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  1. It appears Crystal did approve hers right away and not mine. Her credit was temporary only briefly and then “resolved.” No possible explanation for why ours were treated differently as they were exactly the same charges for the same amount on the same dates. Maybe someone made a mistake. Now we have to wait for many months for the remainder to be refunded - the charges that were over 18 months ago. Lesson learned is not to book so far in advance.
  2. No, that is not correct. We cancelled a January 2021 cruise on July 23. TA said to expect 120 days for refund. We filed a dispute with Chase about a month later, thanks to advice on this board. They denied part of the dispute because initial payments had been made more than 18 months ago. For the remainder of our payments, they fairly quickly approved the portion made on my wife’s card (we split among two cards to maximize trip cancellation benefit.) On my card, they gave me temporary credit and are allowing Crystal 30 days to respond. I have no idea why they handled each claim dif
  3. I received the same strange letter from Chase. When I called them, they said they could refund the amount of my credit balance to my bank account. I agreed to this. The next day I got a link from Chase to request this. The next day the money was in my bank account.
  4. We cancelled our cruise on April 16 and received our refund on May 31.
  5. We are the friends. Our TA was able to get a cash refund processed even though we are within the 120 day period. First they offered a 125% FCC which we declined. Now waiting to see how long before credit appears on credit card.
  6. Paul, Some agencies send the “loyalty” check after final payment but before the cruise date.
  7. Oceania is owned by Norwegian. Norwegian is publicly traded.
  8. What you call media hype is reality. Take off your rose-colored glasses there in Florida and get real. Or do you think this pandemic is fake news?
  9. If people cancel after final payment, they will lose their money. Oceania would then profit by keeping the money and not providing room and board to those people.
  10. Totally agree about the cardboard “pizza.”
  11. Got the offer on 1/19 and made the payment the next day. Received e-mail confirmation from Chase today confirming the credit and stating it would be applied to my account in 7-14 business days. One on my account and one on my wife’s.
  12. The offer just showed up on my Sapphire Reserve. 5% back up to $240. Making additional deposit of $4800 on our January 2021 cruise. Not as good as 10% but still....
  13. Sorry to contradict my good friend Bitob but we are on Seabourn Quest now and there are no daily prizes at Trivia.
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