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  1. 4x4bob

    Keeping a camera safe on port days

    As others have already posted, the safe is not large enough for a full sized Camera. When not in port I just lay my camera up on the shelf over the closet. Then toss something over it like my hat so if someone did look in cabin it would not be in sight. Have not had any problem with this method on 19 different Cruises and ships. Hint: Take several small capacity high speed memory cards. Change out the cards each day so if a card goes bad or some how you lose one, you will not be out all of your photos. Others take a device to down load the photos each day, me, I don't want to carry any extra equipment if I can find another way to do something. Plus at least one extra battery to carry with you. Having one go dead when you are away from the ship can put a crimp in you having a good time. Bob
  2. 4x4bob

    Keeping a camera safe on port days

    When I take my Nikon DLSR off the ship in Port I have it attached to a BlackRapid camera strap. The strap goes over my left shoulder, cross body, and the camera hangs down by my right hip. The mount in the bottom of the camera is a swivel so camera is not locked into one position by the mount. I also have the optional shoulder pad to keep the strap from biting into my shoulder. It just takes a second to swing the camera for photo. Bob
  3. 4x4bob


    The latest was 11:00 pm. This was after we had visited the Passenger Service Desk to report the luggage not delivered. And, we had not received any phone calls to come to the naughty room. No information was provided as to why the late delivery. We just found it out side the door to our room when we heard the noise of the delivery. No knock on the door. By the time we opened the door, staff was gone . Only thing we figured happened, it was delivered to the wrong cabin and someone finally reported that it was not their suitcase and someone picked it up and delivered it to our cabin. Bob
  4. 4x4bob

    Bath robes

    As others have said, when it comes to robes it is the luck of the draw. And, this is why I stay out of the casino. After cruise number 1 I found out that you could request a robe and and I did this for cruise number 2. Fast forward to cruise number 13, the first cruise that I found a robe hanging in the closet even while constantly leaving my request for one in the personalizer. After taking a shower I put it on. Hmm did not quite fit my highly developed manly figure. So, I walk out of the closet area to show the wife. She broke out laughing and then reached for her phone. I then beat feet out of dodge and got dressed. Yes dear readers, high heat will shrink those robes down to one size fits little kids. Bob
  5. 4x4bob

    scooters & tenders

    I have been on tenders that went into port with smooth water and no one had any problems getting on board. Then during the course of the day the wind came up and so did the waves. Which caused the tender to go up and down like a yo-yo requiring the passengers to time the dock going past and jump to the dock. This might be a consideration for someone who is slightly mobility challenged. Bob
  6. 4x4bob

    Brooklyn Cruise Port: Elite Door

    Yes, the lounge is small and the elite/platinum's know how to play the game. They show up early. When we got there, early also, the lounge was full and spilling over outside. We were lucky to fund two chairs sitting along side the wall. More passengers arrived and joined the crowd waiting. Some did not check in at the front desk and when they started to let us go, they were then sent back to get in line to check in. Large crowd around the lounge and some confusion. Bob
  7. 4x4bob

    Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

    We both watched your youtube video. Thanks, it was very good. Bob and Mrs Bob
  8. 4x4bob

    Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

    My Wife read your post and was impressed with your information for a single traveler. The Gallery Hotel is one of the ones on our list to investigate. Thanks for taking the time to post. Bob
  9. 4x4bob

    Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

    To each and everyone who took the time to answer my questions. A big Thanks. We always go on a cruise armed with information provided by other members of Cruise Critic. Bob
  10. We are planning a cruise towards the end of 2019 that starts in Barcelona. We plan to fly in at least two days early to avoid any chance of missing the ship and to get over the jet lag. Has anyone stayed at any of the Princess Cruises sponsored Hotels? If so was was your experience. Were they centrally located or way out side of the city? What restaurants where close by the hotel? Thanks Bob
  11. 4x4bob

    What time do we have to be on the ship?

    On a cruise being a Minute Man, like in the last minute is not a very good idea. Thinking that there is time for one more drink or time to cruise through one more shop could leave a person with a very nice photo for their trip album as the ship is sailing away from the dock with that person still standing on the dock. And, that is when the fun really begins. As the person try's to figure out how to either fly back home or fly forward to catch the ship at the next port. That flying of course is on that person's own dime. Bob
  12. 4x4bob

    Currency in Mexican ports

    Do you need Peso's in Mexican Ports often becomes a topic here on these boards. OP listed La Paz as one of the stops. Here is what will happen. The Ship will dock North of La Paz and then the passengers will board a bus for a ride into town. The bus of course will stop at Terminal Turistica, La Paz B.C.S. That is where the fun will start. As passenger hop off the bus and head for the Rest Rooms they encounter a coin operated turnstile that will not take Credit Cards or USD. It will only take Mexican Peso coins. Since we seem to take cruise down to Mexico about every other year, we save the change for the next trip. My wife had bag of change in her purse so we had no problems at the turnstile. I was sitting on a bench watching passengers come in on another bus and then mill around in circles while deciding what to do, then take off down town to try and find another rest room. Bob
  13. 4x4bob

    Things not to do on a cruise ship

    Do not forget, while dropping your arm load of towels, books from the library, sun glasses on the chairs around the pool, to look up with a big smile for camera man on the deck above who is going to post your photo on Face Book.
  14. 4x4bob

