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    Just back from our 10 day QM2 cruise

    One tip we would pass on would be to bring a travel kettle for your room. There are no tea and coffee making facilities in the room but it is available 24 hours a day in Kings Court. However, if your room is situated a long way or you don't want to wander up there in your PJs, bring a kettle. We took one along and it was invaluable, particularly as the hot water in Kings Court isn't quite boiling so the tea doesn't always taste so good. We ate in the Britannia some nights and used to ask the waiter for a jacket potato or extra veg. It was always available. We ate in Todd English one night but the food wasn't to our taste - far too rich and too much of it. We also had most of the staff introducing themselves to us at some point during the meal which is a bit disconcerting when you are having a cosy romantic meal for two.
  2. JulesUK


    OK, really girly question and I know I'm open to ridicule here. What toiletries are supplied in the B2 staterooms? Are they a particular brand and are they restocked? Just trying to cut down on the luggage. Cheers
  3. Is it cheaper to pre-arrange transport from JFK to Manhatten or to pick up a cab once we arrive? Is there a fixed price from the airport cabs? Arecibo and Carmel are quoting $33 and $40 without toll and tips.
  4. JulesUK

    Hairdryers - QM2

    Thats quite trendy. Must try the one sided look myself!
  5. JulesUK

    Hairdryers - QM2

    Quick question regarding the hairdryers supplied in each room. Are they the type that are attached to the wall or are they the standard dryers that are usually in the desk drawers? Can anyone vouch for how powerful they are? Just trying to decide whether to bring my own or not. Thanks
  6. JulesUK

    What to wear at Breakfast

    So, assuming I wear the right gear to breakfast, is there any difference between what is served in the Britannia restaurant, or in Kings Court? I assume Kings Court is self service buffet. Is that true of the Britannia too? Thanks
  7. Hi We are staying in Manhatten for 2 nights pre-cruise, after having flown in from the UK. We are staying at the Comfort Inn, 42 West 35 Street. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants that serve a good caesar salad nearby? Also are there any good bars that we should try? Many thanks jules
  8. JulesUK

    Mobile Phone coverage

    Do mobile phones work on board? We are sailing to the Caribbean from New York. If so, which networks are better? Thanks
  9. JulesUK

    Cash Machine on board?

    Apologies if this has been covered before. Is there a ATM on board the QM2 so that we can withdraw dollars using our credit/debit cards? We were trying to sort out how much cash to take for tours, taxis etc etc but if we fall short, does the ship offer this? Thanks
  10. JulesUK

    Urgent question please re disembarkation QM2

    Thanks for all the great advice so far. Sounds like Self Disembarkation is the way forward. We are staying over in NY before the cruise and will organise a taxi from our hotel to take us to the port. On our return, our flight isn't until the evening. What is the latest we can stay on the ship? Also, are there cabs we can grab on leaving the ship or would you recommend organising the return cab prior to arriving in port, either because there are none available or they are more expensive? Thanks in advance!
  11. JulesUK


    I too have a sheltered balcony - B2 5165. As I am cruising the Caribbean, I would prefer the plexiglass. Should I be requesting B5 and B6 then, in a room between the lifeboats? Conversely, what upgrade should I go for in order to get a glass balcony from a B2? Hey, its only money after all
  12. JulesUK

    QM2 - Who dresses up on fancy dress?

    Thanks for all your inputs. Thats great - looking forward to winning the prize! jules
  13. Hi First time cruiser on QM2 leaving 19 Feb from NY sailing Caribbean. I understand there is a Buccaneer/Pirate Ball which is semi formal and a Masquerade Ball which is formal. Do many people dress up for this - would we look out of place turning up in full costume or should we just bring an eye patch or something?!:) On these evenings, would we dress for dinner normally and then change into our fancy dress, or should we change before dinner? Any advice appreciated! jules