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  1. Is the luggage storage just for small carry on bags? I have a suitcase that’s not big but a bit larger than a carry on type and would like to take that on board to keep in Windjammer when we get on.
  2. Is there anyway to see what cabins are available for a Viking Ocean Cruise? On other cruise lines you can go on line to book a cruise and it shows you what cabins are available for you to pick. I can’t find anywhere on line that lets you book a cruise on line or see what cabins are available without contacting Viking. We chose a cabin and booked it but want to keep an eye open for cancellations that may come up in the location we want to switch to. I wanted to keep checking.
  3. What airline and flights did you end up booking out of Florida for the Midnight Sun Cruise?
  4. Oh wow! I had no idea that this was the case. I just did google it and found out they are in financial trouble for sure! I don’t want to have to worry about them going bankrupt by next June! Thanks!! How did you like your cruise?
  5. We are booked on the Into the Midnight Sun Cruise in June 2020. Bergen to London. We want to fly Premium Economy and can find airfare on Norwegian Air much cheaper than using Viking Air Plus. Flying from Florida to London to Bergen on the way over and direct from London to Florida on the way back. I am not familiar with Norwegian Air and wondered if anyone has used it or knows about it. Good time and decent layover.
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