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  1. On ACA I noticed she was wearing her old livery of blue and gold. I watched it tonight and wondered why they had even put it on there...old news!!:)
  2. hmmmm must be my alzheimers playing up...I never took an umbrella with me once...and it was typical tropical wheather in the region for that time of year. Ok.. I will back off and not say any more on this trip...not about the naked german lady in the spas... not about the couple who got off half way through the trip.... not about a certain member who got blocked a couple of times on their card.... not about the fact there were only 12 people in the disco at nights not about the ccer who dropped their trolleys on Mala Mala and flashed the rest of us Or the 80 yo who thought going naked on Tonga in front of us was a good idea Or about the volleyball tournament and the offer of marriage from a chief.... not about the cabin crawl throughout the ship, where we all got to see all the different types of cabins available... nope... :)
  3. Funny but I only remember there being one rainy day and that was on Bora Bora...it was still hot and we were in the water!!! Just gone back over my pics and most days were fine and sunny!! Horse races were fun...H1n1 the pig.. has found a new home in the Lido Cafe...I didn't have the heart to bring him home away from the ship. As Lorraine said...lots of whingers on the ship...one complained to the pursers desk about the weather...." but it didn't say in the brochure that the weather would be this hot!!". We had people fighting each other with their walking sticks in the buffet..over desserts of all things. I did notice that most were on hospital feeding time...lining up at the buffet at a quarter to five for when it opened!!.. and they were mainly all in bed by 9pm. I have pics of the Lido deck at sail away at 6pm with about 3 people there...they were all feeding or in bed. Entertainment left a lot to be desired...it was like they stretched out a 12 day cruises entertainment over 28 days...I don't think they took into consideration the age group. Paper airoplane flying and circus skills for 85 year olds!! yeah... right....but that was the only complaint I had... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=126521&id=605613451&l=171836cbb4 here's the link to H1n1's photo album if anyone is interested...
  4. And how well did the pursers desk get to know you Deb???? hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:p
  5. They are still having engine problems and had a case of influenza A on this trip. The French authorities are real sticklers for that. They made the ship test everyone again before getting off at one of the islands even after it was done the day before. Made people late and miss their tours.
  6. Hmmm... I actually like Suva....can't stand Noumea!!!! Now that is a port you don't mind missing!!! But I guess different strokes for different folks!! :)
  7. Hey Miss Icy....I have a friend living in Suva...things are not as 'dire' as people are making out...I can post the links to what she is sending to you on FB if you like....as for not going there, well the company is keeping a close eye on developments. SS
  8. You can get those currencies through travellex, or harvey world travel (an agent for them). allow a few days for them to get them in!:D
  9. Yep and we have to pay more for our cruises here than you pay in the States...and if we want to cruise in the states, we pay twice as much as you do..and our cruises are generally 3 star not 4 and above. It's all relevant...:)
  10. Don't forget people...it is against company rules for the staff to discuss their wages with you!!! They receive a base wage..and as the staff member said..anything else is icing on the cake.
  11. I remember that Jen...and she left a dirty glass there for what...4 days??? definately no outstanding service that time round...
  12. A TA can arrange everything for you and will be there for any questions that you may have. I have booked all three ways. Internet usually gets you the best discount. I think, from memory, that you need to book 8 cabins for a group discount, but P&O or a Good TA can confirm this.
  13. I take auto tips off as soon as I get on the ship...if I choose to tip a particular person I will...if not...no worries. My partner leaves his on and always tips extra. You will not be treated any different on the ship what ever you do. It is a personal decision. Go with a clear conscience..and do whatever you feel is best for you. Kaz
  14. Have fun Shiona!!! May you have calm seas and gentle breezes Kaz
  15. Well..now I know why I haven't been on here for nearly 6 months... Sarah...I'm sorry that your cruise didn't come up to expectations...I'm sure there were some great parts there, but it is the bad ones you remember the most. Don't worry too much about the rude people on here..they are generally few and far between.
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