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  1. I agree with everyone else! Great review I am headed on this in August! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Hi! Looks like we will be on the same New Years cruise. I have sailed 3 cruises previously for New Years 2 with Disney and 1 with Norwegian so I am excited and anxious how this one will go
  3. Thanks for posting this! This is so interesting and informative and reminds me how laxed I am when I am at port...I will be thinking of this story when I am on my next cruise
  4. Great post very informative!! I read every word :)
  5. I am traveling alone with my 3 year old on a 7 day cruise also for the first time. I have been on plenty of cruises with others throughout the year but this will be a first. Im a planner of sorts so I found all the daily schedules for my cruise and I plan on doing the martini tasting, spa, working out and reading solo while my kid enjoys the Disney kids clubs onboard. I am a loner at heart so I will not be bored, plus Ill be in the middle of the ocean so it cant get any better then that :) Good Luck on your cruise
  6. I took my daughter on a cruise when she was 6months old, but I didnt put her in daycare she stayed with me the entire time. With her being so young I didnt feel comfortable having someone else watch her. But we still had a ball, oh and it was a short 4 day cruise, couldnt of done any longer..lol
  7. I have sailed, both and in my humble opinion that are not comparable....just got off the Disney Dream in June and it was the BEST experience..I actually saw were my money went and was so grateful for the experience. I actually booked another cruise while I was onboard and am thinking of taking advantage of a Southern California discount rate. You will love the Disney cruise line
  8. Me and my best bud are going on the Dream June 3, 2011 with our familes and we are SOOO excited! I didnt realize when we booked the ship she was brand new and that makes it even better. I know we are going to have such a blast! I booked a balcony aft room and she has one of the suites so we should have plenty of room!
  9. I sail out on her this THURSDAY!! And I am SOOO ready. I will ensure I post comments and pics
  10. Same with me ES was better than military rate for the last 2 cruises i took with carnival. however, the military rate offers that flexibility where you can cancel or change unlike the ES
  11. I definetly say keep the AFT WRAP, like someone said thats the best balcony on the ship and I bet you will find yourself more on it once you see the most WONDERFUL views from there
  12. I suggest looking at the Sensation or Ecstacy ship plans, the Fascination is going to be exactly the same as these ships after it leave drydock
  13. Great Review! I sail on her in Feb. and I am soo excited! You have me contemplating the dolphin excursion..what about the cruise did your BF not like?
  14. I think im booked for the 1st cruise after the drydock on Feb 11 2010...IM SO EXCITED !!!!
  15. Great topic im cruisin out of JAX Feb 11 and I planned on brining a sweater but after reading this I think Ill throw in a jacket just in case. I will make sure im checking the weather prior too!
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