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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question, my aunt is booking a cruise and there are 5 people in her family who will all be in the same cabin, here are a breakdown of their ages (it might be important) Mom -40-ish Dad - 40-isn Whitney - 13 Lindsey - 11 Collin - 4 Now my question is, will they have to book a specific "kind" of cabin for 5 people to stay in one cabin (I know that specific ones that have two uppers and they move a cot thing in - - I've been there and done that before and when I did we were all adults) but I wasn't sure. All the quotes she has gotten before have only had a quote for a 3rd and 4th person which doesn't sound right to me becuase there are 5 of them. Can you guys help me out. I don't have children so I've never travelled with them (especially at the age of 4) I wasn't sure if these rooms were all located in a specific place on the ship. Any help you can give me would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. brookiepoo

    Wedding problems

    I'm so sorry you are going thru this but I can feel your pain. When DH and I got married 7 years ago it was the same deal with us (except we didn't say we wanted a cruise, we just said we wanted to be on a tropical beach somewhere) and needless to say we ended up doing what our families wanted, not what we wanted and I can honestly say I'm still a little resentful 7 years later. DH and I are actually planning a vow renewal ceremony as I type but it just won't be the same. If I could offer you any advice it would be to do what YOU want to do. It is your day and in the end that is all that matters. I know it may step on some toes or whatever but trust me when I say......"No matter what you do someone is going to have a problem with it" Even after we agreed to have the big hoo-ha I still had people trying to put their 2 cents in about bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses and cakes and if I heard "well if I were you....." one more time I swear I would have eloped!! haha I really hope things work out for you and that you have YOUR special day just like you want it.
  3. brookiepoo

    10 yr anniversary cruise poll

    Congrats on your impending anniversary. In my opinion I liked the Eastern Caribbean better than the Western (mainly because the "Western" always seems to go to Mexico) and while I like Mexico it definately isn't my favorite. The Eastern cruises tend to go to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and a few others. Several of these ports offer sunset dinner cruises too so that sounds romantic. What about a Southern Caribbean to Barbados, Dominica, St. Kitts and St. Lucia (among others)?
  4. Thanks for all the input. We've been on cruises in the past (one that I can remember) that only had 1 sea day so maybe I'm just nervous because this one seems so jam packed. I've already been to Barbados, Dominica and St. Thomas on previous cruises but all the other ports are new. Oh well, I think I'll just go for it and rest when I get home if I have to. Usually excursions don't take all day anyways so I should still have time to rest before dinner. haha I'm surprising my hubby with a cruise this year and I know he'd love this itinerary. So far the S. Caribbean has been his favorite.
  5. Yeah, we did the Southern Caribbean on the Destiny in 2005 and we loved it. I don't mind having all port days myself because we are fairly active as well but I just wondered if it was really exhausting because when we are in port we are going full blast! lol
  6. brookiepoo

    St. Kitts excursion insight

    Hey everyone, Trying to decide on an excursion for St. Kitts. I've narrowed it down to a few but I was wondering if anyone had taken any of these excursions and if so what did you think? Also if anyone has a really awesome excursion that isn't on this list that you'd like to pass along that would be great. Here are the ones I have in mind: Catamaran Fan-Ta-Sea Discover Scuba Sail & Snorkel Adventure Any insight would be appreciated Thanks
  7. brookiepoo

    Antigua excursion insight

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide on an excrsion for our first trip to Antigua. I have a few in mind so if anyone has been on these I'd love to hear how you liked (or didn't like) them. Also, if anyone has any that aren't on this list that they loved then please pass that along too! Here are the ones I'm thinking about: Catamaran Sail & Snorkel Mini Boats & Hidden Beaches Private Island Snorkel Adventure See Antigua by Sea Any insight would be SO appreciated Thanks
  8. brookiepoo

    St. Lucia excursion insight

    Hey everyone! We are trying to decide on an excursion for St. Lucia, I have a couple in mind so if anyone has done any of these I'd love to hear how you liked it. Also if anyone has any that aren't on this list that were just fantastic I'd love to hear that as well. The ones we are thinking about are as follows: Best Views of St. Lucia 4x4 Atlantic Coast Adventure Jeep Explorer Tour Land & Sea Combo to Soufrier Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. brookiepoo

    Barbados excursion insight

    Hello all, We are thinking about what we'd like to do in Barbados while we are there and we have several excursion choices in mind. Has anyone done any of them and if so what did you think, we've been to Barbados before and did the 5-Star Catamaran and Turtle Encounter (loved it) so we want to do something different. Here are the ones I am thinking about: 4x4 Safari and Shipwreck Snorkel A Taste of Barbados ATV QUest Any insight would be much appreciated Thanks
  10. brookiepoo

    Dominica excursion advice

    Hey everyone, Looking at being in Dominica and considering several excursions, can everyone please take a look at these and tell me if they've taken them and what they thought? I've been to Dominica before but I didn't enjoy the excursion (Emerald Pool and Falls).............here are the ones I'm thinking about: ATV Safari River Tubing Row boat and hike Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about booking this cruise, has anyone ever done this itinerary? It is very involved (there are no sea days) so I was wondering (1) if anyone had done it and (2) what they thought if they had. We've been out of San Juan for a S. Caribbean before but it was a totally different itinerary and this itinerary goes places we've never been. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  12. brookiepoo

    St. Thomas advice....

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at two different excursions for this trip to St. Thomas. I'm looking at the beginners Scuba or the mini boats. Has anyone ever done either of these? I need help deciding. This won't be our first trip to St. Thomas and in the past we've always done "land" oriented excursions so this time I'd like to do something different. These two sounded good to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  13. brookiepoo

    Sewer Smell

    We were on the Sensation in Oct. of 06 and our room had a bad sewer type smell in it, although it almost had a chemical-like smell too........anyways, we quickly reported it to the Pursers desk who sent someone to remedy it immediately (it was some drain pipe that needed cleaning out or something) and they sent us 5 free drink tickets for the trouble. I didn't smell it again on the ship though. No big deal to me. You have that many people on a ship things are bound to happen and they fixed it quickly.
  14. I'm just curious......... In the latest Currents Magazine there were a few pages on Bacardi's bar tender of the year, chef of the year etc..... I was wondering if maybe their drinks and/or dishes would be available on the Carnival ships soon. The kiwi drink that the bartender won for and the lamb recipe the chef won for look absolutely delish!! I wouldn't mind trying them out! haha
  15. brookiepoo

    End of Cruise...delay getting off ship??

    It seems like the last few cruises we have been on we've practically been shoved off the boat (not really but you know what I'm saying....). Once we even got up to the Lido deck for breakfast and they were already taking the buffet up which meant we didn't get anything to eat that morning (and we weren't that late). PLUS they request that you stay in certain areas (Lido Deck and main showroom if I remember correctly) until your color is called. If you want to stay on the boat as long as possible then don't carry your own luggage off, it seems like those are the first ones to debark, although there is nothing to do but sit there and stare at everyone else since nothing is open and there isn't any food available. haha