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  1. LarryNY


    I don’t think the insurance would have helped here as I booked about a month or so ago and in NY there are some wacky laws about CFAR. I simply wanted a credit seems reasonable. Anytime I have cancelled a hotel room I have always gotten a refund 100% of the time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. LarryNY


    I just tried calling NCL to see if they would give a credit if I cancelled they said no. My cruise is next week out of NY we are worried but do not want to lose our $2000. I know it is a business but this is unfair sorry. NCL has lost a customer over this. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. My cruise is March 8th out of NY. I called NCL and they are not offering anything for cancellation. So I guess I am going but I am thinking of buying a hazmat suit just for giggles. I'm sure NCL will appreciate the humor.
  4. LarryNY


    Im the idiot who booked my cruise a week ago to leave on March 8. At that time we had very limited cases in the US. Now things are starting to change dramatically. Did not buy the insurance, not sure what I will do at this point. Seems to me they could at least offer to cancel and give a credit for a future cruise. I am sure they will not do this unless the government steps in.
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