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  1. I hear people buying gift cards and use it to pay for the cruise and onboard credits. What’s the benefit. Is there a place to purchase them Discounted.
  2. Does anyone have pictures of their room including balcony.
  3. My husband and I like our privacy and wondering if the balcony on the glory have dividers that make it private. This sounds crazy but our 1st cruise we had people climbing across from room to room on balcony. It was of course on a much older and now retired boat but since then we only have booked cove balcony for privacy. If anyone has a picture of there balcony please post!
  4. my brother asked me to bring him some smokes back. Whats the limit I read anywhere from 1 carton to 5. Since I do not smoke I didn't know what the limit was and I remember in the pass seeing them for sale the 1st night on the cruise and in the duty free at the port in Mexico.
  5. Thank You everyone for the info
  6. carnival use to have a pack n go last minute cruises. Unfortunately I will not have much notice before I will be able to cruise due to hubbys work. What’s the latest you can book with Carnival, Royal, or Norwegian Thanks for any info
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