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  1. I was thinking of that but I'd drink smirnoff... and the brands included in the plus are still not not my faves but we will see. $77.00 isn't bad.
  2. Happy Birthday @maureencruiser!!! If you remember when your ordering your 2 drinks at a time can you tell me what brand of liquor they are pouring for well vodka, whiskey, gin and tequila ? I am loving your report as I sail on the Davina on the 10th!!! Trying to see if I can make so with easy...are the wines drinkable also? Thx and enjoy your b'day!!!
  3. My Mariner is $62 too high for the few drinks I's have and the waters... won't come down...hope for a reduction for a black Friday sale as I'm sailing 11/30
  4. Even though there is a sale now my Mariner sailing 11/30 doesn't look any cheaper...
  5. Thanks and that was what I read before but after looking at the comparison chart I don't even think they are offering those brands as well...I can make do with the Smirnoff for vodka...
  6. Can some one on the Davina tell me what brands of liquor they are pouring for vodka, whiskey, gin and tequila ? Thanks trying to decide on Easy or just pay as I go and order brand I'll drink and like! (Just don't want rot gut haha) I am sailing in October.
  7. Does anyone know the Easy well vodka they are pouring in the Caribbean sailings and any other well categories too?? Going in early October...Thx
  8. I just booked one and I do get the double points!
  9. So you would have to order a mocktail and a shot on a Oct. cruise out of Florida correct?
  10. I got a free cruise directly from CAS still have to pay the admin fees,,,Does this also come with the free drink card I get when booking landbased casino cruise offer?? Thx
  11. Not if they allow unvaccinated kids under 12...kids germs are very potent...
  12. The new easy plus package excludes a lot of the brands I would drink. That's all I was concerned about outside of YC... Don't want to be limited to a $9 drink.
  13. UPDATE: My travel agent says it doesn't apply and is premium... This is what's in the ad now that I am seeing! I am very disappointed and don't want to spend $2500 pp or more for a Easy Plus drink package! Definitely not what I paid for when reserved ENJOY FREE DRINKS (EASY PLUS PACKAGE): DRINKS UP TO $9
  14. How is the bathroom situation in the YC are on Ocean Cay?? There used to be only one...
  15. The minimum on my 4 day on Davina is $430 so would be $860... I'm sailing solo so not too much cheaper than booking it directly...I have a aft balcony I got for $285 so I am satisfied...never had aft before!!!
  16. Thanks for the trip report! It made it very tempting to get on board sooner while there aren't crowds!
  17. Sailing on Davina in October by myself No single supplement. Booked balcony Fantastica. Got a upgrade email Yacht Club Balcony upgrade says $430 minimum per person. Since I am on a no single supplement would I have to pay say $450 x 2 so $900 for a upgrade? That's about what it costs to buy it outright. Or would I have to only pay 1 $450 ? Thanks for clarification....
  18. Yes saw the youtube video welcoming first passengers!!! It was heartwarming!
  19. Excited to see the Seashore delivered to MSC. Do we know yet who the captain is going to be? I'm sailing in December out of Miami. I saw my old captain from Seaside Captain Di Palma is on Meraviglia now so wondering...Thx!
  20. I was not aware fully vaccinated had to buy the Covid 19 insurance I did web check in for a Oct cruise Port Canaveral and it let me not buy their insurance? Is Covid insurance mandatory sailing out of USA in October?Thx!
  21. Hoping it has salads to complement the pizza!
  22. I had a casino booking for December and I cancelled about 2 1/2 weeks ago the 100% credit hit my credit card yesterday. I was happy because she said it could take 45 days. Thanks RCCL!
  23. Theonly thing I was told was non refundable is the $100 deposit I asked twice
  24. I am in cabin E 444 it looks like the life boat is all the way up but on another picture as far up as the floor of balcony?
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