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  1. Don't need to call them out but curious how they were terrible because I am fully wanting and paid for a "good" butler experience. Please expand on your comment 🙂
  2. I'm in YC end of November on Seaside and I am a member of different FB groups and people at least in YC are getting drinks and gelato...I am planning on a few 🙂
  3. Drinks Included on Seaside from everything I've read from those on board. Chocolated are for sale except for a few that come with some drinks
  4. How much is uber/lyft approximately I know it varies a little bit ...thanks
  5. I searched their site and are getting 249 and 299 as the lowest and that was interior?
  6. Hoping it will be ok to ask for a cappuccino with baileys and frangelico be delivered every a.m between 7-8 at their leisure?
  7. I don't think its breaking any rules otherwise ill bring one down myself...what good is a big balcony if you can't have a lounger ...it doesn't look as if they have the foot stools
  8. Well I hope I get a nice one who will I'll tip him 🙂 on the CP was 3 years ago...
  9. Quick question I had a angled balcony on Caribbean Princess and the steward was happy to bring me a lounge chair for it. I just snagged C709 on the Crown Princess for March. Anyone have any experience of problems getting Lounge chairs for the balcony? Thanks! Any feedback on cabin welcome too but the location looks great to me as I love aft...
  10. Thanks for the wonderful review loved that it was so lengthy with details! I'm going the end of November and can't wait!
  11. That<s good to know ...I bought this for Anthem does anyone know if you get the $35 for the pub Brass & Bock for food?
  12. Yes and I don't eat farmed fish shrimp etc hoping its not all farmed?
  13. I am not impressed with those menus...not a salmon fan...on other lines I have trouble deciding on appetizers and see nothing I like on these...not much beef either...really makes me wonder if I will enjoy the dining room...hope I am wrong and before November there is a larger selection!
  14. That's disappointing with the limited specialty restaurants on Anthem I was hoping it would be :)
  15. Is the Pub food in Brass & Bock on Anthem included with a $35.00 cap like Playmakers on the other ships? Thanks!
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