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  1. Just be aware that if you choose the non-refundable deposit (NRD), it also means that you can't take advantage of any price drops without losing your deposit. I have a couple of cruises booked, and in the past when I have seen a lower price I have phoned RCI, and they have amended my booking to reflect the lower price. I noticed that a cruise I had booked had dropped by $1000, so I phoned RCI, and was told that as I had booked using the NRD (which I did not even realise I had done that), and the only way to take advantage of the price drop was to cancel my cruise, lose my $400 deposit, and then rebook at the lower price. I went ahead and did that, as it still saved me $600. Just as an aside, when I rebooked, I asked what the fare would be if I chose the refundable deposit, and it was $2000 more, so I booked again with a NRD. Later that night I was showing my husband what I had done with a dummy booking, and the price had already popped back up to more than I had originally paid, so I was happy to have gotten the price drop in that small window. The price has increased ever since.
  2. The pizza at Sorrento's on deck 4 was also very good. We only ate there once, but it was fresh and delicious. It is included in your cruise fare (no extra charge). I also had a really good hamburger in the English Pub. It was served with the most delicious sweet potato thick cut chips. It was worth paying for. There is quite a lot of food that you can order in the English Pub on deck 4 (at an extra charge), and it is freshly made once ordered.
  3. We have done a few Christmas cruises, and almost always spot a family at the harbour telling the kids they are going on the cruise! The kids are always so excited, and it is lovely to see.
  4. I loved Explorer, so hope you will too. I did break my leg on the Flow Rider on Explorer, so just be careful if you go on it! The medical team were pretty great and I have some unique scars to remind me of this cruise!! SaveSave
  5. With the 'OH', I think OP is referring to Other Half.
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