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  1. I don't understand all the blowback about mask wearing. The rules will be relaxed as cruising proves to be relatively safe and massive outbreaks preventable. Those who are comfortable with mask wearing, even extensive mask wearing, should be able to enjoy crying this summer while also paving the way for less restrictions by Winter, even less by Spring 2022, and even less by Winter again. Everyone can determine when they want to resume cruising based on their cruise and covid prevention preferences. One doesn't hop into a car a hit the gas.
  2. If wearing a mask will ruin the experience for you, I'd cancel and monitor the situation for maybe summer/fall 2022. I would be surprised if masking weren't required on ships at least through 2021. But - do you have to lose your deposit? Won't they let you reschedule with their Flexible Booking Changes promotion?
  3. It's a definite maybe 🤞. Can't wait to read reviews 2021 E class reviews.
  4. I hear you. I certainly hope it's not necessary to wear masks for a year or two - but, like you, I'll do what must be done. Fortunately, there are several vacation options other than cruising which likely don't or won't require masking. In time, cruising, too, will be more normal. If masking would ruin your vacation - you are absolutely right to avoid cruising while it's expected.
  5. I think it's a fine name. Any idea if this would be an Edge class - and how many Edge class ships are expected? Random fact - my favorite Celebrity ship name is Solstice.
  6. Thank you for your service. I look forward to not wearing masks, they definitely reduce the quality of interaction between people in public. I can also understand how masking can be especially challenging for people with hearing loss. But, I'm content to do it for a while longer even though I'm vaccinated...even while cruising. Hopefully in a year or two, masking will be a thing of the past in the US.
  7. There aren't any excursions for the island listed for my Sept cruise. Should I be worried? There seem to be a lot of fun options to look forward to - aqua zumba, caribbean dance, luna libre party, evening lighthouse show...yes, yes, yes and yes!!!
  8. I wonder how the 95% of passengers vaccinated is calculated. Is it 95% of the maximum capacity? Or 98% of actual capacity? What happens if more than 5% of the passengers on a particular voyage aren't vaccinated? Do enter a lottery at the port to see who gets onboard?
  9. I'm glad you posted this - the Bahama requirement for the health visa is news to me. I'm not sure I want to pay another $40 to get off the ship in Nassau. But, I definitely want to disembark at MSC's island. I'll have to monitor the boards for this requirement for MSC's and other cruise line's private islands in the Bahamas. Thanks for posting!
  10. This is alarming!!! Thanks for sharing - this sort of mix up would drive me more than a little crazy.
  11. The CDC guidelines seem to indicate all indoor and outdoor activities are safe for fully vaccinated people (some with masking needed, some with no masking needed). Am I understanding this correctly? If so, doesn't that mean cruising for fully vaccinated people around other fully vaccinated people is safe and can move forward? 324153_choosingSaferActivities11.pdf
  12. Ah...thank you for this explanation. I thought older ships would cost less to everyone across the board. I guess I stand corrected.
  13. I think the broad concept is true across the board - older ship fare will be lower and may make paying the double fare more tolerable.
  14. If you don't mind older ships, try shorter cruises on recently refurbished ships (like Elation perhaps). You can get a 5 night Ocean View for about $600 with a $200 OBC . Pretty sweet deal depending on where you want to go and when. I'm traveling on MSC for my first solo cruise (hopefully in Sept 2021) but this would work for me as well just as a quick getaway.
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