    Whale watching excursions

    If Alaska. Suggest ship sponsored Whale Watching tour with Salmon Bake out of Juneau. We saw lots of whales, then the boat capt brought us in close to shore and we watched a large group of Stellar Sea Lions sunning them selves up on the beach. Back to the Dock, boarded the bus which took us to the Salmon bake. That turned out to be a very good idea. Bob
  15. We went Back to Alaska for the 4th time on 1 June 2018. This was a South Bound 7 day out of Anchorage (Whittier Port) and was titled Voyage of the Glaciers. Because we would first go to Hubbard Glacier and then the next day spend the day scenic cruising Glacier Bay National Park. We were on the Star Princess with Ruby Princess, a HAL and NCL ship in each port along with us. The Star is a great ship to go to Alaska on with its covered swimming pool on the top deck. We flew up to Anchorage 1 day early to avoid any missed cruise Oops and stayed in the Capt Cook Hotel. We had arranged, with Princess, transportation from airport to the Hotel, stay at the Hotel, and then next day a train ride down to Whittier to catch the Ship which docked a short walk from the train. At the Capt Cook Hotel We found out that we were in a Junior Suite, corner room, on the 8th floor of tower number 3. Great view of the city, bay and Mountains behind the bay. Bus driver from airport to hotel told us that we had arrived on the warmest day that they had seen yet this year. At one stop sign the bus driver stopped and pointed out Mt McKinnley in the far distance. We did some shopping in Anchorage to include getting two bottles of wine to take on the ship at the Brown Jug wine shop right across the street from the Hotel. Going into the shop we both were carded?? What, I have more gray hair then Santa Clause and had to show that I was old enough to buy wine. Turned out the staff was really friendly wanted to keep talking to us when we wanted to leave Next morning the Princess Staff working at the Hotel picked up all of our luggage and loaded it onto a truck for transport to the ship and finally into our Cabin. The luggage beat us to the ship. Then we boarded a bus for a short ride to the train station. Day was bright and sunny as we rode the train South to Whittier. Snow capped mountains behind lakes showed up really nice. Saw a moose racing the train at one point. Great photo's. Next day we sailed up to Hubbard Glacier. Going there we saw several deep cuts in the mountain rock cut in when the mini ice age came and quickly went in 1750. At one point the Ruby Princess sailed past one of those cuts and the ship, 960 feet long and 17 decks high, looked like a row boat. By law the ship can not approach the face of the Glacier any closer than 1/2 mile away for safety. Ice bergs 3 to 4 stories tall can break off the face of the Glacier under water and pop up to the surface. The ship's Capt stopped the ship sideways to the Glacier so everyone had a great photo op. Everyone on deck was dressed in layers against the cold eventho it was a bright sunny day out. The ice of the Glacier reflected the sun light back as a blue color tone. Sitting on the float ice that was all around the ship we saw several mother seals and their pups sitting on the ice. Hubbard Glacier is 6 miles wide and about 400 feet above the water with another 450 feet under the water. From the beginning to the face of the Glacier is 76 miles. The next day, after we picked up two Park Rangers, we headed up the 56 miles of Glacier Bay National Park for Scenic Cruising. As we went further into the park we saw several smaller Glaciers until we arrived at the top of the bay and at Grand Pacific Glacier. Also, our ship's Capt brought the ship in close to Marble Island so we could see the colony of Sea Lions living there. We were told most ship's Capt by pass Marble Island so we were give a real treat. 5 June we arrived at Skagway. The Wife has a favorite Jewelry shop, Broadway Fine Jewelry, that she hits every time we make it to Skagway. Up the street is a little park with a metal statue of a Gold Miner sitting on his sled with his dog looking up at him. He has his arm resting on his knee and his head on his hand. Poor guy, he worked half a year digging out gold and now his wife is in that Jewelry shop spending all of his gold. I know, I can relate to how he feels. :DIn fact if you were in town that day you might have seen me outside that jewelry shop trying to sell a extra camera lens to make payment for her purchases. :) Then the ship moved on to Juneau. We got up early and hurried off the ship to catch a bus to go to Auk Bay to board a Jet Boat to go look for Whales. Now, most whale watching boats advertise that if you go out with them and do not see any whales they will give a $100.00 bill when we get back to the dock. Then as soon as we were all on board the boat crewman held up a plastic whale and told us that is what we are looking for. See, we saw a whale, no $100.00 was going to come to us. However, we did see lots of whales and got close to a large colony of Sea Lions. 3 came out and swam around the boat looking at us. One said hello to me and told me he would trade his autograph for a fish. No fish, but did take his photo. Then we headed back to the dock and boarded the bus to ride to the Salmon Bake. That was a really nice operation. Choice of fresh baked Salmon or chicken and lots of side dishes plus drinks and dessert. Light rain started but no problem. They had large tents set up for the rain. At Ketchican we walked over to Creek Street, part of the Gold Rush History, and did some shopping. Lucky I had some cash left from the sale of the camera lens. Then we enjoyed our selves on the ship for a AT SEA day. Watched horse racing and listen to live music in Plazza on deck 5. Music not Country, but 50's and 60's, still good. One last comment. The water was so calm the entire trip I would sit a glass of wine on the window ledge in the cabin at night and take a photo to show no waves in the wine plus to show that the sun was still up late at night. Too quick we are back in Vancouver BC to catch flight and fly home. The finish of another Great Cruise. Bob