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  1. Have you given any thought to doing it yourself? When you get off the boat in Civi you can walk down and hop on a train to Termini (main station in Rome), under 20E per person. The Colosseum is a short hop away on the Blue Line (literally, you exit the station and BAM Colosseum!). You can buy tickets at the Forum entrance and then bypass the long line at the Colosseum since you already have tickets. Then you can hop back on the Metro, transfer at Termini, and take the Red Line to Spagna Station. That will drop you off right at the Steps. From there you can walk west and hit Trevi, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona before crossing the Ponte Sant'Angelo to see the Castel Sant'Angelo and then the Vatican. Spend the afternoon there and then hop a train at the Roma San Pietro station to get back to Civi. It's nice because it's way cheaper than a tour and you get to do it how you want. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you pick a train that will get you back on time!
  2. Go for 2485 if you can - we had it this summer on our cruise. It's about 1 2/3 the size of a normal OV! 2 windows as well. We never heard anything from the staircase!
  3. I was on this cruise too! Did you notice a smell on the sea day? We kept smelling it (mostly on the Lido deck area) and couldn't quite describe it, except that it was unpleasant. Also on the sea day, a woman had her phone stolen on the funnel deck. I was up there laying out and all of a sudden hear her screaming. At first I thought maybe she was yelling at a kid that was running or being unsafe, but when I stood up, I saw her running after a guy screaming that he stole her phone. He got away (not sure if they are able to check any sort of security cameras). Makes me glad I am so paranoid about my possessions! The storm the last night was pretty awesome too - we had a PT, turned out our cabin lights, and watched the lightning through the windows :D
  4. My friends dove with Bell Channel Inn in Freeport earlier this week. They did the Caribbean Shark dive + wreck dive. They said the sharks were awesome, but the wreck was kind of boring. There were 8 people on their tour. We were in Freeport until 5pm, and they got back to the ship with plenty of time (they were told the scuba boat would be back at Port Lucaya at 3:45).
  5. Bumping a little bit of an old thread to add my experience. We rented scooters this week in Nassau. 3 people already had moped/motorcycle experience - I had never even been on the back of a motorcycle. We rented from the little kiosks inside the cruise terminal. We were charged $50 for the day, plus $10 for insurance, $10 for gas, and $20 deposit. We went outside and found the guy. I had to do the test drive thing down the narrow alley. It didn't seem too bad. They did give us helmets and the contract we signed said they were mandatory. Good thing too! Here in Iowa helmets aren't mandatory and I really wish they were. We had to wait around for forever while they figured out our bikes. The bikes are not in the greatest condition. The gas gauges don't work correctly, mine had a broken side view mirror (it would not stay in place). The gas can they had didn't have enough gas in it, so one of the guys finally said we could follow him to the gas station and he would fill up the bike there and we could be on our way. We easily wasted at least half an hour waiting for them. Then, we get up the road, and the bike I am riding has the throttle pop. Scared the crap out of me because all of a sudden my bike won't go and I'm in the middle of the road! The employee traded bikes with me, then had me trade with one of my friends (as one of the bikes was a kick starter and I have no clue how to do that). He opened up the gas tank and even though it didn't look full to me, he said I would be fine for the day. We then tried to make our way to the zoo. We got a bit lost and stopped at a gas station. He told us the directions and we started off. I must have gone too fast on my throttle, as I zoomed and couldn't turn fast enough, went over a curb, and crashed. Somehow I only ended up with a scraped up knee, back thigh, and heel. The bike seemed fine because it ended in the grass. We decided to keep going. After the zoo we rode down to the Wyndham to use the beach. They told us it is a 20 minute trip from Cable to the cruise dock. We left at 3 (bikes due back at 3:30) and ended up running into huge traffic - 2/3 accidents/disabled cars on the road. When we got back, they told us we were late, we would be losing our deposits, and each have to pay $35 for an extra hour. We tried to argue that they lost us time by making us wait for 30-45 minutes at the beginning, but then they started talking about calling the police, so obviously we had to pay. They also charged me $50 for bike damages - although I think the only reason they knew that I fell was because there was some dirt stuck on the side of the bike...with the condition they were in I don't know how they could tell if there were new scratches. While we were arguing with them over the late fee, one of the employees was moving the bikes to put away. He was so close to my friend and ended up bumping her into the muffler of one of the bikes we had just parked. She ended up with a huge burn/blister on her calf from this. All they would say is 'It wasn't us, it was the guy from the other company'. BS. They all work together - it was crap. While 2 of us went inside to get money from the ship (they wouldn't let all of us leave of course) the girl who got burned apparently started yelling at them. What I would have paid to see that! :) In conclusion, while riding the scooters was fun and it was nice to have our own transportation, I would not suggest renting a scooter unless you are experienced, and are willing to pay the exorbitant costs they will tack on at the end of the rental.
