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  1. Hi my name is Nick i have been cruising since 1990 with Royal so i decided to try carnival and i booked the Magic, i will like to know if the magic has a latin band and also like to know how is the magic etc.
  2. same here i really don"t pay mind to them they all do the same things even jokes,for me the only CD i could say was different from others was Richard Spacey there's no other Cd like him.
  3. Hi Donna its been a while hope you doing good i been trying out different cruise lines my last cruise was NCL Gem we love it we book on Anthem on Jan 26 2021 b2b
  4. i hope so i need a good vacation with all this
  5. Hi i booked Antem for jan 26 2021 just wondering if cruising will start before then ?
  6. Look everybody cruising won"t be the same anymore there will be alot off changes on cruising,i was chatting with a crew member on facebook there will be crew members in the bathrooms etc, making sure people wash there hands i find that to be great i have seen people using the bathroom and not washing there hands.the buffet they should serve the people the food instead of the people touching the food and then put it back yes i seen it happen.this new change will show people how to be clean and wash there hands.
  7. I also don"t see cruises happening no time soon there are still crew members onboard trying to get home i think cruising will open back again in sep or oct for sure not i may.
  8. you touch my stuff you you won"t have no hands and mybe no teeth 🤬
  9. Starting February 14 Luz will be going to the Bliss I had the pleasure chatting with her on Facebook
  10. no becouse it only take me 10 min to eat and i go back to my chair the definition of chair hog is when somebody saves 4 chairs and come back 4 hours later that a chair hog
  11. I agree with you i wake up at 600 am ill go get my chair and then i go to eat and come back to my chairs
  12. beyonships.com mybe you find them there
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