was sitting next to us. After 3 hrs he told me that the plane had lost a step on one of the stairways and the replacement had to be flown in to Sacramento from Los Angles. And, a certified mechanic had to be flown in also. Long story short. We arrived in Los Angles at 5:00PM and the ship sailed at 4:00PM. If the airline had been in front with the problem, we could have moved to another flight in time to catch the ship. Bob
  5. A few years ago, my Wife's high school reunion planning committee decided that going on a cruise would be more fun that a dinner dance at the local golf club. Up to that time I had no desire to be locked up on a little boat way out on the water. After much "discussion" from my Wife I reluctantly agreed to go. It was a cruise down the Mexican Coast for 7 days. As I walked up the gang plank, um wasn't a plank that was used to force people off the ship in mid ocean?, I turned around for a last look at dry land. 🤢 Fast forward a few years. We now have 17 cruises under our belt with number 18 going to Alaska again in Sept of this year. This will be our 5th cruise back to Alaska. The shortest cruise was one day and the longest was 33 days. Both of us are sorry we did not start cruising earlier. Bob
  6. My plan to have fun with the Medallion is take a water glass and sit in on the self in the bathroom and place the medallion in it. Then each morning when I get up early to take photos of the Sun Rise from back of ship to take Medallion with me. Then immediately return it to the shelf. Do this the entire cruise.. Then let the data collection geek add that information to his spread sheet. Part B of this plan is to follow the wife when she unlocks the cabin door so I can get back in. Part C of this plan. Of course I will have to take the Medallion with me to leave and return to ship.
  7. Ref Escargot in Dining Room. On our 29 cruise on the Emerald, 4 Nov to 3 Dec, it was offered once on the 2nd leg, Fla to LA, and it was poorly prepared. The little cup was half full of a mystery liquid and the top had no taste. Another noted item. It took 3 days for the Mini Bar to appear in our room, even after 3 phone calls to room service. Then instead of a mixture of little bottles, it was all Dry Gin. Took another two days to get that exchanged and I had to call the Passenger Service desk to get the exchange. Generally speaking, because food is subjective, we found most of the meals in the MDR to be lacking in taste and often the main portion of the dishes was tough. I suspected that the meals were precooked and then heated when ordered which was drying them out. We discussed this one night with the Head Waiter. The offerings at the pastry counter, International Cafe, was really cut back from what we have found on previous cruises. And, yes, we did miss the barrel chair that was removed from our cabin. Princess Bean Counters, take pride in your work. On the plus side, the staff all over the ship was outstanding. Bob
  8. Thanks for the information on the shops. My Wife will like hearing that. Bob
  9. I was planning on walking over to 17th Ave to visit the Bank of America located on this Ave. Information about sidewalk repair may cause me to rethink this idea if I find them still closed. Thanks Bob
  10. Thanks to those who responded to my question. Bob
  11. Is walking out of and back into Port Everglades, Fl allowed? Or must you obtain some type of vehicle transportation? Such, how hard is it to catch a cab after disembarking from a ship? Thanks Bob
  12. We bring a special redesigned game of Jokers and Marbles. The original game uses marbles. Since I think I am smarter than the average 6th grader I quickly figured out that chasing rolling marbles around the deck of a moving ship would waste a lot of my time. So, I made playing markers out of 1/2 inch bolts with the nut lock tighted onto the bolt. The painted them different colors. Works good. Bob
  13. A word about those vanishing books from the library. You will find them laying on a lounge chair up next to the pool. 😀 Bob
  14. Well, we all have seen several times, the recommended packing lists posted here. That photo must be the end result of taking everything on the list, right> Bob
  15. Replace the current drink card in the Elite/Platnum Lounge with the card this one replaced. And, open the lounge at 3:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm so those who have a 5:00 table in the MDR does not have to run down the hall way with drink in hand. Bob
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