  6. I guess my experience was a bit different - we did the Deserted Island Beach / Snorkel excursion a few days ago. We had to wait around for a long time at the ship, as apparently the bus for those of us who pre-booked transportation did not show up. Then it started raining and we had to stand out in that. Finally they found us a few taxi suburbans to transport us to Port Lucaya. Once we got to P.L., we had to wait in a giant line to pay for the excursion. So much waiting! You would think they could just charge the credit card you used to reserve the trip, but no, you had to re-present the card or pay in cash. There was one group of people who had gotten there before us - they said they got put on the boat and were waiting there for an hour before the rest of us got on. The boat is not a catamaran as described - it is a pontoon boat. That was quite disappointing to us as we were expecting to be able to chill out on the netting in the front. On the boat they did have lots of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic (the bahama mamas were yummy!). After the snorkel portion, they had watermelon, pineapple, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (YUM) waiting on board. Then they took us to a beach. The one we went to was just down the shore from Dan Marino's house. It was not only covered in seaweed, but there was garbage everywhere as well. The picnic lunch was yummy - BBQ chicken, corn salad, johnny bread, and more watermelon, pineapple, cookies, and drinks. They made the fresh conch salad, but the ceviche stuff they put it in apparently had habanero peppers in it. I didn't eat it because I can't handle spicy food, and everyone around me was saying how hot it was. I would have liked it if we could have added our own peppers to make the spice level to our individual tastes. At the end of the trip, everyone was concerned about the time, and it seemed like they weren't. When we were finally allowed back on the boat, they made us walk through the water and get completely wet again, instead of dropping the front walkway (which is the way we got onto the beach). This made me pretty angry as I had spent time laying in the sun to dry off so I wouldn't have to worry about sitting in wet clothes on the taxi ride back to the ship. All in all I would give them a 5/10. The food was good and the guides were friendly, but I don't believe we got what was advertised (the boat, dirty beach, lots of waiting cutting into the actual amount of time we were supposed to get).
  7. My friends and I used the beach at the Wyndham and rented jetskis off the beach there.
  8. To ease his mind, I would suggest something like this: http://pacsafe.com/carrysafe-100-anti-theft-camera-strap . The strap is slashproof so a thief could not cut and run. He could either wear it around his neck, or lengthen the strap and wear it across his body like a purse, holding it in front of him for more security. Have a wonderful time on your cruise! Agree with never putting anything down! When I go to a restaurant/cafe/sit on a bench, I keep my Pacsafe in my lap, and keep the strap looped around me. I stick my other arm through it, and slide the strap down my back and around my waist. That way I don't have to worry about it falling off my lap and being free for the taking. And if I want to set my camera down, I put it in my purse and zip/clip it up rather than setting it on a table - you never know what can happen!
  9. My turn to ask a noob question - do you get to keep the basket the fruit comes in? :D
  10. You can only pricematch to a higher category if you intend on upgrading to it. Since you want to keep your current room, you are out of luck! Sorry!
  11. Could the Destiny be going to Europe? When I go to the Fun Ship page, and click the "+" sign by Destiny, it says: Destinations: Bahamas,Caribbean,Transatlantic Home Ports: Miami, FL Pure speculation on my part =)
  12. Very interesting...I was looking into Victory cruises for April 2013 about 15 mins ago...and now they are all gone when I look for them!
  13. Here's what I did to make it work: Use internet explorer. Go to Tools > Compatibility View Options Add carnival.com to the list of websites. Close and go back to Tools > Compatibility View. Fill out and submit! Hopefully it works for you. Took about 2 weeks for them to get back to me after I submitted it.
  14. Hi CCers! For the second time, our cabin for next summer on the 12-day Breeze has dropped by $100 (woo hoo!). The first time, we took the price reduction. This time, I notice that we can get an interior spa cabin, for less than we are currently paying. We currently have a 4J on Lido (interior with window overlooking walkway). Our options are: a) Take a $100 price drop and keep our cabin. b) Upgrade to a 4S Spa interior cabin, and get $80 back. We have always had balcony cabins, so I think we'd miss the window, but being that close to the front of the ship we could always just hop out to the secret deck. Plus we would be near Serenity which would be nice! What would you do? Are the spa amenities that nice that it would justify giving up our window? Thanks for your thoughts :D
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